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DeepScanLineInputFile Class Reference

#include <ImfDeepScanLineInputFile.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for DeepScanLineInputFile:

Public Member Functions

 DeepScanLineInputFile (const char fileName[], int numThreads=globalThreadCount())
 DeepScanLineInputFile (const Header &header, OPENEXR_IMF_INTERNAL_NAMESPACE::IStream *is, int version, int numThreads=globalThreadCount())
virtual ~DeepScanLineInputFile ()
const char * fileName () const
const Headerheader () const
int version () const
void setFrameBuffer (const DeepFrameBuffer &frameBuffer)
const DeepFrameBufferframeBuffer () const
bool isComplete () const
void readPixels (int scanLine1, int scanLine2)
void readPixels (int scanLine)
void readPixels (const char *rawPixelData, const DeepFrameBuffer &frameBuffer, int scanLine1, int scanLine2) const
void rawPixelData (int firstScanLine, char *pixelData, Int64 &pixelDataSize)
int firstScanLineInChunk (int y) const
int lastScanLineInChunk (int y) const
void readPixelSampleCounts (int scanline1, int scanline2)
void readPixelSampleCounts (int scanline)
void readPixelSampleCounts (const char *rawdata, const DeepFrameBuffer &frameBuffer, int scanLine1, int scanLine2) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from GenericInputFile
virtual ~GenericInputFile ()


class InputFile
class MultiPartInputFile
void DeepScanLineOutputFile::copyPixels (DeepScanLineInputFile &)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from GenericInputFile
 GenericInputFile ()
void readMagicNumberAndVersionField (OPENEXR_IMF_INTERNAL_NAMESPACE::IStream &is, int &version)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 55 of file ImfDeepScanLineInputFile.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

DeepScanLineInputFile::DeepScanLineInputFile ( const char  fileName[],
int  numThreads = globalThreadCount() 
DeepScanLineInputFile::DeepScanLineInputFile ( const Header header,
int  version,
int  numThreads = globalThreadCount() 
virtual DeepScanLineInputFile::~DeepScanLineInputFile ( )

Member Function Documentation

const char* DeepScanLineInputFile::fileName ( ) const
int DeepScanLineInputFile::firstScanLineInChunk ( int  y) const
const DeepFrameBuffer& DeepScanLineInputFile::frameBuffer ( ) const
const Header& DeepScanLineInputFile::header ( ) const
bool DeepScanLineInputFile::isComplete ( ) const
int DeepScanLineInputFile::lastScanLineInChunk ( int  y) const
void DeepScanLineInputFile::rawPixelData ( int  firstScanLine,
char *  pixelData,
Int64 pixelDataSize 
void DeepScanLineInputFile::readPixels ( int  scanLine1,
int  scanLine2 
void DeepScanLineInputFile::readPixels ( int  scanLine)
void DeepScanLineInputFile::readPixels ( const char *  rawPixelData,
const DeepFrameBuffer frameBuffer,
int  scanLine1,
int  scanLine2 
) const
void DeepScanLineInputFile::readPixelSampleCounts ( int  scanline1,
int  scanline2 
void DeepScanLineInputFile::readPixelSampleCounts ( int  scanline)
void DeepScanLineInputFile::readPixelSampleCounts ( const char *  rawdata,
const DeepFrameBuffer frameBuffer,
int  scanLine1,
int  scanLine2 
) const
void DeepScanLineInputFile::setFrameBuffer ( const DeepFrameBuffer frameBuffer)
int DeepScanLineInputFile::version ( ) const

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class InputFile

Definition at line 268 of file ImfDeepScanLineInputFile.h.

friend class MultiPartInputFile

Definition at line 269 of file ImfDeepScanLineInputFile.h.

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