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OP_Gallery Class Reference

#include <OP_Gallery.h>

Public Member Functions

int getNumGalleryEntries () const
OP_GalleryEntrygetGalleryEntry (int index) const
OP_GalleryEntryfindGalleryEntry (const char *entryname) const
OP_GalleryEntrynewGalleryEntry (const char *entryname)
void removeGalleryEntry (const char *entryname)
void removeGalleryEntry (int index)
void getMatchingEntries (OP_GalleryEntryList &found, OP_Node *node) const
void getMatchingEntries (OP_GalleryEntryList &found, const char *namepattern, const char *labelpattern, const char *keywordpattern, const char *category, const char *optable, const char *optype) const
void getKeywords (UT_StringArray &keywords, const char *optable=NULL)
const UT_StringgetFilePath () const
bool getFileIsValid () const
bool getFileIsWritable () const
bool refresh (bool force)
bool save ()

Protected Member Functions

 OP_Gallery (OP_GalleryManager *owner, const char *filepath)
virtual ~OP_Gallery ()
void clear ()


class OP_GalleryManager

Detailed Description

Definition at line 22 of file OP_Gallery.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

OP_Gallery::OP_Gallery ( OP_GalleryManager owner,
const char *  filepath 
virtual OP_Gallery::~OP_Gallery ( )

Member Function Documentation

void OP_Gallery::clear ( )
OP_GalleryEntry* OP_Gallery::findGalleryEntry ( const char *  entryname) const
bool OP_Gallery::getFileIsValid ( ) const
bool OP_Gallery::getFileIsWritable ( ) const
const UT_String& OP_Gallery::getFilePath ( ) const
OP_GalleryEntry* OP_Gallery::getGalleryEntry ( int  index) const
void OP_Gallery::getKeywords ( UT_StringArray keywords,
const char *  optable = NULL 

Returns the array of all keywords used by gallery entries that match the requirement of the optable.

void OP_Gallery::getMatchingEntries ( OP_GalleryEntryList found,
OP_Node node 
) const
void OP_Gallery::getMatchingEntries ( OP_GalleryEntryList found,
const char *  namepattern,
const char *  labelpattern,
const char *  keywordpattern,
const char *  category,
const char *  optable,
const char *  optype 
) const
int OP_Gallery::getNumGalleryEntries ( ) const
OP_GalleryEntry* OP_Gallery::newGalleryEntry ( const char *  entryname)
bool OP_Gallery::refresh ( bool  force)
void OP_Gallery::removeGalleryEntry ( const char *  entryname)
void OP_Gallery::removeGalleryEntry ( int  index)
bool OP_Gallery::save ( )

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class OP_GalleryManager

Definition at line 68 of file OP_Gallery.h.

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