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UT_ValArray.h File Reference
#include "UT_API.h"
#include "UT_Array.h"
#include "UT_Assert.h"
#include "UT_Swap.h"
#include "UT_VectorTypes.h"
#include <SYS/SYS_Pragma.h>
#include <SYS/SYS_TypeTraits.h>
#include <SYS/SYS_Types.h>
#include <functional>
#include <iosfwd>
#include <limits>
#include <vector>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
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class  UT_ValArray< T >




typedef UT_ValArray< const char * > UT_StringList


UT_API void UTsetCompareFloatsTolerance (float tol)
UT_API float UTgetCompareFloatsTolerance ()
UT_API int UTcompareFloats (const float *a, const float *b)
UT_API int UTcompareInts (const int *a, const int *b)
UT_API int UTcomparePointers (void *const *a, void *const *b)

Macro Definition Documentation

template <> UT_API T UT_ValArray<T>::sum() const; \
template <> UT_API void UT_ValArray<T>::display() const; \
#define UT_API
Definition: UT_API.h:12
T sum() const
Functions which are only specialized for int{32,64}, fpreal{32,64}.
Definition: UT_ValArray.h:302
void display() const
Prints the constents of the array.
Definition: UT_ValArray.h:308

Definition at line 345 of file UT_ValArray.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef UT_ValArray<const char *> UT_StringList

Definition at line 373 of file UT_ValArray.h.

Function Documentation


I don't know why this is needed, given that there's one for UT_Array, but UTswap called on two UT_ValArray's was using the default "copy to temp" function.

UT_API int UTcompareFloats ( const float *  a,
const float *  b 
UT_API int UTcompareInts ( const int a,
const int b 
UT_API int UTcomparePointers ( void *const a,
void *const b 
UT_API float UTgetCompareFloatsTolerance ( )
UT_API void UTsetCompareFloatsTolerance ( float  tol)