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OSchema.h File Reference
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class  Alembic::Abc::ALEMBIC_VERSION_NS::OSchema< INFO >


 Alembic namespace ...



Macro Definition Documentation

struct STDEF \
{ \
static const char * title() { return ( STITLE ) ; } \
static const char * defaultName() { return ( SDFLT ); } \
static const char * schemaBaseType() { return ( SBTYP ); } \

With properties, specific flavors of properties are expressed via the TypedScalarProperty and the TypedArrayProperty. Compound Properties are more complex, and the specific flavors require a more complex treatment - That's what Schemas are. The CompoundProperty equivalent of a TypedArrayProperty or a TypedScalarProperty.

A Schema is a collection of grouped properties which implement some complex object, such as a poly mesh. In the simpelest, standard case, there will be a compound property at the top with a certain name, and inside the compound property will be some number of additional properties that implement the object. In the case of a poly mesh, these properties would include a list of vertices (a V3fArray), a list of indices (an Int32Array), and a list of "per-face counts" (also an Int32Array).

In somewhat more complex cases, such as a TransformStack, the set of properties that are added may vary based on configuration information provided by the user.

Because a Schema is to a CompoundProperty what a TypedArrayProperty or TypedScalarProperty is to a regular property, it is directly derived from CompoundProperty. However... Whereas TypedProperties can be instanced as typedefs, Schemas will invariably require additional functionality, and thus the StdCompoundSchema is intended for use as a base class.Here is a macro for declaring SCHEMA_INFO It takes three arguments

  • the SchemaTitle( a string ),
  • the SchemaBaseType( a string ),
  • the DefaultSchemaName( a string )
  • the name of the SchemaTrait Type to be declared.
  • for example: ALEMBIC_ABC_DECLARE_SCHEMA_INFO( "AbcGeom_PolyMesh_v1", ".geom", PolyMeshSchemaInfo );

Definition at line 86 of file OSchema.h.