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RE_Server Class Reference

#include <RE_Server.h>

Public Member Functions

 RE_Server ()
 ~RE_Server ()
bool initServer ()
void flush () const
RE_IDType getFocusWindow () const
void setFocusWindow (RE_IDType wid)
bool meetsMinRes () const
bool windowUnderCursor (RE_IDType wid, int x, int y) const
bool getColorUnderCursor (float color[3]) const
bool GLMakeCurrent (OGLDrawable draw, RE_OGLContext context, bool ignore_errors)
int GLMakeCopyCurrent (OGLDrawable draw, RE_OGLContext sourceContext, RE_OGLContext targetContext)
bool GLSwapBuffers (RE_Window *currentWindow)
OGLDrawable GLGetCurrentDrawable ()
void GLWaitGL ()
void addCurrentMainWindow (RE_Window *win)
void removeCurrentMainWindow (RE_Window *win)
 Remove a window from the list of current main windows. More...
RE_WindowgetCurrentMainWindow () const
RE_WindowgetFirstCurrentMainWindow () const
RE_WindownewWindow (RE_DisplayMode mode, RE_WindowType type, RE_VisualType visType=RE_NORMAL_VIS)
 Creates a new RE_Window, ready to be opened. More...
RE_RendergetContextMatching (RE_DisplayMode mode) const

Static Public Member Functions

static int getMinXRes ()
static int getMinYRes ()
static RE_IDType windowUnderCursor ()
static int getDragTolX ()
static int getDragTolY ()
static fpreal64 getDragDelay ()
static void toScreenCoords (int &x, int &y, int screen=-1)
static void fromScreenCoords (int &x, int &y, int screen=-1)
static bool isAppExiting ()
static void setAppExiting ()
static int primaryScreenNum ()
static int numScreens ()
static int screenContaining (int x, int y, bool native=false)
static const UT_DimRectscreenArea (int screen_num)
static const UT_DimRectnativeScreenArea (int screen_num)
static const UT_DimRectworkArea (int screen_num)
static const UT_DimRectnativeWorkArea (int screen_num)
static fpreal screenToDeviceScale (int screen_num)
static const UT_DimRectvirtualScreenArea ()
static const UT_DimRectvirtualWorkArea ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 25 of file RE_Server.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

RE_Server::RE_Server ( )
RE_Server::~RE_Server ( )

Member Function Documentation

void RE_Server::addCurrentMainWindow ( RE_Window win)

Add a window to the list of current main windows. If it is already in the list, it will not be added again.

void RE_Server::flush ( ) const
static void RE_Server::fromScreenCoords ( int x,
int y,
int  screen = -1 
bool RE_Server::getColorUnderCursor ( float  color[3]) const
RE_Render* RE_Server::getContextMatching ( RE_DisplayMode  mode) const

Returns current render context matching the mode passed in. All render contexts are tied to a specific drawable. This may return NULL if there are no render contexts currently created that match mode.

RE_Window* RE_Server::getCurrentMainWindow ( ) const

Find the current main window that's focused, so you can attach dialog windows to it. If none is marked as focused, just returns the first window.

static fpreal64 RE_Server::getDragDelay ( )

Definition at line 71 of file RE_Server.h.

static int RE_Server::getDragTolX ( )

Definition at line 69 of file RE_Server.h.

static int RE_Server::getDragTolY ( )

Definition at line 70 of file RE_Server.h.

RE_Window* RE_Server::getFirstCurrentMainWindow ( ) const

Find the first current main window, regardless of whether it's focused. Used on Windows to ensure that all subwindows are made tool windows of at least the main Houdini window.

RE_IDType RE_Server::getFocusWindow ( ) const

Definition at line 35 of file RE_Server.h.

static int RE_Server::getMinXRes ( )

Definition at line 38 of file RE_Server.h.

static int RE_Server::getMinYRes ( )

Definition at line 39 of file RE_Server.h.

OGLDrawable RE_Server::GLGetCurrentDrawable ( )
int RE_Server::GLMakeCopyCurrent ( OGLDrawable  draw,
RE_OGLContext  sourceContext,
RE_OGLContext  targetContext 
bool RE_Server::GLMakeCurrent ( OGLDrawable  draw,
RE_OGLContext  context,
bool  ignore_errors 
bool RE_Server::GLSwapBuffers ( RE_Window currentWindow)
void RE_Server::GLWaitGL ( )
bool RE_Server::initServer ( )
static bool RE_Server::isAppExiting ( )

Return whether the Qt objects are valid or not. Qt objects are not valid when the Qt main event loop has exited.

bool RE_Server::meetsMinRes ( ) const
static const UT_DimRect& RE_Server::nativeScreenArea ( int  screen_num)

Desktop support.

static const UT_DimRect& RE_Server::nativeWorkArea ( int  screen_num)

Desktop support.

RE_Window* RE_Server::newWindow ( RE_DisplayMode  mode,
RE_WindowType  type,
RE_VisualType  visType = RE_NORMAL_VIS 

Creates a new RE_Window, ready to be opened.

static int RE_Server::numScreens ( )

Desktop support.

static int RE_Server::primaryScreenNum ( )

Desktop support.

void RE_Server::removeCurrentMainWindow ( RE_Window win)

Remove a window from the list of current main windows.

static const UT_DimRect& RE_Server::screenArea ( int  screen_num)

Desktop support.

static int RE_Server::screenContaining ( int  x,
int  y,
bool  native = false 

Desktop support.

static fpreal RE_Server::screenToDeviceScale ( int  screen_num)

Desktop support.

static void RE_Server::setAppExiting ( )

This method should only be called when the Qt main event loop has exited. It lets RE know that it is no longer safe to work with any Qt objects.

void RE_Server::setFocusWindow ( RE_IDType  wid)
static void RE_Server::toScreenCoords ( int x,
int y,
int  screen = -1 
static const UT_DimRect& RE_Server::virtualScreenArea ( )

Desktop support.

static const UT_DimRect& RE_Server::virtualWorkArea ( )

Desktop support.

bool RE_Server::windowUnderCursor ( RE_IDType  wid,
int  x,
int  y 
) const

Determine if the given window (and not a child window) is currently under the mouse. The current x,y mouse coordinates are optional under certain platforms

static RE_IDType RE_Server::windowUnderCursor ( )

Return the id of the Houdini window that appears immediately underneath the mouse cursor. Return 0/nullptr if there is no Houdini window immediately underneath the mouse cursor.

static const UT_DimRect& RE_Server::workArea ( int  screen_num)

Desktop support.

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