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HOM_NodeTypeCategory Class Referenceabstract

#include <HOM_NodeTypeCategory.h>

Public Member Functions

virtual ~HOM_NodeTypeCategory ()
bool operator== (HOM_PtrOrNull< HOM_NodeTypeCategory > category)
bool operator!= (HOM_PtrOrNull< HOM_NodeTypeCategory > category)
virtual int __hash__ ()=0
virtual std::string __repr__ ()=0
virtual std::string name ()=0
virtual std::string typeName ()=0
virtual std::string label ()=0
virtual std::map< std::string,
HOM_ElemPtr< HOM_NodeType > > 
nodeTypes ()=0
virtual HOM_NodeTypenodeType (const char *type_name)=0
virtual std::map< std::string,
HOM_ElemPtr< HOM_SopVerb > > 
nodeVerbs ()=0
virtual HOM_SopVerbnodeVerb (const char *verb_name)=0
virtual std::vector
< HOM_ElemPtr< HOM_ViewerState > > 
viewerStates (HOM_EnumValue &viewer_type)=0
virtual void loadDSO (const char *dso_path)=0
virtual bool hasSubNetworkType ()=0
virtual std::string defaultShape ()=0
virtual void clearDefaultShapes ()=0
virtual void setDefaultShape (const char *shape)=0
virtual HOM_Color defaultColor ()=0
virtual void clearDefaultColors ()=0
virtual void setDefaultColor (HOM_Color *color)=0
virtual std::string defaultWireStyle ()=0
virtual void setDefaultWireStyle (const char *wirestyle)=0
virtual void_asVoidPointer ()=0

Detailed Description

Definition at line 27 of file HOM_NodeTypeCategory.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual HOM_NodeTypeCategory::~HOM_NodeTypeCategory ( )

Definition at line 30 of file HOM_NodeTypeCategory.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual int HOM_NodeTypeCategory::__hash__ ( )
pure virtual
virtual std::string HOM_NodeTypeCategory::__repr__ ( )
pure virtual
virtual void* HOM_NodeTypeCategory::_asVoidPointer ( )
pure virtual
virtual void HOM_NodeTypeCategory::clearDefaultColors ( )
pure virtual
virtual void HOM_NodeTypeCategory::clearDefaultShapes ( )
pure virtual
virtual HOM_Color HOM_NodeTypeCategory::defaultColor ( )
pure virtual
virtual std::string HOM_NodeTypeCategory::defaultShape ( )
pure virtual
virtual std::string HOM_NodeTypeCategory::defaultWireStyle ( )
pure virtual
virtual bool HOM_NodeTypeCategory::hasSubNetworkType ( )
pure virtual
virtual std::string HOM_NodeTypeCategory::label ( )
pure virtual
virtual void HOM_NodeTypeCategory::loadDSO ( const char *  dso_path)
pure virtual
virtual std::string HOM_NodeTypeCategory::name ( )
pure virtual
virtual HOM_NodeType* HOM_NodeTypeCategory::nodeType ( const char *  type_name)
pure virtual
virtual std::map<std::string, HOM_ElemPtr<HOM_NodeType> > HOM_NodeTypeCategory::nodeTypes ( )
pure virtual
virtual HOM_SopVerb* HOM_NodeTypeCategory::nodeVerb ( const char *  verb_name)
pure virtual
virtual std::map<std::string, HOM_ElemPtr<HOM_SopVerb> > HOM_NodeTypeCategory::nodeVerbs ( )
pure virtual
bool HOM_NodeTypeCategory::operator!= ( HOM_PtrOrNull< HOM_NodeTypeCategory category)

Definition at line 39 of file HOM_NodeTypeCategory.h.

bool HOM_NodeTypeCategory::operator== ( HOM_PtrOrNull< HOM_NodeTypeCategory category)

Definition at line 36 of file HOM_NodeTypeCategory.h.

virtual void HOM_NodeTypeCategory::setDefaultColor ( HOM_Color color)
pure virtual
virtual void HOM_NodeTypeCategory::setDefaultShape ( const char *  shape)
pure virtual
virtual void HOM_NodeTypeCategory::setDefaultWireStyle ( const char *  wirestyle)
pure virtual
virtual std::string HOM_NodeTypeCategory::typeName ( )
pure virtual
virtual std::vector<HOM_ElemPtr<HOM_ViewerState> > HOM_NodeTypeCategory::viewerStates ( HOM_EnumValue viewer_type)
pure virtual

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