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PI_EditScriptedParm Class Reference

#include <PI_EditScriptedParms.h>


class  PI_ParmType

Public Member Functions

 PI_EditScriptedParm ()
 PI_EditScriptedParm (const PRM_Template &tplate, OP_Node *node, bool init_auto_links=true)
 PI_EditScriptedParm (PI_EditScriptedParmFolderType ftype)
 PI_EditScriptedParm (const PI_EditScriptedParm &src)
 ~PI_EditScriptedParm ()
const PI_EditScriptedParmoperator= (const PI_EditScriptedParm &src)
 Assignment operator. More...
void setType (const char *type)
const UT_StringgetType () const
void changeTypeToRampColor ()
void changeTypeToRampFloat ()
void copyDefaultValuesFromParm (PRM_Parm *parm, int subidx)
void setAutolinksToCurrentLinks (OP_Node *node, int subidx)
void addParametersToAutolink (const UT_StringArray &parms, const char *nodepath, bool linkinvisibles, PI_EditScriptedParms *owner, UT_StringArray &errors)
void setRange (const PRM_Range &range)
int save (std::ostream &os, int indent, OP_Operator *op, bool validate_join, const PI_EditScriptedParm *nextparm, bool in_import_block)
int saveSelectors (std::ostream &os, const char *tokeni, OP_Operator *op)
void saveSpareData (std::ostream &os, const char *tokeni, bool skip_import_data, bool first_group_page)
void saveSpareValue (std::ostream &os, const char *tokeni, const char *spare_token)
void saveConditional (std::ostream &os, int indent, const char *name, UT_String &conditional)
void dump (std::ostream &os)
int getNMenu () const
void addMenu (const char *token=0, const char *label=0)
void moveMenu (int idx)
void destroyMenu (int idx)
int checkNullMenu ()
void clearMenuItems ()
void clearCachedChannels ()
void setMenu (const PRM_ChoiceList *menu, bool minimenu)
int getParmTypeIdxForChannels () const
void setSize (int size)
void buildChannelNames (UT_StringArray &ch) const
const UT_ValArray< const char * > & getChannelNames () const
void extractGroupSpareData (const PRM_SpareData *ref, int index)
void mergeSpareData (const PRM_SpareData *srcsparedata)
const char * getSpareValue (const char *token) const
void setSpareValue (const char *token, const char *value)
void copySpareValue (const char *token, const PRM_SpareData &ref)
const char * getCallbackData () const
void setCallbackData (const char *value)
CH_ScriptLanguage getCallbackLanguage () const
void setCallbackLanguage (CH_ScriptLanguage language)
const char * getOpFilter () const
void setOpFilter (const char *value)
void setOpFilter (const PRM_SpareData *spareptr)
const char * getRManType () const
void setRManType (const char *value)
int getMultiStartOffset () const
void setMultiStartOffset (int value)
void setRampColorType (UT_ColorType color_type)
UT_ColorType getRampColorType () const
const char * getRampBasisVar () const
void setRampBasisVar (const char *value)
const char * getRampKeysVar () const
void setRampKeysVar (const char *value)
const char * getRampValuesVar () const
void setRampValuesVar (const char *value)
const char * getImportSource () const
void setImportSource (const char *value)
const char * getImportToken () const
void setImportToken (const char *value)
const char * getImportMask () const
void setImportMask (const char *value)
bool getImportEnable () const
void setImportEnable (bool value)
bool getExportDisable () const
void setExportDisable (bool value)
bool getUnquotedFlag () const
void setUnquotedFlag (bool value)
bool getIsGroupStart () const
bool getIsGroupEnd () const
bool getIsGroupParm () const
bool getIsMultiParm () const
bool getIsRampParm () const
bool getIsRampParmColor () const
bool getIsRampParmFloat () const
bool getIsFileParm () const
bool getIsBasicStringParm () const
bool getIsButtonParm () const
bool getIsColorParm () const
PRM_ColorType getColorType () const
void setColorType (PRM_ColorType color_type)
bool getColorWheel () const
void setColorWheel (bool value)
bool getColorDynamic () const
void setColorDynamic (bool value)
bool getIsKeyValueDictParm () const
const char * getKeyValueDictKeyLabel () const
void setKeyValueDictKeyLabel (const char *label)
const char * getKeyValueDictValueLabel () const
void setKeyValueDictValueLabel (const char *label)
bool getKeyValueDictUseChooser () const
void setKeyValueDictUseChooser (bool use_chooser)
const char * getKeyValueDictChooserLabel () const
void setKeyValueDictChooserLabel (const char *label)
const char * getKeyValueDictChooserCallback () const
void setKeyValueDictChooserCallback (const char *callback)
const char * getRampBasisDefault () const
void setRampBasisDefault (const char *value)
bool getRampShowControlsDefault () const
void setRampShowControlsDefault (bool value)
void clearRampDefaults ()
bool hasRampDefaultValue () const
void setRampDefaultFromParm (const PRM_Parm &ramp_parm)
const char * getFileChooserMode () const
void setFileChooserMode (const char *value)
const char * getFileChooserPattern () const
void setFileChooserPattern (const char *value)
const char * getButtonIcon () const
void setButtonIcon (const char *value)
const char * getScriptAction () const
void setScriptAction (const char *value)
const char * getScriptActionHelp () const
void setScriptActionHelp (const char *value)
const char * getScriptActionIcon () const
void setScriptActionIcon (const char *value)

Static Public Member Functions

static const char * getScriptType (const PRM_Type &ptype, PRM_TypeExtended etype, PRM_MultiType mtype, int size)
static bool parmTypeUsesOpFilter (const char *type)
static const char * getExportDisableToken ()
static bool isSwitcherLevelSpareToken (const char *token)
getSwitcherFolderType (const PRM_Template &tplate)
getSwitcherFolderType (const PRM_Type &type, const PRM_SpareData *spare)

Public Attributes

UT_String myName
UT_String myLabel
bool myUseLabel
UT_String myClass
UT_String myCategory
int myGroupID
bool myInvisible
int myExport
int mySize
UT_String myDefaults [PI_MAX_SCRIPT_PARM_SIZE]
CH_StringMeaning myDefaultsStringMeaning [PI_MAX_SCRIPT_PARM_SIZE]
int myRangeEnable
float myRange [2]
bool myRangeLock [2]
PI_EditScriptedParmMenuEnable myMenuEnable
PI_EditScriptedParmMenuType myMenuType
bool myUseMenuToken
PI_EditScriptedParmFolderType myFolderType
UT_String myMenuScript
CH_ScriptLanguage myMenuScriptLanguage
int myDoAutolink [PI_MAX_SCRIPT_PARM_SIZE]
UT_String myAutolink [PI_MAX_SCRIPT_PARM_SIZE]
UT_String myOldAutolink [PI_MAX_SCRIPT_PARM_SIZE]
UT_String myConditional [NB_PRM_CONDTYPES]
UT_String myTabConditional [NB_PRM_CONDTYPES]
UT_String myHelpText
< PI_EditScriptedParmMenu * > 
bool myJoinNextFlag
bool myTabBreak
bool myReserved

Static Public Attributes

static PI_ParmType theParmTypes []

Detailed Description

Definition at line 80 of file PI_EditScriptedParms.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PI_EditScriptedParm::PI_EditScriptedParm ( )
PI_EditScriptedParm::PI_EditScriptedParm ( const PRM_Template tplate,
OP_Node node,
bool  init_auto_links = true 
PI_EditScriptedParm::PI_EditScriptedParm ( PI_EditScriptedParmFolderType  ftype)
PI_EditScriptedParm::PI_EditScriptedParm ( const PI_EditScriptedParm src)
PI_EditScriptedParm::~PI_EditScriptedParm ( )

Member Function Documentation

void PI_EditScriptedParm::addMenu ( const char *  token = 0,
const char *  label = 0 
void PI_EditScriptedParm::addParametersToAutolink ( const UT_StringArray parms,
const char *  nodepath,
bool  linkinvisibles,
PI_EditScriptedParms owner,
UT_StringArray errors 
void PI_EditScriptedParm::buildChannelNames ( UT_StringArray ch) const
void PI_EditScriptedParm::changeTypeToRampColor ( )
void PI_EditScriptedParm::changeTypeToRampFloat ( )
int PI_EditScriptedParm::checkNullMenu ( )
void PI_EditScriptedParm::clearCachedChannels ( )
void PI_EditScriptedParm::clearMenuItems ( )
void PI_EditScriptedParm::clearRampDefaults ( )
void PI_EditScriptedParm::copyDefaultValuesFromParm ( PRM_Parm parm,
int  subidx 
void PI_EditScriptedParm::copySpareValue ( const char *  token,
const PRM_SpareData ref 
void PI_EditScriptedParm::destroyMenu ( int  idx)
void PI_EditScriptedParm::dump ( std::ostream &  os)
void PI_EditScriptedParm::extractGroupSpareData ( const PRM_SpareData ref,
int  index 
const char* PI_EditScriptedParm::getButtonIcon ( ) const
const char* PI_EditScriptedParm::getCallbackData ( ) const
CH_ScriptLanguage PI_EditScriptedParm::getCallbackLanguage ( ) const
const UT_ValArray<const char *>& PI_EditScriptedParm::getChannelNames ( ) const
bool PI_EditScriptedParm::getColorDynamic ( ) const
PRM_ColorType PI_EditScriptedParm::getColorType ( ) const
bool PI_EditScriptedParm::getColorWheel ( ) const
bool PI_EditScriptedParm::getExportDisable ( ) const
static const char* PI_EditScriptedParm::getExportDisableToken ( )
const char* PI_EditScriptedParm::getFileChooserMode ( ) const
const char* PI_EditScriptedParm::getFileChooserPattern ( ) const
bool PI_EditScriptedParm::getImportEnable ( ) const
const char* PI_EditScriptedParm::getImportMask ( ) const
const char* PI_EditScriptedParm::getImportSource ( ) const
const char* PI_EditScriptedParm::getImportToken ( ) const
bool PI_EditScriptedParm::getIsBasicStringParm ( ) const
bool PI_EditScriptedParm::getIsButtonParm ( ) const
bool PI_EditScriptedParm::getIsColorParm ( ) const
bool PI_EditScriptedParm::getIsFileParm ( ) const
bool PI_EditScriptedParm::getIsGroupEnd ( ) const
bool PI_EditScriptedParm::getIsGroupParm ( ) const
bool PI_EditScriptedParm::getIsGroupStart ( ) const
bool PI_EditScriptedParm::getIsKeyValueDictParm ( ) const
bool PI_EditScriptedParm::getIsMultiParm ( ) const
bool PI_EditScriptedParm::getIsRampParm ( ) const
bool PI_EditScriptedParm::getIsRampParmColor ( ) const
bool PI_EditScriptedParm::getIsRampParmFloat ( ) const
const char* PI_EditScriptedParm::getKeyValueDictChooserCallback ( ) const
const char* PI_EditScriptedParm::getKeyValueDictChooserLabel ( ) const
const char* PI_EditScriptedParm::getKeyValueDictKeyLabel ( ) const
bool PI_EditScriptedParm::getKeyValueDictUseChooser ( ) const
const char* PI_EditScriptedParm::getKeyValueDictValueLabel ( ) const
int PI_EditScriptedParm::getMultiStartOffset ( ) const
int PI_EditScriptedParm::getNMenu ( ) const

Definition at line 144 of file PI_EditScriptedParms.h.

const char* PI_EditScriptedParm::getOpFilter ( ) const
int PI_EditScriptedParm::getParmTypeIdxForChannels ( ) const
const char* PI_EditScriptedParm::getRampBasisDefault ( ) const
const char* PI_EditScriptedParm::getRampBasisVar ( ) const
UT_ColorType PI_EditScriptedParm::getRampColorType ( ) const
const char* PI_EditScriptedParm::getRampKeysVar ( ) const
bool PI_EditScriptedParm::getRampShowControlsDefault ( ) const
const char* PI_EditScriptedParm::getRampValuesVar ( ) const
const char* PI_EditScriptedParm::getRManType ( ) const
const char* PI_EditScriptedParm::getScriptAction ( ) const
const char* PI_EditScriptedParm::getScriptActionHelp ( ) const
const char* PI_EditScriptedParm::getScriptActionIcon ( ) const
static const char* PI_EditScriptedParm::getScriptType ( const PRM_Type ptype,
PRM_TypeExtended  etype,
PRM_MultiType  mtype,
int  size 
const char* PI_EditScriptedParm::getSpareValue ( const char *  token) const
static PI_EditScriptedParmFolderType PI_EditScriptedParm::getSwitcherFolderType ( const PRM_Template tplate)
static PI_EditScriptedParmFolderType PI_EditScriptedParm::getSwitcherFolderType ( const PRM_Type type,
const PRM_SpareData spare 
const UT_String& PI_EditScriptedParm::getType ( void  ) const

Definition at line 98 of file PI_EditScriptedParms.h.

bool PI_EditScriptedParm::getUnquotedFlag ( ) const
bool PI_EditScriptedParm::hasRampDefaultValue ( ) const
static bool PI_EditScriptedParm::isSwitcherLevelSpareToken ( const char *  token)
void PI_EditScriptedParm::mergeSpareData ( const PRM_SpareData srcsparedata)
void PI_EditScriptedParm::moveMenu ( int  idx)
const PI_EditScriptedParm& PI_EditScriptedParm::operator= ( const PI_EditScriptedParm src)

Assignment operator.

static bool PI_EditScriptedParm::parmTypeUsesOpFilter ( const char *  type)
int PI_EditScriptedParm::save ( std::ostream &  os,
int  indent,
OP_Operator op,
bool  validate_join,
const PI_EditScriptedParm nextparm,
bool  in_import_block 
void PI_EditScriptedParm::saveConditional ( std::ostream &  os,
int  indent,
const char *  name,
UT_String conditional 
int PI_EditScriptedParm::saveSelectors ( std::ostream &  os,
const char *  tokeni,
OP_Operator op 
void PI_EditScriptedParm::saveSpareData ( std::ostream &  os,
const char *  tokeni,
bool  skip_import_data,
bool  first_group_page 
void PI_EditScriptedParm::saveSpareValue ( std::ostream &  os,
const char *  tokeni,
const char *  spare_token 
void PI_EditScriptedParm::setAutolinksToCurrentLinks ( OP_Node node,
int  subidx 
void PI_EditScriptedParm::setButtonIcon ( const char *  value)
void PI_EditScriptedParm::setCallbackData ( const char *  value)
void PI_EditScriptedParm::setCallbackLanguage ( CH_ScriptLanguage  language)
void PI_EditScriptedParm::setColorDynamic ( bool  value)
void PI_EditScriptedParm::setColorType ( PRM_ColorType  color_type)
void PI_EditScriptedParm::setColorWheel ( bool  value)
void PI_EditScriptedParm::setExportDisable ( bool  value)
void PI_EditScriptedParm::setFileChooserMode ( const char *  value)
void PI_EditScriptedParm::setFileChooserPattern ( const char *  value)
void PI_EditScriptedParm::setImportEnable ( bool  value)
void PI_EditScriptedParm::setImportMask ( const char *  value)
void PI_EditScriptedParm::setImportSource ( const char *  value)
void PI_EditScriptedParm::setImportToken ( const char *  value)
void PI_EditScriptedParm::setKeyValueDictChooserCallback ( const char *  callback)
void PI_EditScriptedParm::setKeyValueDictChooserLabel ( const char *  label)
void PI_EditScriptedParm::setKeyValueDictKeyLabel ( const char *  label)
void PI_EditScriptedParm::setKeyValueDictUseChooser ( bool  use_chooser)
void PI_EditScriptedParm::setKeyValueDictValueLabel ( const char *  label)
void PI_EditScriptedParm::setMenu ( const PRM_ChoiceList menu,
bool  minimenu 
void PI_EditScriptedParm::setMultiStartOffset ( int  value)
void PI_EditScriptedParm::setOpFilter ( const char *  value)
void PI_EditScriptedParm::setOpFilter ( const PRM_SpareData spareptr)
void PI_EditScriptedParm::setRampBasisDefault ( const char *  value)
void PI_EditScriptedParm::setRampBasisVar ( const char *  value)
void PI_EditScriptedParm::setRampColorType ( UT_ColorType  color_type)
void PI_EditScriptedParm::setRampDefaultFromParm ( const PRM_Parm ramp_parm)
void PI_EditScriptedParm::setRampKeysVar ( const char *  value)
void PI_EditScriptedParm::setRampShowControlsDefault ( bool  value)
void PI_EditScriptedParm::setRampValuesVar ( const char *  value)
void PI_EditScriptedParm::setRange ( const PRM_Range range)
void PI_EditScriptedParm::setRManType ( const char *  value)
void PI_EditScriptedParm::setScriptAction ( const char *  value)
void PI_EditScriptedParm::setScriptActionHelp ( const char *  value)
void PI_EditScriptedParm::setScriptActionIcon ( const char *  value)
void PI_EditScriptedParm::setSize ( int  size)
void PI_EditScriptedParm::setSpareValue ( const char *  token,
const char *  value 
void PI_EditScriptedParm::setType ( const char *  type)

Definition at line 93 of file PI_EditScriptedParms.h.

void PI_EditScriptedParm::setUnquotedFlag ( bool  value)

Member Data Documentation

UT_String PI_EditScriptedParm::myAutolink[PI_MAX_SCRIPT_PARM_SIZE]

Definition at line 311 of file PI_EditScriptedParms.h.

UT_String PI_EditScriptedParm::myCategory

Definition at line 293 of file PI_EditScriptedParms.h.

UT_String PI_EditScriptedParm::myClass

Definition at line 292 of file PI_EditScriptedParms.h.

UT_String PI_EditScriptedParm::myConditional[NB_PRM_CONDTYPES]

Definition at line 313 of file PI_EditScriptedParms.h.

UT_String PI_EditScriptedParm::myDefaults[PI_MAX_SCRIPT_PARM_SIZE]

Definition at line 298 of file PI_EditScriptedParms.h.

CH_StringMeaning PI_EditScriptedParm::myDefaultsStringMeaning[PI_MAX_SCRIPT_PARM_SIZE]

Definition at line 300 of file PI_EditScriptedParms.h.

int PI_EditScriptedParm::myDoAutolink[PI_MAX_SCRIPT_PARM_SIZE]

Definition at line 310 of file PI_EditScriptedParms.h.

int PI_EditScriptedParm::myExport

Definition at line 296 of file PI_EditScriptedParms.h.

PI_EditScriptedParmFolderType PI_EditScriptedParm::myFolderType

Definition at line 307 of file PI_EditScriptedParms.h.

int PI_EditScriptedParm::myGroupID

Definition at line 294 of file PI_EditScriptedParms.h.

UT_String PI_EditScriptedParm::myHelpText

Definition at line 315 of file PI_EditScriptedParms.h.

bool PI_EditScriptedParm::myInvisible

Definition at line 295 of file PI_EditScriptedParms.h.

bool PI_EditScriptedParm::myJoinNextFlag

Definition at line 318 of file PI_EditScriptedParms.h.

UT_String PI_EditScriptedParm::myLabel

Definition at line 290 of file PI_EditScriptedParms.h.

UT_ValArray<PI_EditScriptedParmMenu *> PI_EditScriptedParm::myMenu

Definition at line 316 of file PI_EditScriptedParms.h.

PI_EditScriptedParmMenuEnable PI_EditScriptedParm::myMenuEnable

Definition at line 304 of file PI_EditScriptedParms.h.

UT_String PI_EditScriptedParm::myMenuScript

Definition at line 308 of file PI_EditScriptedParms.h.

CH_ScriptLanguage PI_EditScriptedParm::myMenuScriptLanguage

Definition at line 309 of file PI_EditScriptedParms.h.

PI_EditScriptedParmMenuType PI_EditScriptedParm::myMenuType

Definition at line 305 of file PI_EditScriptedParms.h.

UT_String PI_EditScriptedParm::myName

Definition at line 289 of file PI_EditScriptedParms.h.

UT_String PI_EditScriptedParm::myOldAutolink[PI_MAX_SCRIPT_PARM_SIZE]

Definition at line 312 of file PI_EditScriptedParms.h.

float PI_EditScriptedParm::myRange[2]

Definition at line 302 of file PI_EditScriptedParms.h.

int PI_EditScriptedParm::myRangeEnable

Definition at line 301 of file PI_EditScriptedParms.h.

bool PI_EditScriptedParm::myRangeLock[2]

Definition at line 303 of file PI_EditScriptedParms.h.

bool PI_EditScriptedParm::myReserved

Definition at line 320 of file PI_EditScriptedParms.h.

int PI_EditScriptedParm::mySize

Definition at line 297 of file PI_EditScriptedParms.h.

PRM_SpareData* PI_EditScriptedParm::mySpareData

Definition at line 317 of file PI_EditScriptedParms.h.

bool PI_EditScriptedParm::myTabBreak

Definition at line 319 of file PI_EditScriptedParms.h.

UT_String PI_EditScriptedParm::myTabConditional[NB_PRM_CONDTYPES]

Definition at line 314 of file PI_EditScriptedParms.h.

bool PI_EditScriptedParm::myUseLabel

Definition at line 291 of file PI_EditScriptedParms.h.

bool PI_EditScriptedParm::myUseMenuToken

Definition at line 306 of file PI_EditScriptedParms.h.

PI_ParmType PI_EditScriptedParm::theParmTypes[]

Definition at line 338 of file PI_EditScriptedParms.h.

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