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GABC_NAMESPACE::GABC_OGTGeometry::IntrinsicCache Class Reference

#include <GABC_OGTGeometry.h>

Public Member Functions

 IntrinsicCache ()
 ~IntrinsicCache ()
void clear ()
bool needWrite (const GABC_OOptions &ctx, const char *name, const GT_DataArrayHandle &data)
GT_DataArrayHandlevertexList ()
GT_DataArrayHandlecounts ()
GT_DataArrayHandleP ()
GT_DataArrayHandlePw ()
GT_DataArrayHandleN ()
GT_DataArrayHandleuv ()
GT_DataArrayHandlev ()
GT_DataArrayHandleid ()
GT_DataArrayHandlewidth ()
GT_DataArrayHandleuknots ()
GT_DataArrayHandlevknots ()
bool needVertex (const GABC_OOptions &ctx, const GT_DataArrayHandle &vertex_list)
bool needCounts (const GABC_OOptions &ctx, const GT_DataArrayHandle &counts)

Detailed Description

The intrinsic cache is used to cache array values frame to frame when optimizing the .abc file for space. Only arrays which change will be written to the file. The cache has storage for most primitive types.

Definition at line 90 of file GABC_OGTGeometry.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GABC_NAMESPACE::GABC_OGTGeometry::IntrinsicCache::IntrinsicCache ( )

Definition at line 93 of file GABC_OGTGeometry.h.

GABC_NAMESPACE::GABC_OGTGeometry::IntrinsicCache::~IntrinsicCache ( )

Definition at line 94 of file GABC_OGTGeometry.h.

Member Function Documentation

void GABC_NAMESPACE::GABC_OGTGeometry::IntrinsicCache::clear ( )
GT_DataArrayHandle& GABC_NAMESPACE::GABC_OGTGeometry::IntrinsicCache::counts ( )

Definition at line 114 of file GABC_OGTGeometry.h.

GT_DataArrayHandle& GABC_NAMESPACE::GABC_OGTGeometry::IntrinsicCache::id ( )

Definition at line 120 of file GABC_OGTGeometry.h.

GT_DataArrayHandle& GABC_NAMESPACE::GABC_OGTGeometry::IntrinsicCache::N ( )

Definition at line 117 of file GABC_OGTGeometry.h.

bool GABC_NAMESPACE::GABC_OGTGeometry::IntrinsicCache::needCounts ( const GABC_OOptions ctx,
const GT_DataArrayHandle counts 

Test whether topology arrays need to be written

Definition at line 103 of file GABC_OGTGeometry.h.

bool GABC_NAMESPACE::GABC_OGTGeometry::IntrinsicCache::needVertex ( const GABC_OOptions ctx,
const GT_DataArrayHandle vertex_list 

Test whether topology arrays need to be written

Definition at line 100 of file GABC_OGTGeometry.h.

bool GABC_NAMESPACE::GABC_OGTGeometry::IntrinsicCache::needWrite ( const GABC_OOptions ctx,
const char *  name,
const GT_DataArrayHandle data 

Test to see if the attribute needs to be written (true) or whether we can use the sample from the previous frame (false)

GT_DataArrayHandle& GABC_NAMESPACE::GABC_OGTGeometry::IntrinsicCache::P ( )

Definition at line 115 of file GABC_OGTGeometry.h.

GT_DataArrayHandle& GABC_NAMESPACE::GABC_OGTGeometry::IntrinsicCache::Pw ( )

Definition at line 116 of file GABC_OGTGeometry.h.

GT_DataArrayHandle& GABC_NAMESPACE::GABC_OGTGeometry::IntrinsicCache::uknots ( )

Definition at line 122 of file GABC_OGTGeometry.h.

GT_DataArrayHandle& GABC_NAMESPACE::GABC_OGTGeometry::IntrinsicCache::uv ( )

Definition at line 118 of file GABC_OGTGeometry.h.

GT_DataArrayHandle& GABC_NAMESPACE::GABC_OGTGeometry::IntrinsicCache::v ( )

Definition at line 119 of file GABC_OGTGeometry.h.

GT_DataArrayHandle& GABC_NAMESPACE::GABC_OGTGeometry::IntrinsicCache::vertexList ( )

Definition at line 113 of file GABC_OGTGeometry.h.

GT_DataArrayHandle& GABC_NAMESPACE::GABC_OGTGeometry::IntrinsicCache::vknots ( )

Definition at line 123 of file GABC_OGTGeometry.h.

GT_DataArrayHandle& GABC_NAMESPACE::GABC_OGTGeometry::IntrinsicCache::width ( )

Definition at line 121 of file GABC_OGTGeometry.h.

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