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SIM_RenderParmsVolatile Class Reference

#include <SIM_RenderParmsVolatile.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for SIM_RenderParmsVolatile:

Public Member Functions

virtual void getMaterialShop (const SIM_Object *obj, UT_String &str) const
virtual bool getForDisplay (const SIM_Object *obj) const
virtual bool getForRender (const SIM_Object *obj) const

Protected Member Functions

 SIM_RenderParmsVolatile (const SIM_DataFactory *factory)
virtual ~SIM_RenderParmsVolatile ()

Detailed Description

This class holds rendering options much like object rendering parameters. To use this data type, attach it as subdata to a SIM_Geometry that is being rendered. This is a volatile version that reloads its value directly from the opnode rather than using the data.

Definition at line 20 of file SIM_RenderParmsVolatile.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SIM_RenderParmsVolatile::SIM_RenderParmsVolatile ( const SIM_DataFactory factory)
virtual SIM_RenderParmsVolatile::~SIM_RenderParmsVolatile ( )

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool SIM_RenderParmsVolatile::getForDisplay ( const SIM_Object obj) const

Reimplemented from SIM_RenderParms.

virtual bool SIM_RenderParmsVolatile::getForRender ( const SIM_Object obj) const

Reimplemented from SIM_RenderParms.

virtual void SIM_RenderParmsVolatile::getMaterialShop ( const SIM_Object obj,
UT_String str 
) const

These methods check the creatorNode to query its current parm value and will pass down to the actual options only if the creator node can't be found.

Reimplemented from SIM_RenderParms.

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