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SOP_BlockEndFor::ForStateIterator Class Reference

#include <SOP_BlockEndFor.h>

Public Member Functions

 ForStateIterator (SOP_BlockEndFor *forsop, SOP_Node *error_sink, fpreal t, GU_DetailHandle iterationgeo)
 ForStateIterator (const ForStateIterator &iter)
 ~ForStateIterator ()
ForStateIteratoroperator= (const ForStateIterator &iter)
GU_DetailHandle getPieceGeo ()
GU_DetailHandle getFeedbackGeo ()
GU_DetailHandle getMetadataGeo ()
GU_DetailHandle getIterationGeo ()
exint getCurrentCookPass () const
exint getExpectedIterations () const
exint getFullPassIterations () const
exint getStartPass () const
void setPass (exint pass, GU_DetailHandle feedback)
bool hasPieceGeo () const
void clearFeedbackGeo ()
void clearPieceExtractor ()

Protected Attributes

GU_DetailHandle myFeedbackGeo
GU_DetailHandle myIterationGeo
GU_DetailHandle myPieceGeo
GU_DetailHandle myMetadataGeo
 Likewise, the cached metadata. More...
sop_PieceExtractor * myPieceExtractor
 Functor object to extract a subset of the iteration geo. More...
exint myCurrentCookPass
exint myStartPass
exint myExpectedIterations
exint myFullPassIterations
bool myUseTemplate
fpreal myStartValue
fpreal myIncrement
bool myUseAttrib
UT_StringHolder myAttrib
GA_AttributeOwner myClass

Detailed Description

Definition at line 25 of file SOP_BlockEndFor.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SOP_BlockEndFor::ForStateIterator::ForStateIterator ( SOP_BlockEndFor forsop,
SOP_Node error_sink,
fpreal  t,
GU_DetailHandle  iterationgeo 
SOP_BlockEndFor::ForStateIterator::ForStateIterator ( const ForStateIterator iter)

Definition at line 29 of file SOP_BlockEndFor.h.

SOP_BlockEndFor::ForStateIterator::~ForStateIterator ( )

Member Function Documentation

void SOP_BlockEndFor::ForStateIterator::clearFeedbackGeo ( )

Allows one to reduce the reference count when all inputs have extracted the feedback for inplace operations.

Definition at line 59 of file SOP_BlockEndFor.h.

void SOP_BlockEndFor::ForStateIterator::clearPieceExtractor ( )

Erases the piece extractor as it holds hard references to geometry

exint SOP_BlockEndFor::ForStateIterator::getCurrentCookPass ( ) const

Definition at line 42 of file SOP_BlockEndFor.h.

exint SOP_BlockEndFor::ForStateIterator::getExpectedIterations ( ) const

Definition at line 44 of file SOP_BlockEndFor.h.

GU_DetailHandle SOP_BlockEndFor::ForStateIterator::getFeedbackGeo ( )
exint SOP_BlockEndFor::ForStateIterator::getFullPassIterations ( ) const

Definition at line 48 of file SOP_BlockEndFor.h.

GU_DetailHandle SOP_BlockEndFor::ForStateIterator::getIterationGeo ( )

Definition at line 41 of file SOP_BlockEndFor.h.

GU_DetailHandle SOP_BlockEndFor::ForStateIterator::getMetadataGeo ( )
GU_DetailHandle SOP_BlockEndFor::ForStateIterator::getPieceGeo ( )
exint SOP_BlockEndFor::ForStateIterator::getStartPass ( ) const

Definition at line 49 of file SOP_BlockEndFor.h.

bool SOP_BlockEndFor::ForStateIterator::hasPieceGeo ( ) const

Definition at line 54 of file SOP_BlockEndFor.h.

ForStateIterator& SOP_BlockEndFor::ForStateIterator::operator= ( const ForStateIterator iter)
void SOP_BlockEndFor::ForStateIterator::setPass ( exint  pass,
GU_DetailHandle  feedback 

Member Data Documentation

UT_StringHolder SOP_BlockEndFor::ForStateIterator::myAttrib

Definition at line 102 of file SOP_BlockEndFor.h.

GA_AttributeOwner SOP_BlockEndFor::ForStateIterator::myClass

Definition at line 103 of file SOP_BlockEndFor.h.

exint SOP_BlockEndFor::ForStateIterator::myCurrentCookPass

Used to dynamically recompute piece geo and provide info.

Definition at line 93 of file SOP_BlockEndFor.h.

exint SOP_BlockEndFor::ForStateIterator::myExpectedIterations

Definition at line 95 of file SOP_BlockEndFor.h.

GU_DetailHandle SOP_BlockEndFor::ForStateIterator::myFeedbackGeo

myFeedbackGeo is the last fed-back version of the geometry going through the system.

Definition at line 73 of file SOP_BlockEndFor.h.

exint SOP_BlockEndFor::ForStateIterator::myFullPassIterations

Definition at line 96 of file SOP_BlockEndFor.h.

fpreal SOP_BlockEndFor::ForStateIterator::myIncrement

Definition at line 99 of file SOP_BlockEndFor.h.

GU_DetailHandle SOP_BlockEndFor::ForStateIterator::myIterationGeo

myIterationGeo is the second input, it is kept here so we can extract the pieces just-in-time and unlock the second input.

Definition at line 78 of file SOP_BlockEndFor.h.

GU_DetailHandle SOP_BlockEndFor::ForStateIterator::myMetadataGeo

Likewise, the cached metadata.

Definition at line 86 of file SOP_BlockEndFor.h.

sop_PieceExtractor* SOP_BlockEndFor::ForStateIterator::myPieceExtractor

Functor object to extract a subset of the iteration geo.

Definition at line 89 of file SOP_BlockEndFor.h.

GU_DetailHandle SOP_BlockEndFor::ForStateIterator::myPieceGeo

The most recently extracted piece of the myIterationGeo. We cache it in case there are multiple next sops grabbing it, or for when we are done and the user is manually cooking the chain.

Definition at line 83 of file SOP_BlockEndFor.h.

exint SOP_BlockEndFor::ForStateIterator::myStartPass

Definition at line 94 of file SOP_BlockEndFor.h.

fpreal SOP_BlockEndFor::ForStateIterator::myStartValue

Definition at line 99 of file SOP_BlockEndFor.h.

bool SOP_BlockEndFor::ForStateIterator::myUseAttrib

Definition at line 101 of file SOP_BlockEndFor.h.

bool SOP_BlockEndFor::ForStateIterator::myUseTemplate

Definition at line 98 of file SOP_BlockEndFor.h.

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