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POP_Shared.h File Reference
#include "POP_API.h"
#include <PRM/PRM_Include.h>
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POP_API PRM_Name POPactivateName
POP_API PRM_Name POPapplymotionName
POP_API PRM_Name POPattenName
POP_API PRM_Name POPattribName
POP_API PRM_Name POPbehaviorName
POP_API PRM_Name POPbounceName
POP_API PRM_Name POPchargeName
POP_API PRM_Name POPdensityminName
POP_API PRM_Name POPdodistanceName
POP_API PRM_Name POPdohitdiffName
POP_API PRM_Name POPdohitidName
POP_API PRM_Name POPdohitnormalName
POP_API PRM_Name POPdohitposName
POP_API PRM_Name POPdohitforceName
POP_API PRM_Name POPdohitposuvName
POP_API PRM_Name POPdohittimeName
POP_API PRM_Name POPdohituvName
POP_API PRM_Name POPdonumhitName
POP_API PRM_Name POPdragName
POP_API PRM_Name POPfullsopName
POP_API PRM_Name POPemittypeName
POP_API PRM_Name POPgainnmlName
POP_API PRM_Name POPgaintanName
POP_API PRM_Name POPhitindexName
POP_API PRM_Name POPhituseName
POP_API PRM_Name POPignorechargeName
POP_API PRM_Name POPignoremassName
POP_API PRM_Name POPignorexformName
POP_API PRM_Name POPindexuseName
POP_API PRM_Name POPinheritvelName
POP_API PRM_Name POPinitvelName
POP_API PRM_Name POPlifeName
POP_API PRM_Name POPlifevarName
POP_API PRM_Name POPmassName
POP_API PRM_Name POPmaxdistanceName
POP_API PRM_Name POPoriginindexName
POP_API PRM_Name POPoriginuseName
POP_API PRM_Name POPoverridechargeName
POP_API PRM_Name POPoverridedragName
POP_API PRM_Name POPoverridemassName
POP_API PRM_Name POPpreserveGroupName
POP_API PRM_Name POPprobName
POP_API PRM_Name POProughName
POP_API PRM_Name POPsamplethresholdName
POP_API PRM_Name POPshowAccelName
POP_API PRM_Name POPsourceName
POP_API PRM_Name POPthresholdName
POP_API PRM_Name POPellipseName
POP_API PRM_Name POPusecontextgeoName
POP_API PRM_Name POPuseDensityName
POP_API PRM_Name POPforceObjName
POP_API PRM_Default POPattribDefault
POP_API PRM_Default POPlifeDefault
POP_API PRM_Default POProughDefault
POP_API PRM_Default POPsamplethresholdDefault
POP_API PRM_Range POPattenRange
POP_API PRM_Range POPbounceRange
POP_API PRM_Range POPchargeRange
POP_API PRM_Range POPdragRange
POP_API PRM_Range POPgainRange
POP_API PRM_Range POPlifeRange
POP_API PRM_Range POPlifevarRange
POP_API PRM_Range POPmassRange
POP_API PRM_Range POPprobRange
POP_API PRM_Range POProughRange
POP_API PRM_Range POPsamplethresholdRange
POP_API PRM_ChoiceList POPattribMenu
POP_API PRM_ChoiceList POPinitvelMenu
POP_API PRM_ChoiceList POPvectorMenu
POP_API PRM_ChoiceList POPapplymotionMenu
POP_API PRM_ChoiceList POPindexuseMenu
POP_API PRM_ChoiceList POPusecontextgeoMenu
POP_API PRM_ChoiceList POPobjMenu
POP_API PRM_ChoiceList POPsopMenu
POP_API PRM_ChoiceList POPforceObjMenu
POP_API const char * POPnoObjToken
POP_API PRM_Default POPobjMenuDefault
POP_API const char * POPnoSopToken
POP_API PRM_Default POPsopMenuDefault

Variable Documentation

POP_API PRM_Name POPactivateName
POP_API PRM_ChoiceList POPapplymotionMenu
POP_API PRM_Name POPapplymotionName
POP_API PRM_Name POPattenName
POP_API PRM_Range POPattenRange
POP_API PRM_Default POPattribDefault
POP_API PRM_ChoiceList POPattribMenu
POP_API PRM_Name POPattribName
POP_API PRM_Name POPbehaviorName
POP_API PRM_Name POPbounceName
POP_API PRM_Range POPbounceRange
POP_API PRM_Name POPchargeName
POP_API PRM_Range POPchargeRange
POP_API PRM_Name POPdensityminName
POP_API PRM_Name POPdodistanceName
POP_API PRM_Name POPdohitdiffName
POP_API PRM_Name POPdohitforceName
POP_API PRM_Name POPdohitidName
POP_API PRM_Name POPdohitnormalName
POP_API PRM_Name POPdohitposName
POP_API PRM_Name POPdohitposuvName
POP_API PRM_Name POPdohittimeName
POP_API PRM_Name POPdohituvName
POP_API PRM_Name POPdonumhitName
POP_API PRM_Name POPdragName
POP_API PRM_Range POPdragRange
POP_API PRM_Name POPellipseName
POP_API PRM_Name POPemittypeName
POP_API PRM_ChoiceList POPforceObjMenu
POP_API PRM_Name POPforceObjName
POP_API PRM_Name POPfullsopName
POP_API PRM_Name POPgainnmlName
POP_API PRM_Range POPgainRange
POP_API PRM_Name POPgaintanName
POP_API PRM_Name POPhitindexName
POP_API PRM_Name POPhituseName
POP_API PRM_Name POPignorechargeName
POP_API PRM_Name POPignoremassName
POP_API PRM_Name POPignorexformName
POP_API PRM_ChoiceList POPindexuseMenu
POP_API PRM_Name POPindexuseName
POP_API PRM_Name POPinheritvelName
POP_API PRM_ChoiceList POPinitvelMenu
POP_API PRM_Name POPinitvelName
POP_API PRM_Default POPlifeDefault
POP_API PRM_Name POPlifeName
POP_API PRM_Range POPlifeRange
POP_API PRM_Name POPlifevarName
POP_API PRM_Range POPlifevarRange
POP_API PRM_Name POPmassName
POP_API PRM_Range POPmassRange
POP_API PRM_Name POPmaxdistanceName
POP_API const char* POPnoObjToken
POP_API const char* POPnoSopToken
POP_API PRM_ChoiceList POPobjMenu
POP_API PRM_Default POPobjMenuDefault
POP_API PRM_Name POPoriginindexName
POP_API PRM_Name POPoriginuseName
POP_API PRM_Name POPoverridechargeName
POP_API PRM_Name POPoverridedragName
POP_API PRM_Name POPoverridemassName
POP_API PRM_Name POPpreserveGroupName
POP_API PRM_Name POPprobName
POP_API PRM_Range POPprobRange
POP_API PRM_Default POProughDefault
POP_API PRM_Name POProughName
POP_API PRM_Range POProughRange
POP_API PRM_Default POPsamplethresholdDefault
POP_API PRM_Name POPsamplethresholdName
POP_API PRM_Range POPsamplethresholdRange
POP_API PRM_Name POPshowAccelName
POP_API PRM_ChoiceList POPsopMenu
POP_API PRM_Default POPsopMenuDefault
POP_API PRM_Name POPsourceName
POP_API PRM_Name POPthresholdName
POP_API PRM_ChoiceList POPusecontextgeoMenu
POP_API PRM_Name POPusecontextgeoName
POP_API PRM_Name POPuseDensityName
POP_API PRM_ChoiceList POPvectorMenu