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PRM_ChoiceList Class Reference

#include <PRM_ChoiceList.h>

Public Member Functions

 PRM_ChoiceList (PRM_ChoiceListType thetype, PRM_Name *thechoicenames)
 PRM_ChoiceList (PRM_ChoiceListType thetype, PRM_ChoiceGenFunc thefunc)
 PRM_ChoiceList (PRM_ChoiceListType thetype, PRM_Item *thechoiceitem)
 PRM_ChoiceList (PRM_ChoiceListType thetype, PRM_ChoiceItemGenFunc thefunc)
 PRM_ChoiceList (PRM_ChoiceListType thetype, const char *thescript, CH_ScriptLanguage language=CH_HSCRIPT)
bool usesItems () const
PRM_NamechoiceNamesPtr ()
PRM_ItemchoiceItemsPtr ()
void getChoiceNames (const PRM_Name *&thechoicenames, void *thedata=0, const PRM_SpareData *theSparePtr=0, const PRM_Parm *theParm=0) const
void getChoiceItems (const PRM_Item *&thechoiceitems, void *thedata=0, const PRM_SpareData *theSparePtr=0, const PRM_Parm *theParm=0) const
bool tokenFromIndex (UT_String &result, exint index, void *data=nullptr, const PRM_SpareData *spare=nullptr, const PRM_Parm *parm=nullptr) const
const UT_StringgetScript () const
CH_ScriptLanguage getScriptLanguage () const
bool isDynamic () const
PRM_ChoiceListType getType () const
PRM_ChoiceGenFunc getChoiceGenerator () const
int getSize (const PRM_Parm *parm) const
int64 getMemoryUsage (bool inclusive) const

Detailed Description

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PRM_ChoiceList::PRM_ChoiceList ( PRM_ChoiceListType  thetype,
PRM_Name thechoicenames 
PRM_ChoiceList::PRM_ChoiceList ( PRM_ChoiceListType  thetype,
PRM_ChoiceGenFunc  thefunc 
PRM_ChoiceList::PRM_ChoiceList ( PRM_ChoiceListType  thetype,
PRM_Item thechoiceitem 
PRM_ChoiceList::PRM_ChoiceList ( PRM_ChoiceListType  thetype,
PRM_ChoiceItemGenFunc  thefunc 
PRM_ChoiceList::PRM_ChoiceList ( PRM_ChoiceListType  thetype,
const char *  thescript,
CH_ScriptLanguage  language = CH_HSCRIPT 

Member Function Documentation

PRM_Item* PRM_ChoiceList::choiceItemsPtr ( )

Definition at line 98 of file PRM_ChoiceList.h.

PRM_Name* PRM_ChoiceList::choiceNamesPtr ( )

Definition at line 95 of file PRM_ChoiceList.h.

PRM_ChoiceGenFunc PRM_ChoiceList::getChoiceGenerator ( ) const

Definition at line 125 of file PRM_ChoiceList.h.

void PRM_ChoiceList::getChoiceItems ( const PRM_Item *&  thechoiceitems,
void thedata = 0,
const PRM_SpareData theSparePtr = 0,
const PRM_Parm theParm = 0 
) const
void PRM_ChoiceList::getChoiceNames ( const PRM_Name *&  thechoicenames,
void thedata = 0,
const PRM_SpareData theSparePtr = 0,
const PRM_Parm theParm = 0 
) const
int64 PRM_ChoiceList::getMemoryUsage ( bool  inclusive) const

NOTE: Based on the lack of destructor, PRM_ChoiceList does NOT own *myChoiceNames or *myChoiceItems, but ownership semantics are bonkers in these mysterious lands of PRM.

Definition at line 140 of file PRM_ChoiceList.h.

const UT_String& PRM_ChoiceList::getScript ( ) const
CH_ScriptLanguage PRM_ChoiceList::getScriptLanguage ( ) const
int PRM_ChoiceList::getSize ( const PRM_Parm parm) const

Definition at line 127 of file PRM_ChoiceList.h.

PRM_ChoiceListType PRM_ChoiceList::getType ( void  ) const

Definition at line 123 of file PRM_ChoiceList.h.

bool PRM_ChoiceList::isDynamic ( ) const
bool PRM_ChoiceList::tokenFromIndex ( UT_String result,
exint  index,
void data = nullptr,
const PRM_SpareData spare = nullptr,
const PRM_Parm parm = nullptr 
) const
bool PRM_ChoiceList::usesItems ( ) const

Definition at line 93 of file PRM_ChoiceList.h.

Member Data Documentation

PRM_ChoiceGenFunc PRM_ChoiceList::myChoiceGenerator

Definition at line 172 of file PRM_ChoiceList.h.

PRM_ChoiceItemGenFunc PRM_ChoiceList::myChoiceItemGenerator

Definition at line 173 of file PRM_ChoiceList.h.

PRM_Item* PRM_ChoiceList::myChoiceItems

Definition at line 167 of file PRM_ChoiceList.h.

PRM_Name* PRM_ChoiceList::myChoiceNames

Definition at line 166 of file PRM_ChoiceList.h.

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