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UT_ExtensionList Class Reference

#include <UT_IOTable.h>

Public Member Functions

 UT_ExtensionList (const char *filepath, const char *iopath=0)
int findExtension (const char *extension) const
int hasSuffix (const char *filename) const
void addExtension (const char *extension)
 Add given extension to the list, if it doesn't already exist. More...
int getExtensions (UT_ValArray< const char * > &list) const
int readFile (const char *filepath)
int readIOFile (const char *filepath)

Detailed Description

field3d/GEO_Field3DTranslator.C, and GEO/GEO_VoxelTranslator.C.

Definition at line 59 of file UT_IOTable.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

UT_ExtensionList::UT_ExtensionList ( const char *  filepath,
const char *  iopath = 0 

Member Function Documentation

void UT_ExtensionList::addExtension ( const char *  extension)

Add given extension to the list, if it doesn't already exist.

field3d/GEO_Field3DTranslator.C, and GEO/GEO_VoxelTranslator.C.
int UT_ExtensionList::findExtension ( const char *  extension) const
int UT_ExtensionList::getExtensions ( UT_ValArray< const char * > &  list) const
int UT_ExtensionList::hasSuffix ( const char *  filename) const
int UT_ExtensionList::readFile ( const char *  filepath)
int UT_ExtensionList::readIOFile ( const char *  filepath)

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