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VOP_AutoHDACodeCompiler Class Reference

#include <VOP_HDACodeCompiler.h>

Public Member Functions

 VOP_AutoHDACodeCompiler (const OP_Node *srcnode, bool for_network_hda, const char *shader_name=nullptr)
 ~VOP_AutoHDACodeCompiler ()
VOP_HDACodeCompilergetCC () const
 Obtain the underlying code compiler. More...

Detailed Description

A convenience class that automatically chooses a suitable compiler object given the node type and the kind of HDA (network-based or code-only).

Definition at line 400 of file VOP_HDACodeCompiler.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

VOP_AutoHDACodeCompiler::VOP_AutoHDACodeCompiler ( const OP_Node srcnode,
bool  for_network_hda,
const char *  shader_name = nullptr 

Constructor that initializes the object to use an instance of an HDA code compiler object that is suitable for compiling vfl/vex code. srcnode The HDA node whose network is going to be compiled into the vex code. for_network_hda If true, the compiler will be able to compileVexCodeToSections(), ie it is suitable for network-based HDAs with additional cached code sections. Otherwise, it will be able to compileNewOperatorType(), ie it is suitable for code-based HDAs (with no network).

VOP_AutoHDACodeCompiler::~VOP_AutoHDACodeCompiler ( )

Member Function Documentation

VOP_HDACodeCompiler* VOP_AutoHDACodeCompiler::getCC ( ) const

Obtain the underlying code compiler.

Definition at line 418 of file VOP_HDACodeCompiler.h.

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