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CH_Expression Class Reference

#include <CH_Expression.h>

Public Member Functions

 CH_Expression (const char *expr, CH_ExprLanguage language)
 ~CH_Expression ()
int64 getMemoryUsage (bool inclusive) const
void save (std::ostream &os, int binary, bool compiled) const
bool load (UT_IStream &is)
const char * getExpression () const
void setExpression (const char *expr, CH_ExprLanguage language)
unsigned getExpressionFlag () const
void setExpressionFlag (int flag)
CH_ExprLanguage getLanguage () const
void setLanguage (CH_ExprLanguage language)
void unresolveLocalVars (int thread)
unsigned isCompiled () const
bool isPureCompiled () const
fpreal evaluate (int thread)
 Evaluate as a fpreal. More...
void evaluateString (UT_String &result, int thread)
 Evaluate as a string. More...
void dirtyExprCache ()
int modified () const
int usesInValue ()
int usesOutValue ()
int usesValues ()
int usesSlopes ()
int usesAccels ()
int usesKnots ()
void buildOpDependencies (void *ref_id, int thread)
int changeOpRef (const char *new_fullpath, const char *old_fullpath, const char *old_cwd, const char *chan_name, const char *old_chan_name, int thread)
voidgetSingleFunctionInstanceData (EV_FUNCTION *func, int thread, UT_String &argument)
int findString (const char *str, bool fullword, bool usewildcards) const
int changeString (const char *from, const char *to, bool fullword, int thread)
const char * getReferencePath () const
void setReferencePath (const char *path)
void forceStringType ()
CH_Expressionoperator= (const CH_Expression &from)
 operator const char * () const

Static Public Member Functions

static void addExprFlags (int flags, int thread)
static intexprFlags ()
static void setTimeDependency ()


std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &os, const CH_Expression &d)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 33 of file CH_Expression.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CH_Expression::CH_Expression ( const char *  expr,
CH_ExprLanguage  language 
CH_Expression::~CH_Expression ( )

Member Function Documentation

static void CH_Expression::addExprFlags ( int  flags,
int  thread 
void CH_Expression::buildOpDependencies ( void ref_id,
int  thread 
int CH_Expression::changeOpRef ( const char *  new_fullpath,
const char *  old_fullpath,
const char *  old_cwd,
const char *  chan_name,
const char *  old_chan_name,
int  thread 
int CH_Expression::changeString ( const char *  from,
const char *  to,
bool  fullword,
int  thread 
void CH_Expression::dirtyExprCache ( )
fpreal CH_Expression::evaluate ( int  thread)

Evaluate as a fpreal.

void CH_Expression::evaluateString ( UT_String result,
int  thread 

Evaluate as a string.

static int& CH_Expression::exprFlags ( )
int CH_Expression::findString ( const char *  str,
bool  fullword,
bool  usewildcards 
) const
void CH_Expression::forceStringType ( )
const char* CH_Expression::getExpression ( ) const
unsigned CH_Expression::getExpressionFlag ( void  ) const

Definition at line 141 of file CH_Expression.h.

CH_ExprLanguage CH_Expression::getLanguage ( ) const
int64 CH_Expression::getMemoryUsage ( bool  inclusive) const
const char* CH_Expression::getReferencePath ( ) const
void* CH_Expression::getSingleFunctionInstanceData ( EV_FUNCTION func,
int  thread,
UT_String argument 
unsigned CH_Expression::isCompiled ( ) const
bool CH_Expression::isPureCompiled ( ) const
bool CH_Expression::load ( UT_IStream is)
int CH_Expression::modified ( ) const

Definition at line 153 of file CH_Expression.h.

CH_Expression::operator const char * ( ) const

Definition at line 102 of file CH_Expression.h.

CH_Expression& CH_Expression::operator= ( const CH_Expression from)

Definition at line 94 of file CH_Expression.h.

void CH_Expression::save ( std::ostream &  os,
int  binary,
bool  compiled 
) const
void CH_Expression::setExpression ( const char *  expr,
CH_ExprLanguage  language 
void CH_Expression::setExpressionFlag ( int  flag)

Definition at line 147 of file CH_Expression.h.

void CH_Expression::setLanguage ( CH_ExprLanguage  language)
void CH_Expression::setReferencePath ( const char *  path)
static void CH_Expression::setTimeDependency ( )
void CH_Expression::unresolveLocalVars ( int  thread)
int CH_Expression::usesAccels ( )
int CH_Expression::usesInValue ( )
int CH_Expression::usesKnots ( )
int CH_Expression::usesOutValue ( )
int CH_Expression::usesSlopes ( )
int CH_Expression::usesValues ( )

Friends And Related Function Documentation

std::ostream& operator<< ( std::ostream &  os,
const CH_Expression d 

Definition at line 133 of file CH_Expression.h.

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