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SIM_PackedPrimitiveReader Class Reference

#include <SIM_ObjectReader.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for SIM_PackedPrimitiveReader:

Public Member Functions

 SIM_PackedPrimitiveReader (const SIM_Object &obj, const GU_Detail &gdp)
GA_Offset getPointOffset () const
const GEO_PrimitivegetPrimitive () const
 Returns the primitive associated with the current point offset. More...
virtual GU_ConstDetailHandle getObjectGdp () const
 Returns the unpacked geometry of the packed primitive. More...
virtual const GU_DetailgetSimGdp () const
 Return the SIM_Object's geometry. More...
virtual void getPositionTransform (UT_Matrix4D &xform) const
virtual UT_Vector3 getCentroid () const
const UT_StringHoldergetName () const
void setPrimOffset (GA_Offset offset)
UT_Vector3 getPivot () const
UT_Vector3 getPosition () const
UT_Quaternion getOrientation () const
UT_Vector3 getVelocity () const
UT_Vector3 getAngularVelocity () const
bool isPivotValid () const
bool isPositionValid () const
bool isOrientationValid () const
bool isVelocityValid () const
bool isAngularVelocityValid () const
bool isNameValid () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from SIM_BaseObjectReader
 SIM_BaseObjectReader (const SIM_Object &obj)
virtual ~SIM_BaseObjectReader ()
const SIM_ObjectgetObject () const
 Return the SIM_Object. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static bool isPackedObject (const SIM_Object *obj)
static bool isValidPrimitive (const GEO_Primitive &prim)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from SIM_BaseObjectReader
const SIM_ObjectmyObject

Detailed Description

Definition at line 65 of file SIM_ObjectReader.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SIM_PackedPrimitiveReader::SIM_PackedPrimitiveReader ( const SIM_Object obj,
const GU_Detail gdp 

Member Function Documentation

UT_Vector3 SIM_PackedPrimitiveReader::getAngularVelocity ( ) const
virtual UT_Vector3 SIM_PackedPrimitiveReader::getCentroid ( ) const

Implements SIM_BaseObjectReader.

const UT_StringHolder& SIM_PackedPrimitiveReader::getName ( ) const
virtual GU_ConstDetailHandle SIM_PackedPrimitiveReader::getObjectGdp ( ) const

Returns the unpacked geometry of the packed primitive.

Implements SIM_BaseObjectReader.

UT_Quaternion SIM_PackedPrimitiveReader::getOrientation ( ) const

Implements SIM_BaseObjectReader.

UT_Vector3 SIM_PackedPrimitiveReader::getPivot ( ) const
GA_Offset SIM_PackedPrimitiveReader::getPointOffset ( ) const

Definition at line 70 of file SIM_ObjectReader.h.

UT_Vector3 SIM_PackedPrimitiveReader::getPosition ( ) const
virtual void SIM_PackedPrimitiveReader::getPositionTransform ( UT_Matrix4D xform) const

Implements SIM_BaseObjectReader.

const GEO_Primitive* SIM_PackedPrimitiveReader::getPrimitive ( ) const

Returns the primitive associated with the current point offset.

Definition at line 72 of file SIM_ObjectReader.h.

virtual const GU_Detail* SIM_PackedPrimitiveReader::getSimGdp ( ) const

Return the SIM_Object's geometry.

Implements SIM_BaseObjectReader.

UT_Vector3 SIM_PackedPrimitiveReader::getVelocity ( ) const
bool SIM_PackedPrimitiveReader::isAngularVelocityValid ( ) const
bool SIM_PackedPrimitiveReader::isNameValid ( ) const
bool SIM_PackedPrimitiveReader::isOrientationValid ( ) const
static bool SIM_PackedPrimitiveReader::isPackedObject ( const SIM_Object obj)
bool SIM_PackedPrimitiveReader::isPivotValid ( ) const
bool SIM_PackedPrimitiveReader::isPositionValid ( ) const
static bool SIM_PackedPrimitiveReader::isValidPrimitive ( const GEO_Primitive prim)

Returns true if the primitive can represent an object (e.g. a packed primitive or sphere).

bool SIM_PackedPrimitiveReader::isVelocityValid ( ) const
void SIM_PackedPrimitiveReader::setPrimOffset ( GA_Offset  offset)

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