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H5PTpublic.h File Reference
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H5_HLDLL hid_t H5PTcreate_fl (hid_t loc_id, const char *dset_name, hid_t dtype_id, hsize_t chunk_size, int compression)
H5_HLDLL hid_t H5PTopen (hid_t loc_id, const char *dset_name)
H5_HLDLL herr_t H5PTclose (hid_t table_id)
H5_HLDLL herr_t H5PTappend (hid_t table_id, size_t nrecords, const void *data)
H5_HLDLL herr_t H5PTget_next (hid_t table_id, size_t nrecords, void *data)
H5_HLDLL herr_t H5PTread_packets (hid_t table_id, hsize_t start, size_t nrecords, void *data)
H5_HLDLL herr_t H5PTget_num_packets (hid_t table_id, hsize_t *nrecords)
H5_HLDLL herr_t H5PTis_valid (hid_t table_id)
H5_HLDLL herr_t H5PTcreate_index (hid_t table_id)
H5_HLDLL herr_t H5PTset_index (hid_t table_id, hsize_t pt_index)
H5_HLDLL herr_t H5PTget_index (hid_t table_id, hsize_t *pt_index)

Function Documentation

H5_HLDLL herr_t H5PTappend ( hid_t  table_id,
size_t  nrecords,
const void data 
H5_HLDLL herr_t H5PTclose ( hid_t  table_id)
H5_HLDLL hid_t H5PTcreate_fl ( hid_t  loc_id,
const char *  dset_name,
hid_t  dtype_id,
hsize_t  chunk_size,
int  compression 
H5_HLDLL herr_t H5PTcreate_index ( hid_t  table_id)
H5_HLDLL herr_t H5PTget_index ( hid_t  table_id,
hsize_t pt_index 
H5_HLDLL herr_t H5PTget_next ( hid_t  table_id,
size_t  nrecords,
void data 
H5_HLDLL herr_t H5PTget_num_packets ( hid_t  table_id,
hsize_t nrecords 
H5_HLDLL herr_t H5PTis_valid ( hid_t  table_id)
H5_HLDLL hid_t H5PTopen ( hid_t  loc_id,
const char *  dset_name 
H5_HLDLL herr_t H5PTread_packets ( hid_t  table_id,
hsize_t  start,
size_t  nrecords,
void data 
H5_HLDLL herr_t H5PTset_index ( hid_t  table_id,
hsize_t  pt_index