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UT_HilbertCurve2D Class Reference

#include <UT_HilbertSequence.h>

Public Member Functions

 UT_HilbertCurve2D (int level=0)
bool getPointFromDistance (int d, int &xp, int &yp) const
int getDistanceFromPoint (int xp, int yp) const
bool advancePointAlongCurve (int &xp, int &yp) const
int getLevel () const
int getSize () const
int getLength () const

Detailed Description

Definition at line 17 of file UT_HilbertSequence.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

UT_HilbertCurve2D::UT_HilbertCurve2D ( int  level = 0)

Member Function Documentation

bool UT_HilbertCurve2D::advancePointAlongCurve ( int xp,
int yp 
) const

Advance the from the point at the given coordinates, to the next point along the curve and return those new coordinates. If the point is already at the end of the curve, this call returns false and the coordinates are left untouched.

int UT_HilbertCurve2D::getDistanceFromPoint ( int  xp,
int  yp 
) const

Retrieve the distance along the curve given coordinates of a point on the curve. If the coordinates are outside of the curve's bounding square, as defined by its level, the distance returned is -1.

int UT_HilbertCurve2D::getLength ( void  ) const

Definition at line 40 of file UT_HilbertSequence.h.

int UT_HilbertCurve2D::getLevel ( ) const

Definition at line 38 of file UT_HilbertSequence.h.

bool UT_HilbertCurve2D::getPointFromDistance ( int  d,
int xp,
int yp 
) const
int UT_HilbertCurve2D::getSize ( ) const

Definition at line 39 of file UT_HilbertSequence.h.

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