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VOP_ParameterBase Class Reference

#include <VOP_ParameterBase.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for VOP_ParameterBase:

Protected Member Functions

 VOP_ParameterBase (OP_Network *parent, const char *name, OP_Operator *entry)
virtual ~VOP_ParameterBase ()
virtual bool generateErrorsSubclass ()
virtual void handleParmNameChange (const UT_StringRef &oldparmname, const UT_StringRef &newparmname)
void CONDITIONALSTR (PRM_ConditionalType type, UT_String &str)
bool hasNameConflicts ()
void addSharedPragmas (std::ostream &os)
void addSharedParamBlockItems (std::ostream &buf)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from VOP_ParmGenerator
 VOP_ParmGenerator (OP_Network *parent, const char *name, OP_Operator *entry)
virtual ~VOP_ParmGenerator ()
VOP_ParmGeneratorfindParmDefinerInTable (const UT_StringRef &parm_name, const VOP_ParmGeneratorMap *table) const
const VOP_ParmGeneratorMapgetShaderParmTable () const
const VOP_ParmGeneratorMapgetSubnetParmTable () const
void recalculateShaderParmDefiner (bool sendchangeevents)
void recalculateSubnetParmDefiner (bool sendchangeevents)
const VOP_ParmGeneratorgetSubnetConnectorParmDefiner (bool search) const
virtual void getDescriptiveName (UT_String &name) const
virtual void postOpChanged (OP_EventType reason, void *data)
virtual void getInputNameSubclass (UT_String &in, int idx) const
virtual int getInputFromNameSubclass (const UT_String &in) const
virtual void getOutputNameSubclass (UT_String &out, int idx) const
virtual void getOutputTypeInfoSubclass (VOP_TypeInfo &type_info, int idx)
virtual void getOutputVariableName (UT_String &var, int idx) const
void getTmpParmCodeName (UT_String &name) const
bool usesTempOutputVar () const
bool getParameterDeclarationHelper (UT_String &parmdecl, const VOP_Language *language, const VOP_CodeGenContext &context)
 Factored out helper that gets the parameter declaration. More...
virtual void getParmDeclarationCode (UT_String &parm_decl, const VOP_CodeGenContext &codegen_ctx, const VOP_Language *language=NULL, bool export_parms=false)
virtual bool USEASPARMDEFINER () const =0
virtual bool USEOWNEXPORTCONTEXT () const
virtual int UNIFORM () const =0
virtual int USEBOUND () const
virtual int EXPORTPARM () const
virtual void EXPORTSHADERCONTEXTS (UT_StringArray &context_names) const
virtual void MENUCHOICES (UT_String &str) const
virtual void MENUSCRIPT (UT_String &str) const
virtual CH_ScriptLanguage MENUSCRIPTLANGUAGE () const
virtual bool needsInput (void)=0
virtual void getUnboundCode (UT_String &codestr, const VOP_CodeGenContext &context)
virtual bool getParmCanAffectParmName (int pidx) const =0
virtual void getNodeSpecificInfoText (OP_Context &context, OP_NodeInfoParms &iparms)
virtual void fillInfoTreeNodeSpecific (UT_InfoTree &tree, const OP_NodeInfoTreeParms &parms)
int useBound () const
bool shouldHaveCorrespondingConnector () const
int exportParm (bool check_connected=true) const
void exportShaderContexts (UT_StringArray &context_names) const
int getParmTypeIndex ()
void getParmTypeName (UT_String &type_name)
void getMenuOption (UT_String &menu_option)
void menuChoices (UT_String &str)
VOP_Type getUniformType (int pidx, bool conditioned=true, const VOP_Language *language=0)
void copyParameterValue (const VOP_ParmGenerator *src, const char *name, bool just_value=true)
virtual void preDelete ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from VOP_Node
 VOP_Node (OP_Network *parent, const char *name, OP_Operator *entry)
virtual ~VOP_Node ()
virtual void deleteCookedData ()
virtual int saveCookedData (std::ostream &, OP_Context &, int binary=0)
virtual int saveCookedData (const char *, OP_Context &)
virtual const char * getFileExtension (int) const
virtual OP_ERROR cookMe (OP_Context &)
virtual OP_ERROR bypassMe (OP_Context &, int &)
virtual void preOpChanged (OP_EventType, void *)
virtual VOP_ContextType getSpecificShaderContextType () const
virtual VOP_Type getOutputTypeSubclass (int idx)
virtual VOP_VariableTagsHandle getOutputVariableTagsSubclass (int idx, VOP_Type shader_type)
void dirtyCachedOutputData ()
 Clears the cached info (name and type) about output connectors. More...
int findInputFromInputName (const UT_String &in) const
virtual void getInputTypeInfoSubclass (VOP_TypeInfo &type_info, int idx)
virtual VOP_Type getInputTypeSubclass (int idx)
virtual bool getIsInputVisibleDefaultSubclass (int idx)
virtual bool getRequiresInputParameters () const
bool disableConnectedParameters ()
 Disables parameters whose corresponding inputs are connected. More...
void addError (VOP_ErrorCodes code, const char *msg=0, const UT_SourceLocation *loc=0)
void addMessage (VOP_ErrorCodes code, const char *msg=0, const UT_SourceLocation *loc=0)
void addWarning (VOP_ErrorCodes code, const char *msg=0, const UT_SourceLocation *loc=0)
void addFatal (VOP_ErrorCodes code, const char *msg=0, const UT_SourceLocation *loc=0)
virtual void addDiagnosticInfo (const VCC_DiagnosticInfo &diag)
virtual void getAdditionalUndoNodes (const OP_NodeList &orig_list, OP_NodeList &nodes_for_input_undo)
virtual OP_ERROR saveIntrinsic (std::ostream &os, const OP_SaveFlags &flags)
 Save and load VOP version numbers. More...
virtual bool loadPacket (UT_IStream &is, short class_id, short sig, const char *path=0)
virtual bool loadPacket (UT_IStream &is, const char *token, const char *path=0)
virtual int getLatestVopVersion () const
void getInputsRecursiveHelper (OP_NodeList &nodes_out, UT_Array< int > &array)
bool doesDependOnlyOnHelper (const VOP_Node *other_node, int max_connections, bool recurse, UT_Array< int > &array)
virtual void onInputAllocated (OP_Input *new_input, int index)
 Overriden in VOPs. More...
virtual void finishedLoadingNetwork (bool is_child_call=false)
virtual void ensureErrorsAreUpdatedSubclass ()
virtual bool shouldCheckTimeDependence () const
bool allowedToChangeParms ()
void findSafeConnectorNameBase (UT_String &in, bool check_outputs) const
virtual void getTentativeInputName (UT_String &in, int idx) const
virtual void getTentativeOutputName (UT_String &out, int idx) const
void setVisibleConnectorsDirty ()
bool getPropertyFromNode (const UT_StringRef &name, fpreal now, OP_Node *&op, PRM_Parm *&parm, bool add_missing_mparms, PRM_ParmList *obsolet)
bool getPropertyFromNode (const UT_StringRef &chname, fpreal now, OP_Node *&op, PRM_Parm *&parm, int &vec_index, PRM_ParmList *obsolete)
bool getPropertyFromCodeGen (const UT_StringRef &name, fpreal now, OP_Node *&op, PRM_Parm *&parm, bool add_missing_mparms, PRM_ParmList *obsolet)
bool getPropertyFromCodeGen (const UT_StringRef &chname, fpreal now, OP_Node *&op, PRM_Parm *&parm, int &vec_index, PRM_ParmList *obsolete)
bool getPropertyFromInputs (const UT_StringRef &name, fpreal now, OP_Node *&op, PRM_Parm *&parm, bool add_missing_mparms, PRM_ParmList *obsolet)
bool getPropertyFromInputs (const UT_StringRef &chname, fpreal now, OP_Node *&op, PRM_Parm *&parm, int &vec_index, PRM_ParmList *obsolete)
virtual void getAllowedInputTypeInfosSubclass (unsigned idx, VOP_VopTypeInfoArray &infos)
virtual void getAllowedInputTypesSubclass (unsigned idx, VOP_VopTypeArray &voptypes)
virtual void representAsCoShader (UT_ValArray< VOP_Node * > &coshader)
virtual void representAsCoShaderOutputName (UT_StringArray &name, int output_index)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from OP_Network
 OP_Network (OP_Network *parent, const char *name, OP_Operator *op)
virtual ~OP_Network ()
virtual void clearAndDestroy (void)
void clearAndDestroyNodes (void)
virtual int propagateModification (OP_Node *by_whom, OP_EventType reason, int parm_index, OP_PropagateData &prop_data)
virtual void buildOpDependencies ()
virtual void notifyRenameDependents (const UT_String &full_from, OP_NodeList &cook_nodes)
virtual void notifyRenameReferences (const UT_String &full_from, OP_NodeList &cook_nodes)
virtual void rebuildOpDependents (bool proxy_only)
virtual void cloneFromProxyRefNode (OP_Network *proxy)
virtual OP_NetworkcloneToProxyRefNode ()
virtual int hasProxyRefNodes () const
void removeProxyRefNode (OP_Network *proxy)
virtual void moveProxyRefNodes (OP_Network *dest)
virtual void moveDependencies (OP_Node *from_node)
virtual void beginLoadingInNetwork ()
 Called upon entering and exiting loadNetwork() method. More...
virtual void endLoadingInNetwork ()
virtual void finishedLoadingChildOrder ()
virtual bool syncContents (UT_IStream &is)
virtual void addNode (OP_Node *node, int notify=1, int explicitly=1)
OP_NodefindConnectedNode (OP_Node *op) const
OP_NodegetPreferredDisplayNodePtr (OP_Node *skipthisnode) const
void resetDisplayNodePtr (OP_Node *skipthisnode=0)
OP_NodegetPreferredRenderNodePtr (OP_Node *skipthisnode) const
void resetRenderNodePtr (OP_Node *skipthisnode=0)
OP_NodegetPreferredAudioNodePtr (OP_Node *skipthisnode) const
void resetAudioNodePtr (OP_Node *skipthisnode=0)
virtual CHOP_Node ** getAudioNodeRef ()
void validateStatusNodePtrs (const OP_NodeList &skipnodes)
virtual void updateExtraFlagPtrs ()
virtual void nodeUnlocked ()
virtual bool canDestroyNode ()
 Return true if it is safe at this time to destroy this node. More...
virtual void destroySingleNode (OP_Node *node)
void modifyAllChildNodeNames (bool renamepickableobjects, const char *prefix, int &id, std::set< int > *renaming_exclude_ids=NULL)
virtual void traverseScope (const char *pattern, OP_ScopeOp scope_op, const OP_ScopeOptions &scope_opts)
virtual bool getAllowSavingChild (OP_Node *node, const OP_SaveFlags &flags)
 Returns true if the child at node can should be saved, false otherwise. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from OP_Node
 OP_Node (OP_Network *parent, const char *name, OP_Operator *entry)
virtual ~OP_Node ()
virtual void doGetFullPath (UT_WorkBuffer &str) const
 Implement the method from PRM_ParmOwner. More...
virtual void buildLocalVarNames (UT_StringArray &out_vars)
virtual UT_StringHolder evaluateDisableExpression (const PRM_Parm &prm, const UT_StringRef &function) const
void finishedLoadingParentNetwork (void)
void setNewParent (OP_Network *new_parent)
void setLegacyConnectingInputIndex (int index)
virtual void clearCache ()
void clearInterruptedImpl (bool allow_recook)
virtual void doOverridePreCook ()
virtual void doOverridePostCook ()
int getSourceCount (void) const
virtual int bumpSourceCount (int d)
virtual OP_ERROR cookInputGroups (OP_Context &context, int alone=0)
OP_ERROR saveUserDataPacket (std::ostream &os, const char *path_prefix, const UT_String &node_name)
bool loadIntrinsicParentUneditable (UT_IStream &is, const char *path=0)
bool loadIntrinsic (UT_IStream &is, const char *path=0)
bool loadParentUneditable (UT_IStream &is, const char *ext="", const char *path=0)
virtual void loadStart ()
virtual void loadFinished ()
void loadContentsSection ()
void setMatchesOTLDefinition (int matches)
 Sets the flag idicating if the node is synced (matched) to the HDA. More...
virtual const char * getDataFileExtension (int binary) const
virtual void checkTimeDependencies (int do_parms=1, int do_inputs=1, int do_extras=1)
virtual void checkContextOptionDependencies (int do_parms)
void sendEvent (OP_EventType type, void *data=0)
int haveSeenDataModification (exint modification_id)
OP_CachegetCookCache ()
virtual void saveFlagsForUndo ()
void saveForUndoLayout ()
void clearDependency ()
 Clears all cook dependencies (i.e., items that may cause it to cook) More...
bool dirtyForTimeChange (fpreal t)
void stealDependents (OP_Node *other)
bool hasOpDependents ()
void clearOpReferences ()
virtual int removeOpDependent (int op_id, const PRM_RefId &ref_id, OP_InterestType mask=OP_INTEREST_ALL)
 removeOpDependent() returns the number of dependents removed More...
virtual int removeOpDependent (int op_id, OP_InterestType mask=OP_INTEREST_ALL)
virtual void checkChannelDependencies (CH_Channel *ch, CH_CHANGE_TYPE reason)
void notifyOpDependents (OP_InterestType interest, bool recurse)
void notifyRenameDependents (const UT_String &full_from)
void notifyRenameReferences (const UT_String &full_from)
virtual void handleOpDependency (int referenced_op_id, const OP_Dependency &op_dep, OP_InterestType interest_type, bool &need_cook, const char *old_fullpath, const char *old_cwd, const char *old_chan_name)
virtual void buildParmDependency (int parm_index)
void addOpNameReference (const PRM_RefId &ref_id, const UT_String &op_path, OP_InterestType type)
void addChannelNameReference (const PRM_RefId &ref_id, const UT_StringRef &op_path, const UT_StringRef &chan_name, OP_InterestType type)
OP_NodegetNodeOrCreateProxy (const UT_StringRef &op_path)
void addOpReference (const PRM_RefId &ref_id, OP_Node *node, const PRM_RefId &source_ref_id, OP_InterestType type)
bool changeOpPathRef (UT_String &value_str, const char *new_fullpath, const char *old_fullpath, const char *old_cwd, const char *new_cwd)
void handleStringParmOpPathDependency (int parm_index, int vi, const char *new_fullpath, const char *old_fullpath, const char *old_cwd)
void notifyNodeDeletion ()
virtual void nodeDeleted (OP_Node *op, int propagate=1)
void startCookTimer (const OP_Context &context)
void stopCookTimer (const OP_Context &context)
virtual const char * getCookTimerLabel (const OP_Context &context) const
virtual void permissionError (const char *chname=0)
void addInputError (unsigned input_idx)
void addInputNodeError (OP_Node *src)
virtual bool isInputConnectedInsideSubnet (int input_idx) const
virtual bool isNamedInputConnectedInsideSubnet (const OP_ConnectorId &input_name) const
virtual void setUniqueId (int id)
void changeOpDependentUniqueId (int old_id, int new_id)
void changeOpReferenceUniqueId (int old_id, int new_id)
virtual void clearUniqueId ()
void setAllowBuildDependencies (int yesno)
int allowBuildDependencies () const
void evaluateAllParms (fpreal t)
virtual void getMyExternalReferences (UT_StringArray &reflist, UT_StringArray *nodelist=0, bool collapse=false, bool check_missing=false, bool show_missing_only=false)
void getExternalFiles (UT_StringArray &files, const char *stringparm, int framestart, int frameend, bool collapse, bool check_missing, bool show_only_missing, UT_KnownPath path)
virtual void getDescriptiveParmName (UT_String &str) const
void dirtyDescriptiveNameCache ()
 Marks our cached descriptive name as dirty. More...
virtual bool cookedDataUsesAllParameters () const
virtual bool cookedDataNeedsErrors () const
virtual bool cookDataForAnyOutput () const
bool getIsRunningInCreateScript () const
virtual void refreshRepresentativeNode (OP_Node &changed_child)
virtual void setupConnectorsAfterLoad ()
void convertOpdefToAbsolutePath (UT_String &str) const
bool isCookedTime (fpreal t) const
virtual void dumpMicroNodes (std::ostream &os, bool as_DOT, int indent_level) const
void deleteInput (int idx)
void deleteInput (const OP_ConnectorId &input_name)
virtual void doDeleteInput (int idx)
 Performs actual removal from the member input array. More...
void updateErrorSeverity ()
 Update the error severity of this node. More...
void checkConnectorsConsistency (void)
 Debug method for checking connector consistency. More...
void gatherInputs (UT_Array< OP_InputPair > &input_pairs)
void gatherOutputs (UT_Array< OP_OutputPair > &output_pairs)
void renameInput (OP_Input *input, int new_id)
void renameOutput (OP_Output *output, int new_id)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from OP_Parameters
bool updateParmDisableConditional (PRM_Parm &parm, bool force, const UT_StringArray *skip=0)
bool updateParmHideConditional (PRM_Parm &parm, const UT_StringArray *skip=0)
virtual unsigned disableParms ()
virtual bool updateParmsFlags ()
void saveMultiParmForUndo (int index)
void stealGlobalErrors ()
void stealErrors (OP_Parameters &src)
< UT_ErrorManager, OP_Lock
getLockedErrorManager ()
SYS_FORCE_INLINE bool checkExpressionError (const PRM_Parm *parm, int thread) const
void resetParmEventHandler ()
intallocIndirect (int size=64)
 OP_Parameters (const char *name, OP_Operator *entry)
 OP_Parameters (const OP_Parameters &source, const char *name)
virtual ~OP_Parameters ()
void initializeParms (OP_Channels *channels)
virtual int rename (const char *newname)
virtual bool createSpareParameterFromChannel (const char *chname)
virtual bool createSpareParametersFromChannels (UT_BitArray &selection, const CH_ChannelList &channels)
CH_LocalVariablegetVariable (int i) const
CH_LocalVariablegetVariable (const char *name) const
OP_ERROR saveChannels (std::ostream &os, int binary, bool compiled, int selected)
OP_ERROR saveParmChannels (int parm_index, std::ostream &os, int binary, bool compiled)
OP_ERROR saveParameters (std::ostream &os, int binary, bool compiled)
OP_ERROR saveChannelAliases (std::ostream &os, int binary)
bool loadChannels (UT_IStream &is, const char *path, CH_Collection *obsolete_channels)
bool loadParameters (UT_IStream &is, const char *path, PRM_ParmList *obsolete_parms)
bool loadChannelAliases (UT_IStream &is, const char *path=0)
bool loadOldSpareParms (UT_IStream &is)
virtual void ensureSpareParmsAreUpdatedSubclass ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from PRM_ParmOwner
 PRM_ParmOwner ()
virtual ~PRM_ParmOwner ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from UT_NonCopyableNS::UT_NonCopyable
 UT_NonCopyable ()=default
 ~UT_NonCopyable ()=default
 UT_NonCopyable (const UT_NonCopyable &)=delete
UT_NonCopyableoperator= (const UT_NonCopyable &)=delete

Static Protected Member Functions

static void changeConditionalFields (OP_Node *node, const UT_StringRef &oldparmname, const UT_StringRef &newparmname)
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from VOP_Node
static void rewireInputs (OP_Network *parent, OP_NodeList &inputs, int srcidx, int dstidx)
 This function is used to rewire nodes when we do a moveInput. More...
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from OP_Node
static void bumpNameSerialIndex ()
static void cmd_locate (CMD_Args &)
static void saveForUndoDelete (OP_NodeList &nodes)
static bool getStringParmOpPath (PRM_Parm &parm, int vi, UT_String &oppath, int thread)
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from OP_Parameters
static bool isReservedOpName (const char *name)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from VOP_Node
using InputVariableOverride = UT_Pair< VOP_Node *, int >
using VexBuildFn1 = void(*)(VOP_Node *, UT_String &, fpreal, OP_Node *, UT_Map< int, bool > *)
using VexBuildFn2 = void(*)(VOP_Node *, UT_String &, fpreal, DEP_MicroNode *, UT_Map< int, bool > *)
- Public Types inherited from OP_Node
enum  TransformMode {
- Public Member Functions inherited from VOP_ParmGenerator
virtual void getCode (UT_String &codestr, const VOP_CodeGenContext &context)
 Get the code fragment to be included in the shader code. More...
virtual unsigned getNumVisibleInputs () const
virtual bool forceCodeGenerationOfInputs (const VOP_CodeGenContext &ctx, bool check_shader_context) const
virtual const char * outputLabel (unsigned idx) const
virtual bool areOutputVariablesFixed (const VOP_CodeGenContext &context)
virtual void getFixedOutputVariable (UT_String &var, int idx)
virtual bool getIsParmGenerator () const
 Returns true if this VOP is a VOP_ParmGenerator or subclass. More...
virtual const VOP_ParmGeneratorcastToParmGenerator () const
virtual VOP_ParmGeneratorcastToParmGenerator ()
virtual void initializeNode ()
virtual VOP_NodegetRealDefinition ()
virtual void opChanged (OP_EventType reason, void *data=0)
bool isShaderParm () const
 Returns true if parm node is used for shader argument. More...
bool isClassMemberParm () const
void getParmAccess (UT_String &access)
 Gets the access level (public, private, etc) for this variable. More...
bool isInsideShaderOfType (VOP_Type shader_type)
 Checks if this node is inside a shader of the given type. More...
virtual bool isSubnetInput () const
 Returns true if this node represents a subnet input. More...
virtual VOP_TypeInfo getSubnetInputTypeInfo ()
 Returns the type of a subnet input represented by this node. More...
virtual void getContextsForCodeGeneration (UT_StringArray &context_names) const
void recalculateParmDefiner (bool sendchangeevents)
void cacheParmName ()
const UT_StringHoldergetParmNameCache () const
void getParmCodeName (UT_String &name) const
 Get the variable name for this parameter, as it is used in code. More...
void parmLabel (UT_String &str)
 Returns parm label. More...
bool isExportParm () const
 Returns true if it's an exported parameter. More...
VOP_ParmGeneratorgetParmDefiner () const
 Returns the real parameter definer for this node. More...
VOP_ParmGeneratorgetParmDefiner (const char *parm_name, bool for_shader) const
void getParmChannels (UT_StringArray &channels)
virtual unsigned nInputs () const
virtual void PARMSCOPE (UT_String &str) const
virtual void setPARMSCOPE (const char *str)
virtual void PARMACCESS (UT_String &str) const
virtual void PARMNAME (UT_String &str) const =0
virtual void setPARMNAME (const UT_String &str)
virtual void PARMPREFIX (UT_String &str) const
virtual void PARMPOSTFIX (UT_String &str) const
virtual void PARMLABEL (UT_String &str) const =0
virtual int PARMTYPEINDEX () const =0
virtual void setPARMTYPEINDEX (int type)
virtual void PARMTYPENAME (UT_String &type_name) const
virtual void setPARMSTORAGE (int type)
virtual void PARMMENUOPTION (UT_String &str) const
virtual void setPARMMENUOPTION (const UT_String &menu_option)
void setParmType (VOP_Type type)
virtual bool isParmVisible () const =0
virtual void copySettingsFrom (VOP_ParmGenerator *pvop)
 Copy settings from a source parameter generator. More...
virtual void copyDefaultValuesFrom (const PI_EditScriptedParm *parm)
VOP_Type getParameterType (const VOP_Language *l=NULL)
 Get the type of the parameter (possibly filtered for a given language) More...
VOP_TypeInfo getParameterTypeInfo (const VOP_Language *l=NULL)
const char * getParameterDefaultValueParmName ()
 Get the name of the parameter that holds the current default value. More...
virtual bool evalIntegerValue (int &value)
VOP_ExportedParmsManagerownerExportedParmsManager () const
bool canForceExportInContext (const VOP_CodeGenContext &ctx) const
bool shouldForceExportInContext (const VOP_CodeGenContext &ctx) const
bool shouldCheckSecondaryDefinerInput (const VOP_CodeGenContext &ctx) const
bool isSubnetParameterDefiner (VOP_Node *subnet=nullptr) const
 Obtains the scope for this parameter. More...
bool isSubnetInputOrOutputDefiner (VOP_Node *subnet=nullptr) const
 Obtains the scope for this parameter. More...
bool isSubnetInputDefiner (VOP_Node *subnet=nullptr, bool allow_search=false) const
 Obtains the scope for this parameter. More...
bool isSubnetOutputDefiner (VOP_Node *subnet=nullptr, bool allow_search=false) const
 Obtains the scope for this parameter. More...
bool isSubnetInputParm () const
 Obtains the scope for this parameter. More...
bool isSubnetOutputParm () const
 Obtains the scope for this parameter. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from VOP_Node
virtual const char * getChildType () const
virtual const char * getOpType () const
virtual OP_OpTypeId getChildTypeID () const
virtual OP_OpTypeId getOpTypeID () const
virtual OP_DataType getCookedDataType () const
 Nobody should have to override this, but it's public for other people. More...
virtual void referencedParmChanged (int pi)
virtual void getParameterBlock (UT_String &parmstr, const char *shader_contexts)
virtual void getParameterDeclaration (UT_String &parmdecl, const VOP_Language *language, const VOP_CodeGenContext &context)
 The parameter variable declaration using the syntax of a given language. More...
virtual void getParameterComment (UT_String &parm_comment, const VOP_Language *language, const VOP_CodeGenContext &context)
virtual bool definesShaderExtraParameters () const
virtual int getShaderExtraParameters (UT_Array< VOP_Type > &types, UT_IntArray &doexport, UT_StringArray &names, UT_StringArray &def, VOP_Type shader_type=VOP_TYPE_UNDEF) const
virtual void getPragmas (UT_String &pragmastr, const VOP_CodeGenContext &context)
 Get compiler pragmas for thi snode. More...
virtual void getModulesToImport (UT_StringArray &modules, const VOP_CodeGenContext &context)
 If the node generates a shader call, get the modules names to import. More...
virtual void getOuterCode (UT_String &codestr, const VOP_CodeGenContext &context)
virtual bool getParmConstantString (const char *parmname, const VOP_TypeInfo &type_info, UT_String &str, bool expand_string, const VOP_Language *l=0)
 Get the constant code that encodes the value of the node parameter. More...
bool getParmPrintableString (const char *parmname, VOP_Type type, UT_String &str, bool expand_string) const
virtual bool addOrMoveVisualizerToOutput (int outputidx)
 Moves a visualizer into our output list. More...
void createAutoCodeGenerator ()
void createAutoShaderChildren ()
bool isInitialized () const
virtual void ensureParametersAreValid ()
virtual void getOutputName (UT_String &out, int idx) const
void getOutputName (UT_StringHolder &out, int idx) const
virtual int getOutputFromName (const UT_String &out) const
VOP_Type getOutputType (int idx)
void getOutputTypeInfo (VOP_TypeInfo &type_info, int idx) const
VOP_Type getNamedOutputType (const OP_ConnectorId &output_name)
void getNamedOutputTypeInfo (VOP_TypeInfo &type_info, const OP_ConnectorId &output_name)
VOP_VariableTagsHandle getOutputVariableTags (int idx, VOP_Type shader_type) const
VOP_VariableTagsHandle getNamedOutputVariableTags (const OP_ConnectorId &output_name, VOP_Type shader_type) const
VOP_VariableTagsHandle getVariableTagsFromInputNode (int idx, VOP_Type shader_type) const
 Returns variable tags provided by an input node on the given input idx. More...
virtual void getInputName (UT_String &in, int idx) const
void getInputName (UT_StringHolder &in, int idx) const
virtual int getInputFromName (const UT_String &in) const
VOP_Type getInputType (int idx) const
void getInputTypeInfo (VOP_TypeInfo &type_info, int idx) const
VOP_Type getNamedInputType (const OP_ConnectorId &input_name)
void getNamedInputTypeInfo (VOP_TypeInfo &type_info, const OP_ConnectorId &input_name)
virtual bool getIsInputVisibleDefault (int idx)
virtual void getAllowedInputTypeInfos (unsigned idx, VOP_VopTypeInfoArray &typeinfos)
virtual void getAllowedInputTypes (unsigned idx, VOP_VopTypeArray &voptypes)
void getAllAllowedInputTypeInfos (unsigned idx, VOP_VopTypeInfoArray &typeinfos)
virtual int getSignatureCount () const
virtual void getSignatureName (UT_String &name, int index) const
virtual void setCurrentSignature (const char *name)
virtual bool getCurrentSignatureName (UT_String &name)
 Obtains the current signature name. More...
void setInputVariableOverride (int input_index, const InputVariableOverride &var_override)
InputVariableOverride getInputVariableOverride (int input_index) const
virtual bool areOutputVariablesFixed (VOP_ContextType context_type)
virtual void getExtraTypesToDefine (UT_Array< VOP_TypeInfo > &types)
virtual bool shouldCheckInputContextForMergeInputNodeList () const
void mergeInputNodeList (VOP_NodeList &nodes, TMergeNodeInfos &merge_infos, const VOP_CodeGenContext *context=nullptr)
void mergeInputNodeListInternal (VOP_NodeList &nodes, TMergeNodeInfos &merge_infos, VOP_NodeList &extraterminals, const VOP_CodeGenContext *context=nullptr)
bool forceCodeGenerationInContext (const VOP_CodeGenContext &context) const
bool isInputForShaderType (int input_idx, const VOP_CodeGenContext &context) const
bool isOutputForShaderType (int output_idx, const VOP_CodeGenContext &context) const
virtual bool canDefineShader () const
virtual bool isShader () const
virtual bool isShader (VOP_Type shader_type) const
virtual bool isCachedShader () const
bool isExternalShader () const
virtual bool isEncapsulatedShader () const
virtual VOP_NodegetProcedural (VOP_Type type)
 Material VOP may be able to return a procedural node. More...
virtual bool getCachedShaderCode (std::ostream &os, VOP_ContextType context_type) const
void getVopFunctionArgInfosFromInputsAndOutputs (UT_Array< VOP_FunctionArgInfo > &arg_infos, int first_input, int last_input, int first_output, int last_output, bool prefix_input_arg_and_var_names, bool prefix_input_var_names=false, const VOP_CodeGenContext *context=nullptr)
void getVopFunctionArgInfosFromNodeParameters (UT_Array< VOP_FunctionArgInfo > &arg_infos, const VOP_CodeGenContext *context=nullptr)
void getVopFunctionArgInfosFromNodeParameters (UT_Array< VOP_FunctionArgInfo > &arg_infos, VOP_Type shader_type)
void getVopFunctionArgInfosFromInputsOutputsAndParms (UT_Array< VOP_FunctionArgInfo > &arg_infos, int first_input, int last_input, int first_output, int last_output, bool prefix_input_arg_and_var_names, bool prefix_input_var_names=false, const VOP_CodeGenContext *context=nullptr)
void getVopFunctionArgInfosFromGlobals (UT_Array< VOP_FunctionArgInfo > &arg_infos, VOP_Type shader_type)
virtual void getVopFunctionArgInfosFromExports (UT_Array< VOP_FunctionArgInfo > &arg_infos, VOP_Type shader_type)
 Helper method to obtain all known export parameters from a shader node. More...
virtual void registerExtraVarRequests (VOP_ExtraVarRequests &extra_var_requests, const VOP_CodeGenContext &context)
void pruneVopFunctionArgInfos (UT_Array< VOP_FunctionArgInfo > &arg_infos, bool keep_all_export_args=false)
bool isParmAtDefaultValue (const char *parm, const PRM_Template *tplate=nullptr) const
void outputVopFunctionVariableDeclarations (UT_WorkBuffer &buffer, const UT_Array< VOP_FunctionArgInfo > &arg_infos, bool use_defined_input_defaults)
virtual bool shouldOutputNodeVariableDeclarations () const
const VOP_GlobalVarMapgetGlobalVariables () const
const VOP_ParmGeneratorMapgetLocalVariables () const
const VOP_LocalChannelMapgetLocalChannels () const
void setTables (const VOP_GlobalVarMap *globals, VOP_ParmGeneratorMap *locals, VOP_LocalChannelMap *channels)
void setTablesFromVop (VOP_Node *vop)
void addLocalVariable (const UT_StringRef &varname, VOP_ParmGenerator *definer)
void deleteLocalVariable (const UT_StringRef &varname)
void deleteLocalChannelDefiner (VOP_ParmGenerator *definer)
void getSortedGlobalVariableList (VOP_GlobalVarList &vars, VOP_ContextType type, bool mustBeReadable, bool mustBeWritable)
virtual VOP_ParmGeneratorMapgetSubnetVariables ()
VOP_ParmGeneratorMapgetParentSubnetVariables () const
void addParentSubnetVariable (const char *varname, VOP_ParmGenerator *definer)
void deleteParentSubnetVariable (const char *varname)
virtual bool shouldPrefixInputVariablesInsideSubnet () const
 Returns true if input variables should be prefixed inside the subnet. More...
virtual bool usesSubnetConnectorsAsShaderParms () const
virtual bool showsShaderParmsAsSubnetConnectors () const
virtual void shaderParmGrandChildAdded (VOP_Node *grand_child)
virtual void shaderParmGrandChildChanged (VOP_Node *grand_child)
virtual void shaderParmGrandChildDeleted (VOP_Node *grand_child)
virtual int setFlag (char flag, int onoff)
int setInOutLOD (int level, int inoff)
int getInOutLOD (int level) const
virtual OP_ERROR setInput (unsigned idx, OP_Node *op, unsigned outputIdx=0)
virtual OP_ERROR setInputReference (unsigned idx, const char *label, int keeppos, unsigned outputIdx=0)
 Connects an input to particular node by name in the network. More...
virtual OP_ERROR setNamedInput (const OP_ConnectorId &input_name, OP_Node *op, const OP_ConnectorId *output_name=NULL)
 New input functions that use names instead of indices. More...
virtual OP_ERROR setNamedInputReference (const OP_ConnectorId &input_name, const char *label, int, const OP_ConnectorId *output_name=NULL)
virtual void moveInput (int srcidx, int dstidx, bool forcesubnet=false)
virtual bool isConnected (int inputidx, bool recursive)
getOutputNameEditorSource ()
 Returns a pointer used by OPUI_OutputNameEditor to get and set data. More...
virtual void dirtyShaderList ()
 Some material vops cache a list of shader that needs to be dirtied. More...
virtual VOP_NodegetSubnetOutputNode () const
bool isInNonShaderSubNetwork () const
 Returns true if this node is immediatly inside a non-shader subnet. More...
virtual VOP_NodegetPreResolveVariableSrc () const
virtual bool shouldPreResolveOutput (int output_index) const
virtual bool isOutputVopNode () const
virtual bool isAutoConvertNode () const
 Retruns true if the node is an internal auto-convert node. More...
VOP_NodeinsertParmGenerator (int inputidx, InputParmGenType type)
VOP_NodeinsertNode (int inputidx, const char *nodetype, bool connect_to_input, const char *undo_string=NULL)
int inputParmTypeIndex (int inputidx, const PRM_Parm *parm) const
const char * inputParmTypeString (int inputidx, const PRM_Parm *parm) const
virtual VOP_ParmGeneratorgetInsertParmGeneratorSource (int inputidx)
void insertParmGeneratorsForAllInputs (InputParmGenType type, UT_SymbolMap< VOP_Node * > *created_vops=NULL)
void insertBindExportsForAllOutputs (bool subnet)
VOP_NodeinsertBindExport (int outputidx, bool subnet)
void rewireOutputConnections (const UT_StringArray &old_names, const UT_StringArray &new_names)
virtual void getParmNameFromInput (UT_String &parmname, int inputidx) const
virtual void getParmNameFromOutput (UT_String &parmname, int outputidx) const
const PRM_ParmgetParmFromInput (int inputidx) const
 Find the parameter associated with an input, if any. More...
const PRM_ParmgetParmFromOutput (int outputidx) const
bool outputDefaultParmDefinition (std::ostream &os, int idx)
void saveNodeInputAndOutputDefinitions (std::ostream &os)
 Writes out the input and output connector definitions. More...
virtual void saveDialogScriptExtraInfo (std::ostream &os)
bool saveParmValues (std::ostream &os)
 Saves the parameter values to the output stream. More...
bool loadParmValues (UT_IStream &is)
 Loads the parameter values to the output stream. More...
const VOP_LanguagegetLanguage () const
virtual fpreal getW () const
 Absolute width. More...
virtual fpreal getH () const
 Absolute height. More...
virtual void clearInterrupted ()
virtual bool willAutoconvertInputType (int input_idx)
 Returns true if the input will be auto-converetd, false otherwise. More...
VOP_TypeInfo getAutoConvertTargetTypeInfo (int input_idx)
VOP_Type getAutoConvertTargetType (int input_idx)
VOP_TypeInfo getAutoConvertTypeInfoFromType (int input_idx, const VOP_TypeInfo &source_type)
VOP_Type getAutoConvertTypeFromType (int input_idx, VOP_Type source_type)
void addAutoConvertNodePointer (VOP_AutoConvert *ac_node, int input_index)
 Do not call this method directly. More...
void clearAutoConvertInfos (void)
VOP_AutoConvertgetAutoConvertNode (int input_idx)
const VOP_AutoConvertgetAutoConvertNode (int input_idx) const
int getNumAutoConvertNodes (void)
VOP_OutputInfoManagergetOutputInfoManager (void)
void appendOutputOverrideCode (UT_String &str_code)
bool needToExecute (void)
void onNodeChange (OP_EventType type)
 Do not call this method directly. More...
virtual OP_ERROR save (std::ostream &os, const OP_SaveFlags &flags, const char *path_prefix="", const UT_String &name_override=UT_String())
virtual bool load (UT_IStream &is, const char *ext="", const char *path=0)
virtual int getDebug () const
 Gets/sets the value of the debug flag on this node. More...
virtual int setDebug (int on_off)
int getMaterialFlag () const
 Gets/sets the value of the material flag on this node. More...
int setMaterialFlag (int on_off)
virtual void initMaterialFlag ()
void getSubOutputAndSubInputs (OP_Node *&outputnode, OP_NodeList &inputnodes) const
void hideInput (int input_index, bool hide)
void setReferenceTargetDefaults (int input_index, bool do_set)
bool getAllowEditingParmDefaults (int input_index)
VEX_ContextType getVexContextType () const
RSL_ContextType getRslContextType () const
OSL_ContextType getOslContextType () const
bool isSingleContextType () const
VOP_ContextType getShaderContextType () const
virtual void getFixedParameterMap (UT_StringArray &parmmap)
virtual void getShaderInputMap (UT_StringArray &inputmap)
bool isCVEXPathParm (const char *parm_name) const
 Utility function to check if a parm by a given name is a cvex shader. More...
virtual const PRM_TemplategetShaderParmTemplates ()
 Obtains the template array for shader parameters. More...
bool deleteIndependentInputNodes (int input_index)
void getInputsRecursive (OP_NodeList &nodes_out)
bool doesDependOnlyOn (const VOP_Node *other_node, int max_connections, bool recurse)
void getParmInputs (VOP_ParmGeneratorList &parm_vops)
VOP_NodefindSimpleInput (int index)
virtual VOP_NodefindSimpleInputFromOutput (int output_index)
virtual void findSimpleInputCandidatesFromOutput (int output_index, UT_IntArray &input_indices)
virtual void getInputDefaultValue (UT_String &def, int idx) const
 Gets a default value of an explicitly defined input (applies to subnets) More...
virtual int getNumNodeDefinedOutputs () const
virtual void getExtraNodesForCopyOrDelete (OP_NodeList &extras) const
virtual bool runCreateScript ()
void updateInputFlagsFromOperator (VOP_OperatorInfo *type_info, bool keep_visible)
virtual void onCreated (void)
 Overriden in VOPs. More...
void hideNamedInput (const OP_ConnectorId &connector_name, bool hide)
virtual void getAllowedNamedInputTypeInfos (const OP_ConnectorId &input_name, VOP_VopTypeInfoArray &typeinfos)
virtual void getAllowedNamedInputTypes (const OP_ConnectorId &input_name, VOP_VopTypeArray &voptypes)
VOP_TypeInfo getNamedAutoConvertTargetTypeInfo (const OP_ConnectorId &input_name)
VOP_Type getNamedAutoConvertTargetType (const OP_ConnectorId &input_name)
VOP_TypeInfo getNamedAutoConvertTypeInfoFromType (const OP_ConnectorId &input_name, const VOP_TypeInfo &source_type)
VOP_Type getNamedAutoConvertTypeFromType (const OP_ConnectorId &input_name, VOP_Type source_type)
virtual bool willAutoconvertNamedInputType (const OP_ConnectorId &input_name)
VOP_NodeinsertNamedNode (const OP_ConnectorId &input_name, const char *nodetype, bool connect_to_input, const char *undo_string=NULL)
virtual const OP_DataMicroNodedataMicroNodeConst () const
void stealGlobalErrorsForHelper ()
bool getInputTypeInfoFromInputNode (VOP_TypeInfo &type_info, int idx, bool grow_inputs_to_idx=false) const
void getInputNameFromInputNode (UT_String &in, int idx, bool check_output_names) const
int getInputVisibleIndex (int idx)
const vop_ConnectorArraygetVisibleInputConnectors ()
int getOutputVisibleIndex (int idx)
const vop_ConnectorArraygetVisibleOutputConnectors ()
void setInputGroupExpanded (const UT_StringHolder &group, bool expanded)
void setAllInputGroupsExpanded (bool expanded)
bool getInputGroupExpanded (const UT_StringHolder &group)
void getAllInputsGrouped (UT_StringArray &groups, UT_StringMap< UT_IntArray > &mapping)
void setThumbnail (TIL_Thumbnail *thumbnail)
TIL_ThumbnailgetThumbnail () const
 Returns a pointer to our thumbnail if we have one. More...
virtual void userDataChanged (const UT_StringHolder &key)
 Handle changes to our user data. This may require a redraw. More...
virtual VOP_CodeGeneratorgetVopCodeGenerator ()
virtual VOP_CodeGeneratorgetVopAutoCodeGenerator ()
virtual UT_IntArray getShaderLayerExportsInputsToCopy (int out_idx, VOP_Type shader_type)
virtual UT_StringHolder getShaderLayerExportsToAdd (int out_idx, VOP_Type shader_type)
virtual VOP_NodefindShader (VOP_Type shader_type, fpreal now)
virtual void findAllShaders (VOP_NodeList &shader_nodes, VOP_ShaderTypeList &shader_types)
virtual UT_StringHolder getShaderName (bool forvex, VOP_Type shader_type) const
 Returns the name, type, and render mask of the VOP shader. More...
virtual VOP_Type getShaderType () const
 Returns the name, type, and render mask of the VOP shader. More...
const char * getRenderMask () const
 Returns the name, type, and render mask of the VOP shader. More...
virtual bool evalVariableValue (UT_String &v, int index, int thread)
 For expanding compiler string used in auto code generator. More...
virtual bool evalVariableValue (fpreal &v, int i, int thr)
 For expanding compiler string used in auto code generator. More...
void getCoShaderNodes (UT_ValArray< VOP_Node * > &coshaders, const char *parm_name)
void getCoShaderNodesOutputNames (UT_StringArray &outputs, const char *parm_name)
virtual bool isVopMethod () const
 Returns true if the VOP represents a method inside a class. More...
virtual bool isVopMethodPublic () const
 Returns true if the VOP represents a method inside a class. More...
virtual void getVopFunctionName (UT_String &function_name) const
virtual void getVopFunctionReturnInfo (VOP_FunctionArgInfo &i) const
virtual void getVopFunctionArgInfos (UT_Array< VOP_FunctionArgInfo > &arg_infos)
UT_StringHolder getVopFunctionCallName (const VOP_CodeGenContext &ctx)
 Constructs a shader call, assuming this node represents a shader. More...
void getVopFunctionCallCode (UT_String &codestr, const VOP_CodeGenContext &ctx)
 Constructs a shader call, assuming this node represents a shader. More...
void getVopFunctionCallModules (UT_StringArray &modules, const VOP_CodeGenContext &ctx)
 Constructs a shader call, assuming this node represents a shader. More...
void appendVopFunctionArgument (UT_StringArray &arg_names, UT_StringArray &arg_vals, const VOP_FunctionArgInfo &arg_info)
 Constructs a shader call, assuming this node represents a shader. More...
virtual int getNumSubnetInputsForChildren () const
virtual int getSubnetInputIndexForChildren (int child_input) const
int getChildConnectorIndexFromParent (int parent_input) const
void setErrorsDirty ()
 Manipulate cook error dirty state. More...
void setErrorsClean (const OP_Context &context)
 Manipulate cook error dirty state. More...
bool areErrorsDirty (const OP_Context &context)
 Manipulate cook error dirty state. More...
virtual bool getParameterOrProperty (const UT_StringRef &name, fpreal now, OP_Node *&op, PRM_Parm *&parm, bool create_missing_multiparms, PRM_ParmList *obsolete=0)
virtual bool getParameterOrPropertyByChannel (const UT_StringRef &chname, fpreal now, OP_Node *&op, PRM_Parm *&parm, int &vector_index, PRM_ParmList *obsolete=0)
virtual int findParametersOrProperties (fpreal now, OP_PropertyLookupList &list)
virtual void buildVexScript (UT_String &result, fpreal t, OP_Node *parent, UT_Map< int, bool > *visited)
virtual void buildVexScript (UT_String &result, fpreal t, DEP_MicroNode *depnode, UT_Map< int, bool > *v)
- Public Member Functions inherited from OP_Network
virtual int getNchildren () const
virtual OP_NodegetChild (const char *name=0, int *hint=0) const
virtual OP_NodegetChild (int index) const
virtual int getChildIndex (const OP_Node *) const
virtual int isNetwork () const
virtual int getDandROpsEqual ()
virtual int updateDandROpsEqual (int check_inputs=1)
virtual void moveChildIndex (int srcindex, int dstindex)
int getTemplateOps (UT_ValArray< OP_Node * > &list)
int getOpsByName (const char *op_name, UT_ValArray< OP_Node * > &list)
OP_NodepeekCurrentNodePtr ()
OP_NodegetCurrentNodePtr ()
void stashCurrentNodePtr (const OP_Node *child)
OP_NodegetStashedCurrentNodePtr () const
virtual OP_NodegetDisplayNodePtr ()
virtual OP_NodegetRenderNodePtr ()
virtual CHOP_NodegetAudioNodePtr ()
virtual const UT_ValArray
< OP_Node * > & 
getOutputNodePtrs () const
virtual void childDeleted (OP_Node *)
virtual void childFlagChange (OP_Node *)
fpreal getChildrenScale () const
void setChildrenScale (fpreal scale)
virtual OP_OperatorFiltergetOperatorFilter ()
void getNetworkScopeStack (UT_StringArray &scope_stack)
bool isOperatorAllowedAsChild (OP_Operator *op)
 Returns true if the given op can be created as a child of this network. More...
bool isToolAllowed (const char *tool_name)
 Returns true if the given tool can appear in the Tab menu for this net. More...
OP_NodecreateNode (const char *type, const char *name=0, int notify=1, int explicitly=1, int loadcontents=1, int *aliasedScriptedOp=0, char *matIconFilename=0, bool exact_type=false)
OP_NodecreateNodeOfExactType (const char *type, const char *name=0)
 Convenience method for requesting en exact type. More...
virtual OP_NetworkcreateProxyRefNode (const char *path)
OP_NodecopyNode (const OP_Node *srcnode, const char *toname=NULL, bool reference_parameters=false)
bool copyItems (const OP_NetworkBoxItemList &srcitems, OP_NetworkBoxItemList &destitems, bool reference_parameters, bool relative_references, bool connect_outputs_to_multi_inputs)
void copyPickedItems (const OP_Network *srcnet, OP_ItemTypeMask item_type_mask, OP_Group *newnodes=nullptr, const OP_FixNameParms *fix_name_parms=nullptr)
OP_NetworkBoxcopyNetworkBox (OP_NetworkBox *srcnetbox, OP_NetworkBoxSaveType save_type, OP_NodeList *nodes=NULL, const char *toname=NULL, bool reference_parameters=false)
OP_PostItcopyPostItNote (OP_PostIt *src_note, const char *toname=0)
void copyPickedNodes (const OP_Network *srcnet, OP_Group *newnodes=0, const OP_FixNameParms *fix_name_parms=0)
virtual bool movePickedNodes (OP_Network *src_net, OP_NodeList *src_nodes_ptr=NULL, OP_NodeList *dest_nodes_ptr=NULL)
int destroyNode (OP_Node *node)
int destroyNodes (const OP_NodeList &nodes)
virtual int renameNode (OP_Node *node, const char *name, OP_RenameAction action=OP_RENAME_NORMAL)
OP_NetworkfindOrCreateMotionEffectsNetwork (bool create=true)
OP_NodedeleteImplicitAncestors (OP_Node &node, const char *state=0, OP_Node *keep_node=0, bool included=true)
OP_NodegetImplicitAncestors (OP_NodeList &implicit_nodes, OP_NodeList &border_nodes, OP_Node &node, const char *state=0, OP_Node *keep_node=0, bool included=true)
int getAllCollections (UT_ValArray< CH_Collection * > &list, int hide=0)
void uniqueNodeName (UT_String &name, UT_StringSet *fakeChildren=0)
virtual int isInvalidName (const char *name)
OP_ERROR savePickedItems (std::ostream &os, const OP_SaveFlags &flags, OP_ItemTypeMask item_type, OP_NetworkBoxSaveType save_type=OP_NETWORKBOX_SAVE_ALL_CONTENTS)
OP_ERROR saveAllItems (std::ostream &os, const OP_SaveFlags &flags, OP_ItemTypeMask item_type)
OP_ERROR saveSingle (std::ostream &os, OP_Node *op, const OP_SaveFlags &flags, const UT_String &name_override=UT_String())
OP_ERROR saveSingle (std::ostream &os, OP_Node *op, const OP_SaveFlags &flags, const OP_SaveFlags &childflags, std::set< int > *renaming_exclude_ids=NULL, const UT_String &name_override=UT_String())
OP_ERROR saveSingleNetworkBox (std::ostream &os, OP_NetworkBox &netbox, const OP_SaveFlags &flags, OP_NetworkBoxSaveType save_type, OP_NodeList *nodes=NULL)
OP_ERROR saveSinglePostIt (std::ostream &os, OP_PostIt &pnote, const OP_SaveFlags &flags)
 Save a single post it note. More...
OP_ERROR saveSingleDot (std::ostream &os, OP_Dot &dot, const OP_SaveFlags &flags)
 Save a single dot. More...
OP_ERROR saveOpList (std::ostream &os, const UT_ValArray< OP_Node * > &op_list, const OP_SaveFlags &save_flags, int *nsaved=NULL)
OP_ERROR saveItemList (std::ostream &os, const OP_NetworkBoxItemList &items, const OP_SaveFlags &save_flags)
const char * getClipboardFile (const char *file_prefix=0)
int saveToClipboard (int all, OP_TileType type=OP_TILE_NODE, int grouplist=0, OP_ItemTypeMask item_type=OP_ITEMTYPE_NODE, const char *file_prefix=0)
int loadFromClipboard (fpreal x=0, fpreal y=0, bool turn_off_display=false, const char *file_prefix=0)
bool loadNetwork (UT_IStream &is, int merge=0, const char *pattern=NULL, int overwrite=0, const OP_FixNameParms *fix_name_parms=NULL, UT_StringArray *src_names=NULL, UT_StringArray *dest_names=NULL)
bool pasteNetworkForMove (UT_IStream &is, UT_StringArray &src_names, UT_StringArray &dest_names)
virtual bool opShouldHandleChange (OP_EventType reason)
virtual void clearUnreferencedInputs ()
int getLoadCollisions (UT_IStream &is, OP_NodeList &node_list, UT_ValArray< OP_NetworkBox * > &netbox_list, UT_ValArray< OP_PostIt * > &pnote_list, const char *pattern="*")
void simulateNameCollisions (UT_StringArray &names)
const UT_ValArray< OP_Node * > * getSortedList ()
OP_NodegetAnyOutputOf (OP_Node *op) const
OP_NodegetAnyOP () const
char * findUniqueGroupName (const char *basename=0)
OP_GroupfindGroup (const char *name) const
OP_GroupcreateGroup (const char *name=0)
int destroyGroup (const char *name)
int destroyGroup (OP_Group *group)
int getNgroups () const
OP_GroupgetGroup (int index) const
int getGroups (UT_ValArray< OP_Group * > &list, int internal=0)
int getMemberships (const OP_Node *node, UT_ValArray< OP_Group * > &list, int internal=0)
char * findUniqueNetworkBoxName (const char *base=NULL)
char * findUniquePostItNoteName (const char *base=NULL)
char * findUniqueDotName (const char *base=NULL)
OP_NetworkBoxcreateNetworkBox (const char *name, OP_NetworkBoxItemList *items=NULL)
int getNnetworkBoxes () const
virtual OP_NetworkBoxfindNetworkBox (const char *const_path)
OP_NetworkBoxgetNetworkBox (int index) const
OP_NetworkBoxgetNetworkBox (const char *name) const
OP_PostItcreatePostItNote (const char *name)
 Pass in NULL as the name if you'd like a default name. More...
int getNpostItNotes () const
virtual OP_PostItfindPostItNote (const char *const_path)
OP_PostItgetPostItNote (int index) const
OP_PostItgetPostItNote (const char *name) const
OP_DotListgetDotList ()
int getNdots () const
virtual OP_DotfindDot (const char *const_path)
OP_DotgetDot (int index) const
OP_DotgetDot (const char *name) const
unsigned int nPicked (OP_ItemTypeMask item_type_mask, bool include_hidden_nodes) const
void getPickedItems (OP_ItemTypeMask item_type_mask, OP_NetworkBoxItemList &picked, bool include_hidden=false, bool recurse_picked_netboxes=false) const
void getAllItems (OP_ItemTypeMask item_type_mask, OP_NetworkBoxItemList &items) const
 Return all items that match the type mask. More...
bool destroyItem (OP_NetworkBoxItem *item)
 Returns true if the item was successfully deleted. More...
int destroyItems (const OP_NetworkBoxItemList &items)
 Returns the number of successfully deleted items. More...
virtual OP_NetworkBoxItemfindItem (const char *const_path, OP_ItemTypeMask item_type=OP_ITEMTYPE_ALL)
OP_NetworkBoxItemgetItem (const char *name, OP_ItemTypeMask item_type=OP_ITEMTYPE_ALL)
bool isSubNode (const OP_Node *node) const
void clearSelection (OP_TileType t, int grouplist)
void setAllPickFlags (OP_ItemTypeMask item_type, int value)
void pickRequest (OP_NetworkBoxItem *item, int shift)
void pickRequest (int shift)
void addPicked (const OP_Group *group)
void subPicked (const OP_Group *group)
OP_OperatorTablegetOperatorTable () const
virtual const char * getScriptDirectory ()
virtual void clearUndoFlags ()
bool wantsParentInputs () const
int getNparentInputs () const
virtual OP_SubnetIndirectInputfindParentInput (const char *const_path)
OP_SubnetIndirectInputgetParentInput (int index) const
OP_SubnetIndirectInputgetParentInput (const char *name) const
int getIndirectString (OP_IndirectInput *, UT_String &)
OP_IndirectInputresolveIndirectString (const char *)
virtual void inputConnectChanged (int which)
void getAllConnectedChildren (int input_index, UT_Array< OP_Node * > &nodes, bool expandSubnets=true) const
void getAllConnectedChildrenNamed (const OP_ConnectorId &input_name, UT_Array< OP_Node * > &nodes, bool expandSubnets=true) const
virtual void setViewSetting (const char *)
virtual const char * getViewSetting () const
virtual void dumpDependencies (std::ostream &os)
virtual void changeParmTemplate (PRM_Template *new_template)
int getNumChildManagers (OP_OpTypeId type) const
void addChildManager (OP_OpTypeId type)
void removeChildManager (OP_OpTypeId type)
virtual bool getSaveWithVopnets ()
virtual void runDelScript ()
void clearDelScripts (int pickedOnly)
virtual void unscopeChannels (bool recurse)
virtual void undisplayChannels (bool recurse)
virtual void unpinChannels (bool recurse)
virtual void globNetworkBoxes (const char *pat, UT_String *expand, UT_ValArray< OP_NetworkBox * > *list=0, OP_GlobContext *context=0, const char *prefix=" ")
virtual void globPostIts (const char *pat, UT_String *expand, UT_ValArray< OP_PostIt * > *list=0, OP_GlobContext *context=0, const char *prefix=" ")
OP_ERROR saveNetworkBoxes (std::ostream &os, const OP_SaveFlags &flags, const char *path_prefix)
 Save out all the netboxes in this network to 'os' in separate packets. More...
OP_ERROR savePostIts (std::ostream &os, const OP_SaveFlags &flags, const char *path_prefix)
OP_ERROR saveDots (std::ostream &os, const OP_SaveFlags &flags, const char *path_prefix)
bool loadNetworkBox (UT_IStream &is, const char *path="", bool path_contains_network=true, bool path_contains_packet_ext=true, int overwrite=0, OP_NetworkBox **created=NULL)
bool loadPostIt (UT_IStream &is, const char *path="", bool path_contains_network=true, bool path_contains_packet_ext=true, int overwrite=0, OP_PostIt **created=NULL)
bool loadDot (UT_IStream &is, const char *path="", bool path_contains_network=true, bool path_contains_packet_ext=true, int overwrite=0, OP_Dot **created=NULL)
int getRepresentativeNodeId (OP_Node *changed_child, int current_rep_id)
bool changeChildNodeType (OP_Node *child, const char *newtype, bool keepname, bool keepparms, bool keepcontents, bool quiet, int *newChildId=NULL)
bool getIsSubNodeEditable (const OP_Node *subnode) const
bool hasAnyEditableSubNodes () const
bool getMessageSubNodes (OP_NodeList &list) const
virtual void getActiveOperatorsDefinedByOTL (UT_Set< OP_Operator * > &active_operators) const
OP_SubnetIndirectInputgetNamedParentInput (const OP_ConnectorId &name) const
bool getIsClearingContentsOfEditableSubnodes ()
virtual int64 getMemoryUsage (bool inclusive) const
void setCachedMimeFile (const char *filename)
const char * getCachedMimeFile () const
void clearCachedMimeFile ()
bool hasCachedMimeFile () const
virtual OP_ERROR getErrorSeverity ()
virtual void getRawErrors (UT_Array< UT_Error > &errors, bool update)
- Public Member Functions inherited from OP_Node
OP_NetworkgetParent () const
OP_NetworkgetRootCompiledParent () const
virtual OP_NetworkgetParentNetwork () const
 Returns the network that is our parent. More...
bool getIsContainedBy (const OP_Node *testparent) const
const UT_StringgetNetName () const
 Return the name of this node's parent. More...
virtual OP_ItemType getItemType () const
 Our children should implement this and return what type of item they are. More...
const UT_StringgetDelScript (void) const
 Obtain the node's script which is called when it is being deleted. More...
bool setDelScript (const char *str)
void pickRequest (int shift)
bool notifyVarChange (const char *varname, OP_NodeList *changed_nodes=nullptr)
void getPickedChildren (OP_NodeList &picked, bool include_hidden=false) const
void getAllChildren (OP_NodeList &children) const
virtual OP_NodematchChild (const char *pattern, OP_Node *prevmatch=0, const char *optype=0, int casesensitive=0) const
virtual OP_NodematchChildBackwards (const char *pattern, OP_Node *prevmatch=0, const char *optype=0, int casesensitive=0) const
int getUniqueId () const
virtual int64 getItemUniqueId () const
 Functions to get hip-file-unique ids for any item type. More...
bool expandGroupPattern (const char *pattern, UT_String &result, bool expandToFullPaths=false)
bool patternContainsBundle (const char *pattern, const OP_Bundle *bundle) const
bool patternContainsGroup (const char *pattern, const OP_Group *group) const
virtual int isManager () const
virtual int isManagementNode () const
bool isEffectivelyAManagementNode () const
virtual int isSubNetwork (bool includemanagementops) const
virtual int isInSubNetwork () const
bool isProxyRefNode () const
void setProxyRefNode (bool f)
virtual bool isOutputNode () const
virtual int whichOutputNode () const
int isNetworkWithKids () const
virtual int isVex () const
OP_BundlegetParmBundle (const char *parm_name, int vector_index, UT_String &pattern, OP_Network *creator, const char *filter)
void markBundleRefsAsUnused ()
void cleanUnusedBundleRefs ()
void cleanAllBundleRefs ()
virtual bool bundleChanged (const OP_Bundle *bundle)
void touchBundleParm (const char *name)
void touchBundleParm (int parm_index)
bool isInputAncestor (const OP_Node *parent, bool check_extra=true) const
bool isParentAncestor (const OP_Node *parent) const
const char * getInfoText (OP_Context &context, OP_NodeInfoParms &parms)
OP_NodefindNode (const char *path) const
 Uses the path (eg. "/obj/geo1") to find a node in our heirarchy. More...
OP_NodefindSubNode (const char *path) const
SOP_NodegetSOPNode (const char *path, int addextra=0) const
COP2_NodegetCOP2Node (const char *path, int addextra=0) const
POP_NodegetPOPNode (const char *path, int addextra=0) const
DOP_NodegetDOPNode (const char *path, int addextra=0) const
ROP_NodegetROPNode (const char *path, int addextra=0) const
CHOP_NodegetCHOPNode (const char *path, int addextra=0, bool *got_by_flag=0) const
TOP_Node * getTOPNode (const char *path, int addextra=0) const
LOP_NodegetLOPNode (const char *path, int addextra=0) const
OBJ_NodegetOBJNode (const char *path, int addextra=0) const
virtual OP_NodecastToOPNode ()
virtual const OP_NodecastToOPNode () const
virtual void getPathWithSubnet (UT_String &str) const
 Returns the path of this node relative to its getCreator() More...
void getPathWithSubnet (UT_StringHolder &str) const
void completePath (const char *prefixpath, UT_String &completepath) const
virtual CH_ChannelgetTrackChannel (const char *name)
virtual bool findParmFromTrack (const OP_FollowChanRefsOptions &opt, const char *trackname, OP_NodeParmRefCycle &cycle, OP_Node *&node, PRM_Parm *&parm, int &vecidx)
virtual void evaluateBatchParms (PRM_BatchList &list, fpreal now)
void globNodes (const char *pat, UT_String *expand, UT_ValArray< OP_Node * > *list=0, OP_GlobContext *context=0, const char *prefix=" ")
CH_ChannelfindChannel (const char *path)
void globChannels (const char *, UT_String &expand, OP_GlobContext *context=0, const char *prefix=" ") const
void globChannels (const char *pattern, CH_ChannelList &clist, OP_GlobContext *context=0, OP_Node *dependent=0)
void globChanRefs (const char *pattern, CH_ChannelRefList &list, OP_GlobContext *context=0, OP_Node *dependent=0, bool use_multi_match=true)
int globParms (const char *pattern, fpreal t, UT_Array< opParmData > &list, OP_GlobContext *context=0, OP_Node *dependent=0, int calc_value=1)
void globNodeParms (const char *pattern, fpreal t, UT_Array< opParmData > &list, OP_GlobContext *context, OP_Node *dependent, int calc_value, bool animated_only)
void globNodeChannels (const char *pattern, CH_ChannelList &list, OP_GlobContext *context, int *parm_start=nullptr, UT_IntArray *parm_indices=nullptr, UT_IntArray *parm_sub_indices=nullptr) const
void globNodeChanRefs (const char *pattern, CH_ChannelRefList &list, OP_GlobContext *context, int *parm_start=nullptr, UT_IntArray *parm_indices=nullptr, UT_IntArray *parm_sub_indices=nullptr, bool use_multi_match=true) const
int getAllChannels (CH_ChannelList &list, int scoped=0)
virtual void forceRecook (bool evensmartcache=true)
virtual void reloadExternalFiles ()
virtual unsigned needToCook (OP_Context &context, bool queryonly=false)
virtual bool cook (OP_Context &context)
bool parallelCook (OP_Context &context)
template<typename F >
void cookLockedExecute (const F &functor)
OP_CookLockgetCookLock ()
UT_TaskStatetaskState ()
const UT_TaskStatetaskState () const
virtual OP_ERROR pubCookInputGroups (OP_Context &context, int alone=0)
void bumpVersionParm ()
int cookParmsModified () const
virtual int getDataClass () const
virtual void getXformOrder (UT_XformOrder &xord, const CH_Channel *chp) const
virtual voidgetCookedData (OP_Context &)
virtual bool loadCookedData (UT_IStream &is, const char *path=0)
virtual int getRelativeTransform (OP_Node &to, UT_Matrix4 &xform, OP_Context &context)
virtual int getRelativeTransform (OP_Node &to, UT_DMatrix4 &xform, OP_Context &context)
virtual int getRelativeCaptureTransform (OP_Node &to, UT_Matrix4 &xform, OP_Context &context)
virtual int getRelativeCaptureTransform (OP_Node &to, UT_DMatrix4 &xform, OP_Context &context)
virtual bool getWorldTransform (UT_Matrix4D &xform, OP_Context &)
virtual bool getIWorldTransform (UT_Matrix4D &xform, OP_Context &)
virtual bool getTransform (TransformMode mode, UT_Matrix4D &xform, OP_Context &)
bool getWorldTransform (UT_Matrix4F &xform, OP_Context &ctx)
bool getIWorldTransform (UT_Matrix4F &xform, OP_Context &ctx)
bool getTransform (TransformMode mode, UT_Matrix4F &xform, OP_Context &ctx)
void addTransformError (const OP_Node &node, const char *label=0) const
virtual bool getBoundingBox (UT_BoundingBox &box, OP_Context &)
virtual const char * getInternalOpTable () const
virtual OP_OperatorgetInternalOperator () const
virtual const char * inputLabel (unsigned idx) const
const char * inputLabelNum (unsigned idx) const
const char * outputLabelNum (unsigned idx) const
virtual const char * inputConnectorLabel (unsigned idx)
virtual int isRefInput (unsigned idx) const
virtual int getAuxInput () const
virtual void getAuxInputName (OP_ConnectorId &name_out)
int setLock (int state, int saveundo=1)
int getSoftLock () const
int getHardLock () const
int getLock () const
int getNetworkLock (bool relaxedlockcheck=false, const OP_Node *inputNode=nullptr) const
virtual int setModelLock (int on_off, void *modeler=0, int allow_softlock_promotion=0, UT_Undo *undo=0)
int getModelLock () const
int setUnload (int on_off)
int getUnload () const
virtual bool isLoaded () const
virtual bool unloadData ()
void takeActivateFlag (uchar flag, bool enable=true, bool send_flag_event=true)
void takeDeactivateFlag (uchar flag)
bool takeIsActiveFlag (uchar flag) const
void setHasTakeData (int onoff)
bool canAccessFlag (unsigned mask, uchar flag) const
virtual int setPicked (int on_off, bool propagate_parent_event=true)
int setEditPicked (int on_off, bool propagate_parent_event=true)
void setAutoscope (bool on_off)
bool isAutoscope ()
int setCurrent (int on_off)
int setExpose (int on_off)
int setBypass (int on_off)
int setTemplate (int on_off)
int setFootprint (int on_off)
int setXray (int on_off)
int setDisplay (int on_off)
int setRender (int on_off)
int setHighlight (int on_off)
int setModified (int on_off)
int setSaveBypass (int on_off)
int setSaveData (int on_off)
virtual int setPickable (int on_off)
virtual int setAudio (int on_off)
virtual int setExport (int on_off)
virtual int setDisplayOrigin (int on_off_unchanged)
void userSetTemplate (bool onoff)
void userSetSelectableTemplate (bool onoff)
virtual int getFlag (char tag) const
virtual int getPicked () const
virtual int getEditPicked () const
int getCurrent () const
int getDisplay () const
int getRender () const
int getHighlight () const
int getBypass () const
int getTemplate () const
int getFootprint () const
int getXray () const
int getExpose () const
int getModified () const
int getSaveBypass () const
int getSaveData () const
virtual int getHasTakeData () const
virtual int getPickable ()
virtual int getAudio () const
virtual int getExport () const
virtual int getDisplayOrigin () const
virtual bool getItemExpose () const
virtual void setItemExpose (bool expose)
virtual bool getUseBypassLook (const OP_EditorContext &ctx) const
int getDisplayDescriptiveName () const
int setDisplayDescriptiveName (int state)
int getDisplayComment () const
int setDisplayComment (int state)
OP_NodegetPickableSelfOrParent ()
int setCompress (int on_off)
int getCompress () const
void setCurrentAndPicked ()
virtual bool setVisible (int onoff)
virtual bool getVisible () const
const OP_NodeFlagsflags () const
OP_NodeFlagsflags ()
virtual void getSaveFlagsString (UT_String &cmd, const char *flags, bool save_to_hip) const
virtual void getPreParmSaveFlagsString (UT_String &cmd) const
virtual void getPostParmSaveFlagsString (UT_String &cmd) const
int hasOpInterest (void *data, OP_EventMethod m) const
void addOpInterest (void *data, OP_EventMethod m)
void removeOpInterest (void *data, OP_EventMethod m)
int isBeingDeleted () const
void setNodeBeingDeleted (int beingdeleted)
bool setInhibitInputConsolidation (bool value)
virtual unsigned minInputs () const
 Minimum inputs that must be connected to a node for it to cook. More...
virtual unsigned maxInputs () const
 Maximum inputs that can be connected to a node. More...
virtual unsigned orderedInputs () const
virtual unsigned maxOutputs () const
virtual unsigned getNumVisibleOutputs () const
bool hasUnorderedInputs () const
 Returns true if the operator type says we have unordered inputs. More...
unsigned nConnectedInputs (bool check_subnet_inside=true) const
unsigned getActiveInputIndex () const
void setActiveInputIndex (unsigned idx)
OP_NodegetInput (unsigned idx, bool mark_used=false) const
 Returns the node connected to a particular input (may be null). More...
OP_NodegetInputFollowingOutputs (int input, DEP_MicroNode *depnode=0) const
int getConnectedInputIndex (int startAt=-1) const
int getNthConnectedInput (int n) const
 Gets the index of the Nth non-null connection to this node. More...
virtual void getParallelInputs (OP_Context &context, OP_NodeList &nodes) const
void forceClearInput (int idx)
 Forcibly clear an input. Used when deleting the input. More...
virtual OP_ERROR setIndirectInput (unsigned idx, OP_IndirectInput *input)
 Connects an input to an indirect input of our parent subnet. More...
int whichInputIs (const OP_Node *who) const
int whichInputIs (const OP_IndirectInput *who) const
 Returns the index of the first connection of an indirect input. More...
int whichInputIs (const OP_IndirectInput *whoi, int cnt) const
int whichOutputIs (const OP_Node *target_node, int input_on_target_node) const
int whichOutputIsFollowingIndirect (const OP_Node *target_node, int input_on_target_node) const
int whichInputIs (OP_Node *source_node, int counter)
void consolidateInputs ()
virtual bool allowConsolidatingInput (int idx)
virtual OP_InputgetInputReference (unsigned idx, bool grow)
virtual OP_InputgetInputReferenceConst (unsigned idx) const
virtual int doDeleteRewire () const
OP_ERROR insertInput (unsigned idx, OP_Node *op, unsigned outputIdx)
OP_ERROR insertIndirectInput (unsigned idx, OP_IndirectInput *input)
virtual UT_Options getInputDataDefault (int idx) const
virtual int getInputEditorInputs ()
virtual bool allowInputEditorInputParm ()
 Returns true if editor should display parameter option menu button. More...
virtual bool allowInputEditorInputDelete ()
 Returns true if editor should display delete input button. More...
virtual bool getInputEditorInputLabel (UT_String &label, int idx)
OP_DataMicroNodedataMicroNode ()
virtual const OP_DataMicroNodeparmListMicroNodeConst () const
OP_DataMicroNodeparmListMicroNode ()
bool hasIndepParmListMicroNode () const
DEP_MicroNodeflagMicroNode ()
DEP_MicroNodeparmMicroNode (int parm_idx, int vi)
const DEP_MicroNodeeventMicroNodeConst (OP_EventType e) const
 Accessors to event micro nodes. More...
DEP_MicroNodeeventMicroNode (OP_EventType e)
virtual void getOwnedMicroNodes (DEP_MicroNodeList &micronodes)
void propagateDirtyMicroNode (DEP_MicroNode &micronode, OP_EventType reason, void *data, bool send_root_event)
virtual void addExtraInput (OP_Node *op, OP_InterestType type)
void addExtraInput (OP_Node &op, int parm_i, int vec_i)
void addExtraInput (const OP_InterestRef &source_ref)
void addExtraInput (DEP_MicroNode &source_micronode)
void addMultiparmInterests (OP_Node *srcnode, PRM_Parm &parm)
void getExtraInputNodes (OP_NodeList &extras, bool remove_duplicates=true, bool data_interest=true, bool parm_interest=true, bool flag_interest=true, bool include_parmlist=true) const
void getExtraOutputNodes (OP_NodeList &extras, bool remove_duplicates=true, bool data_interest=true, bool parm_interest=true, bool flag_interest=true) const
int getNumExtraInputs () const
void dumpExtraInputs (std::ostream &os, bool as_DOT, int indent_level=0) const
void addGenericOpNameReference (const UT_String &oppath)
void addGenericOpNameReference (const PRM_RefId &ref_id, OP_Node *node)
void addGenericOpInputReference (const PRM_RefId &ref_id, OP_Node *node)
bool getParmBaseNodePath (UT_String &path, int parm_index, int thread) const
virtual void rebuildParmDependency (int parm_index)
virtual void clearParmDependency (int parm_index)
void decrementOpReference (int node_id)
void dumpOpDependents (OP_Node *ref, int brief, std::ostream &os)
const OP_DependencyListgetOpDependents () const
int countReferences (int op_id)
void getExistingOpReferences (OP_NodeList &refs, bool recurse) const
void getFullOpReferences (OP_NodeList &refs, bool include_descendants) const
void getExistingOpDependents (OP_NodeList &deps, bool include_descendants) const
void getFullOpDependents (OP_NodeList &deps, bool include_descendants) const
void getParmsThatReference (const char *channame, UT_ValArray< PRM_Parm * > &parms, UT_IntArray &parmsubidxs)
unsigned nOutputEntries () const
int nOutputItems (int output_idx=-1) const
OP_NetworkBoxItemgetOutputItem (int idx, int output_idx=-1) const
bool hasAnyOutputNodes (bool through_dots=true, int output_idx=-1) const
void getOutputNodes (UT_Array< OP_Node * > &outputs, bool into_subnets=false, bool through_dots=true, int output_idx=-1) const
OP_NodegetFirstOutputNode (bool through_dots=true, int output_idx=-1) const
OP_NodegetOutputTowardsNode (const OP_Node *target)
void fillInfoTree (UT_InfoTree &tree, const OP_NodeInfoTreeParms &parms)
virtual bool fillInfoTreeChildSpecific (UT_InfoTree &tree, const OP_NodeInfoTreeParms &parms, OP_Node *child)
virtual const char * getDefaultSelectedInfoTreeBranchName () const
virtual OP_ERROR lockInput (unsigned idx, OP_Context &context)
virtual void unlockInput (unsigned idx)
virtual OP_ERROR lockInputs (OP_Context &context)
virtual void unlockInputs (void)
int getCookCount (void) const
void triggerOutputChanged ()
void triggerUIChanged (OP_UIChangeType type=OP_UICHANGE_ANY)
virtual int cookedInputIndex () const
virtual OP_NodegetPassThroughNode (fpreal t, bool mark_used=false)
bool setMinimumCacheSize (int min_size)
OP_VERSION getVersionParms () const
virtual bool handleTimeChange (fpreal)
bool isTimeDependent (OP_Context &context)
void updateParmsToMatchCurrentUnits ()
virtual void matchOTLDefinition ()
virtual void unmatchOTLDefinition ()
 Unmatches (unlocks) the node from the current HDA definition. More...
virtual void handleOTLIndexFileCleared ()
const UT_StringgetSyncErrors () const
OP_ERROR getSyncErrorLevel () const
 Returns the error level generated in our last synchronization attempt. More...
int getMatchesOTLDefinition () const
 Interface to flag that specifies whether or not we match our definition. More...
int getCanDeviateFromOTLDefinition () const
void setAllChildAssetPermissions (int permission)
void computeAllChildAssetPermissions ()
bool getIsEditableAssetSubNode () const
void turnOffAllChildExports (void)
bool haveLicenseToAccessContents (OP_Node *opt_specific_child=nullptr) const
bool haveLicenseToAccessParentContents () const
bool haveAncestorWithoutFullLicense (bool ignore_self) const
OP_OTLLicenseType getLicense () const
OP_NodegetFirstExecLicenseOnlyAncestor (bool ignore_self=true) const
OP_NodegetLastExecLicenseOnlyAncestor (bool ignore_self=true) const
bool isCompiled () const
void saveWires (std::ostream &os, const char *name, int dogeneral=0)
void saveOutputWires (std::ostream &os, const char *name, int dogeneral=0)
virtual void saveIntrinsicCommand (std::ostream &os, const char *name)
virtual OP_ERROR saveCommand (std::ostream &os, const char *name, fpreal x, fpreal y, const char *netboxname, const OP_SaveCommandOptions &options)
 Writes to 'os' a string of hscript commands to recreate this node. More...
void saveParameterFlags (std::ostream &os, const char *name, const char *command, bool(PRM_Parm::*flag_method)(int) const, bool defaultstoo, bool reverse, UT_Array< opParmData > *parm_array)
void saveUserDataCommand (std::ostream &os, const char *node_name, bool omit_version=false)
virtual RampError rampCommand (bool remove, fpreal pos, float rgba[4])
RampError rampCommand (bool remove, fpreal pos, float rgba[4], UT_Ramp &ramp)
virtual bool loadRamp (UT_IStream &is, const char *path=0)
bool loadRamp (UT_IStream &is, UT_Ramp &ramp, const char *path=0)
OP_ERROR saveRamp (std::ostream &os, UT_Ramp &ramp, const char *name=0, int command=0)
bool getUserData (const UT_StringRef &key, UT_StringHolder &result) const
void setUserData (const UT_StringRef &key, const UT_StringHolder &data, bool save_undo)
bool hasUserData (const UT_StringRef &key) const
bool deleteUserData (const UT_StringRef &key, bool save_undo)
const UT_OptionsuserData () const
bool loadUserData (UT_IStream &is, const char *path=nullptr)
OP_ERROR saveUserData (std::ostream &os, const char *path)
void clearUserData (bool save_undo)
UT_SharedPtr< voidgetBlindData (const char *key) const
template<typename T >
UT_SharedPtr< TgetBlindData (const char *key) const
void setBlindData (const char *key, UT_SharedPtr< void > ptr)
bool hasBlindData (const char *key) const
 Returns true if this object stores a blind data with the given key. More...
bool deleteBlindData (const char *key)
void getDataBlockKeys (UT_StringArray &keys, const UT_StringHolder &type=UT_StringHolder()) const
OP_DataBlockPtr getDataBlock (const char *key) const
void setDataBlock (const char *key, OP_DataBlockPtr ptr)
OP_ERROR saveDataBlocksPacket (std::ostream &os, const char *path_prefix, const UT_String &node_name)
bool loadDataBlocks (UT_IStream &is, const char *path)
virtual void dataBlockChanged (const UT_StringHolder &key)
virtual int deleteNodeData (void *)
void propagateNodeDataDeleted ()
PY_OpaqueObjectgetCachedPythonObject (const char *key) const
void setCachedPythonObject (const char *key, void *opaque_py_object)
bool deleteCachedPythonObject (const char *key)
const OP_PythonObjectCachecachedPythonObjects () const
bool loadExtraInputs (UT_IStream &is, const char *path=0)
void saveOverrides (std::ostream &os)
void saveOverrides (std::ostream &os, OP_Node *root, const UT_String &rootpath, bool &added)
void saveChildOverrides (std::ostream &os, OP_Node *root, const UT_String &rootpath, bool &added)
bool loadOverride (UT_IStream &is)
virtual UT_ErrorSeverity prmCookOverrides (fpreal t, int thread, const char *parm_name, int vec_idx)
virtual bool isParmPendingOverride (const char *parm_name, int vec_idx) const
OP_ERROR cookOverrides (OP_Context &c)
virtual void removeOverrideDestination (OP_Node *)
virtual void removeOverrideDestination (OP_Node *, int)
virtual void executeCommand (const char *command, std::ostream *out, std::ostream *err) const
virtual void pushAsPwdAndRunPython (PY_CompiledCode &compiled_code, PY_Result::Type desired_result_type, PY_Result &result, PY_EvaluationContext *context=nullptr) const
OP_ERROR executeHscriptScript (UT_String &script, const OP_Context &context)
OP_ERROR executePythonScript (UT_String &script, const OP_Context &context)
void addPythonNodeError (const PY_Result &py_result)
void saveInputs (std::ostream &os, bool compile_basic)
bool loadInputs (UT_IStream &is, const char *path=0, bool named=false)
void saveNamedInputs (std::ostream &os, bool compile_basic)
void saveNamedOutputs (std::ostream &os)
bool loadNamedOutputs (UT_IStream &is, const char *path=0)
void getEditableInputDataKeys (int idx, UT_StringArray &keys) const
const UT_OptionEntrygetEditableInputData (int idx, const UT_StringRef &key) const
void setEditableInputData (int idx, const UT_StringHolder &key, const UT_OptionEntry &value)
void saveEditableInputData (std::ostream &os) const
bool loadEditableInputData (UT_IStream &is, const char *path)
UT_StringHolder getEditableInputString (int idx, const UT_StringRef &key) const
void setEditableInputString (int idx, const UT_StringRef &key, const UT_StringHolder &str)
void checkInputs ()
virtual void createGalleryEntry (OP_GalleryEntry &entry)
void evalOpPathString (UT_String &val, int pi, int vi, fpreal t, int &op_id, fpreal &op_time, int expanded=1)
void evalOpPathString (UT_String &val, const char *pn, int &pi, int vi, fpreal t, int &op_id, fpreal &op_time, int expanded=1)
virtual int getTranslateParmIndex ()
void resolveInputReferences ()
virtual void setAnyUndoFlag ()
void saveForUndoInput ()
void blockModify (int on_off, int propagate=1)
int isBlockModify (void) const
bool isModifyWaiting () const
virtual void propagateEndBlockModify ()
virtual const CL_ClipgetClip (OP_Context *context=0)
void getMotionEffectsNetworkPath (UT_String &path)
void getCookInfo (UT_String &info) const
 Return the cook information as a formatted string. More...
void getCookInfoTree (UT_InfoTree &tree) const
 Return the cook information in a UT_InfoTree. More...
virtual int getNetOverviewColor (UT_Color &color)
virtual UT_RampgetRamp ()
virtual int isCookingRender () const
virtual void setCookingRender (int val)
int wasInterrupted () const
void setRenameConflict ()
void setRunningCreateScript (int onoff)
virtual int outputCode (OP_OutputCodeParms &, OP_Context &)
virtual fpreal getTimeTransform (int input, fpreal t)
virtual void getInputRes (int input, fpreal t, const OP_Context &context, OP_Context &input_context)
UT_TokenStringgetHashCode (OP_Context &context, int group_mask=1)
virtual UT_TokenStringgetParmHashCode (OP_Context &context, int group_mask=1)
virtual int getNumInputsToHash ()
virtual OP_NodegetInputToHash (int i)
void clearHashCodeFlags ()
bool isHashCodeBuilt () const
void builtHashCode (bool b=true)
void buildInputHashCode (UT_TokenString &string, OP_Context &context, int group_mask, int level)
void setCreatorState (const char *s)
const UT_StringgetCreatorState () const
void builtExplicitly (int yn)
int wasBuiltExplicitly () const
bool matchesState (const char *state) const
virtual void ensureInputsAndOutputsAreValid ()
void connectToInputNode (OP_Node &inputnode, int input_idx, int branch_off=0)
virtual int editCallback (CL_Track *track, fpreal t, fpreal newValue)
virtual const CH_LocalVariableresolveVariable (const char *name)
virtual const CH_LocalVariableresolveExtraVariableForSyntaxHighlight (const char *name)
virtual void setMapping (int idx, int type, const char *label=0)
virtual int getMapping (int idx, const char *&label) const
virtual int acceptDragDrop (DD_Source &src, const char *label)
virtual int testDragDrop (DD_Source &src)
virtual void getDragDropChoice (DD_Source &src, DD_ChoiceList &c)
bool hasComment () const
bool hasParmsNotAtFactoryDefault () const
bool hasAnimatedParms () const
bool hasChopOverriddenParms () const
bool traverseChildren (bool(*callback)(OP_Node &, void *), void *data, bool recurse_into_subnets)
bool isCooking (bool include_ancestors) const
virtual bool usesFootprint () const
void getExternalReferences (UT_StringArray &reflist, UT_StringArray *nodelist=0, bool from_children_too=true, bool collapse=false, bool check_missing=false, bool show_missing_only=false)
virtual DOP_ParentcastToDOPParent ()
virtual const DOP_ParentcastToDOPParent () const
OP_DopParentcastToOpDopParent ()
const OP_DopParentcastToOpDopParent () const
virtual VOP_ExportedParmsManagergetVopExportedParmsManager (bool create_if_needed=false)
int buildVexCommand (UT_String &result, const PRM_Template *templatelist, fpreal now, int start_parm=0, int end_parm=INT_MAX, bool use_parmvop_tag=true)
int buildVexCommandWithDependencies (OP_Node *owner, DEP_MicroNode *depnode, UT_String &result, const PRM_Template *templatelist, fpreal now, int start_parm=0, int end_parm=INT_MAX, bool use_parmvop_tag=true)
virtual bool hasVexShaderParameter (const char *parm_name)
virtual bool getScriptMaterialInfo (UT_String &mat_info, VOP_ScriptMaterialCodeMapper *mapper)
virtual const char * getHDASubType ()
bool setChannelAlias (PRM_Parm &parm, int subindex, const char *alias_name)
void disconnectAllInputsOutputs (bool keepSelected, bool forceDisconnectOutputs=false)
void disconnectAllInputs (void)
void disconnectAllOutputs (void)
virtual void notifyParmRenameDependents (const UT_String &chan_name, const UT_String &old_chan_name)
void writeChannel (CH_Channel *channel, std::ostream &os, const char *name, bool frames)
void writeAllChannels (std::ostream &os, const char *name, bool frames, bool dochblock, bool dospareparms)
virtual bool triggerParmCallback (PRM_Parm *parmptr, fpreal now, int value, void *data, const UT_Options *options=0)
int64 getExtraInputMemoryUsage () const
virtual void setChannelScope (const char *pattern, OP_ScopeOp scope_op, const OP_ScopeOptions &scope_opts)
virtual const UT_StringgetItemName () const
virtual bool setItemName (const UT_String &name)
const UT_StringHoldergetCachedDescriptiveName ()
virtual bool changeSpareParms (UT_IStream &istream, UT_String &errors)
virtual void spareParmRemoved (const char *parmname)
virtual PRM_ParmListcreateObsoleteParmList ()
virtual void resolveAndDeleteObsoleteParmList (PRM_ParmList *&obsolete_parms)
virtual unsigned referenceAllParameters (OP_Parameters *from, bool relative_references=true)
void clearVersionUserData ()
void updateVersionUserData ()
void syncNodeVersionIfNeeded (bool *node_deleted, const char *from_version=nullptr, bool update_node_version=false)
virtual void syncNodeVersion (const char *old_version, const char *current_version, bool *node_deleted)
bool setGlobalFloatParam (const char *param, fpreal value, bool *warned)
bool setGlobalStringParam (const char *param, const char *strvalue, bool *warned)
void beginPropagateModification ()
void endPropagateModification ()
virtual bool hasDifferentMultiInputs () const
virtual bool canCreateNewOpType () const
virtual UT_StringgetMaterialIconFilename ()
virtual void setMaterialIconFilename (const char *)
virtual IMG_RastergetMaterialIconImage ()
virtual bool getMaterialIconAllowRegenerateFlag ()
virtual void setMaterialIconAllowRegenerateFlag (bool)
bool isDependentOn (OP_Node *other_node, PRM_Parm *parm)
bool verifyTemplatesWithParameters () const
OP_InputgetNamedInputReference (const OP_ConnectorId &input_name, bool grow)
OP_InputgetNamedInputReferenceConst (const OP_ConnectorId &input_name) const
OP_NodegetNamedInput (const OP_ConnectorId &input_name, bool mark_used=false) const
int getInputFromUniqueName (const OP_ConnectorId &id) const
int getOutputFromUniqueName (const OP_ConnectorId &id) const
void getUniqueInputName (OP_ConnectorId &id_out, int idx, bool grow)
bool getUniqueInputNameConst (OP_ConnectorId &id_out, int idx) const
void getUniqueOutputName (OP_ConnectorId &id_out, int idx)
bool getUniqueOutputNameConst (OP_ConnectorId &id_out, int idx) const
virtual OP_ERROR setNamedIndirectInput (const OP_ConnectorId &input_name, OP_IndirectInput *input)
OP_ERROR insertNamedInput (const OP_ConnectorId &input_name, OP_Node *op, const OP_ConnectorId *output_name)
OP_ERROR insertNamedIndirectInput (const OP_ConnectorId &input_name, OP_IndirectInput *input)
virtual bool isOrderedInput (const OP_ConnectorId &input_name) const
OP_ConnectorId whichNamedInputIs (const OP_Node *who) const
OP_ConnectorId whichNamedInputIs (const OP_IndirectInput *who) const
 Returns the index of the first connection of an indirect input. More...
OP_ConnectorInputIter traverseInputs (OP_ConnectorInputIter *prev_iter)
OP_ConnectorInputIter traverseConnectedInputs (OP_ConnectorInputIter *prev_iter)
OP_ConnectorInputIter getTraverseEndIterator (void)
unsigned getInputsArraySize ()
unsigned isInput (unsigned idx)
 Deprecated in favour of getInputsArraySize() More...
void getLocalVarNames (UT_StringArray &out_vars)
 Retrieve a sorted list of local variables visible to this OP_Node. More...
bool setLocalVarActive (bool f)
bool isLocalVarActive () const
 Get the myLocalVarActive flag. More...
void recomputeCompiledHash ()
void clearCompiledHash ()
void directSendEvent (OP_EventType type, void *data=0)
virtual bool scopedChannelsDirty ()
virtual bool getActiveLayerContribution (const UT_String &track_name, fpreal t, fpreal &value, fpreal &weight)
virtual bool resolveExport (const PRM_Parm *p, int subindex, CH_ChannelRef &out_export)
virtual const PRM_ParmtraverseRef (int *sub_idx, fpreal time, int parm_idx, int vec_idx) const
OP_BundlegetParmBundle (const char *parm_name, int vector_index, UT_String &pattern, OP_Network *creator, const char *filter, bool subnet_inclusion)
virtual void getDefaultState (UT_String &default_state_name)
void clearInputContextOptionDepIfSafe (const UT_StringHolder &opt, const OP_Context &context)
virtual bool isSelectionOwnerType () const
OBJ_NodefindOBJNode (const char *path) const
SOP_NodefindSOPNode (const char *path) const
POPNET_NodefindPOPNETNode (const char *path) const
POP_NodefindPOPNode (const char *path) const
CHOPNET_Node * findCHOPNETNode (const char *path) const
CHOP_NodefindCHOPNode (const char *path) const
ROP_NodefindROPNode (const char *path) const
SHOP_NodefindSHOPNode (const char *path) const
COP2_NodefindCOP2Node (const char *path) const
COPNET_Node * findCOPNETNode (const char *path) const
VOP_NodefindVOPNode (const char *path) const
VOPNET_NodefindVOPNETNode (const char *path) const
DOP_NodefindDOPNode (const char *path) const
TOP_Node * findTOPNode (const char *path) const
LOP_NodefindLOPNode (const char *path) const
OBJ_NodecastToOBJNode () const
SOP_NodecastToSOPNode () const
POPNET_NodecastToPOPNETNode () const
POP_NodecastToPOPNode () const
CHOPNET_Node * castToCHOPNETNode () const
CHOP_NodecastToCHOPNode () const
ROP_NodecastToROPNode () const
SHOP_NodecastToSHOPNode () const
COP2_NodecastToCOP2Node () const
COPNET_Node * castToCOPNETNode () const
VOP_NodecastToVOPNode () const
VOPNET_NodecastToVOPNETNode () const
DOP_NodecastToDOPNode () const
TOP_Node * castToTOPNode () const
LOP_NodecastToLOPNode () const
const UT_StringgetComment (void) const
 Accessors for this node's comment string. More...
bool setComment (const char *str)
 Accessors for this node's comment string. More...
virtual UT_Color getColor () const
virtual bool setColor (const UT_Color &col)
int getColorDefault () const
int setColorDefault (int usedefault)
const UT_StringHoldergetNodeShape () const
 Accessors for this node's shape. More...
void setNodeShape (const UT_StringHolder &shape)
virtual void setXY (fpreal x, fpreal y)
 Node position/scale is used by the UI. More...
virtual fpreal getX () const
 Node position/scale is used by the UI. More...
virtual fpreal getY () const
 Node position/scale is used by the UI. More...
virtual int findString (const char *str, bool fullword, bool usewildcards) const
virtual int changeString (const char *from, const char *to, bool fullword)
virtual UT_StringArraygetArrayForLoadedInputNames ()
virtual UT_StringArraygetArrayForLoadedOutputNames ()
bool traverseInputs (bool(*callback)(OP_Node &, void *), void *data, bool follow_subnets, bool follow_ref_inputs, bool follow_extra_inputs, bool follow_passthrough_inputs, OP_InterestType extra_interest_mask=OP_INTEREST_ALL)
bool traverseInputs (bool(*callback)(const OP_Node &, void *), void *data, bool follow_subnets, bool follow_ref_inputs, bool follow_extra_inputs, bool follow_passthrough_inputs, OP_InterestType extra_interest_mask=OP_INTEREST_ALL) const
virtual int beginVopCodeGeneratorUpdate ()
virtual void endVopCodeGeneratorUpdate (int update_level)
- Public Member Functions inherited from OP_Parameters
const UT_StringgetName () const
OP_OperatorgetOperator () const
bool updateParmsAndSpareParmsFlags ()
virtual bool referenceSingleParameter (OP_Parameters *from, int parm_idx, const char *relative_path=NULL)
void animate (unsigned idx)
void animate (const char *name)
void deAnimate (unsigned idx)
void deAnimate (const char *name)
CH_ChanneladdChannel (const char *name)
CH_ChannelgetChannel (const char *name)
const CH_ChannelgetChannel (const char *name) const
int destroyChannel (const char *name)
bool isObsoleteChannel (const char *name) const
void takeActivateParm (uint idx, bool enable=true)
void takeActivateParm (const char *name, bool enable=true)
void takeActivateParm (PRM_Parm *parm, bool enable=true)
void takeDeactivateParm (uint idx)
void takeDeactivateParm (const char *name)
void takeDeactivateParm (PRM_Parm *parm)
bool takeIsActiveParm (uint idx)
bool takeIsActiveParm (const char *name)
bool takeIsActiveParm (const PRM_Parm *parm)
void takeAutoActivateParm (PRM_Parm *) override
fpreal findKey (fpreal t, int direction) const
PRM_ChanState getChanState (fpreal t, bool scoped_only) const
PRM_ChanState isAtKey (fpreal t) const
void updatePending (fpreal t)
bool isPending (fpreal t)
OP_ChannelsgetChannels (void) const
virtual void getVariableString (int index, UT_String &value, int thread)
virtual float getVariableValue (int index, int thread)
int getNumParms () const
int getParmIndex (const char *name) const
PRM_ParmgetParm (int i)
const PRM_ParmgetParm (int i) const
PRM_ParmgetParm (const char *name)
const PRM_ParmgetParm (const char *name) const
bool hasParm (const char *name) const
PRM_ParmgetParmPtr (const UT_StringRef &name)
const PRM_ParmgetParmPtr (const UT_StringRef &name) const
PRM_ParmgetParmPtrInst (const char *name, const int *inst, int nestlevel=1)
const PRM_ParmgetParmPtrInst (const char *name, const int *inst, int nestlevel=1) const
bool getIsChangingSpareParms () const
PRM_ParmListcreateObsoleteParmList () override
void resolveAndDeleteObsoleteParmList (PRM_ParmList *&obsolete_parms) override
virtual void resolveObsoleteParms (PRM_ParmList *)
bool getParameterOrPropertyConst (const UT_StringRef &name, fpreal now, OP_Node *&op, PRM_Parm *&parm, PRM_ParmList *obsolete) const
const OP_StatgetStat () const
OP_StatgetStat ()
bool enableParm (int pi, int state, int v=-1)
bool enableParm (const char *pn, int state, int v=-1)
bool enableParmInst (const char *name, const int *inst, int state, int nestlevel=1, int v=-1)
unsigned getEnableState (int pi, int v=-1)
unsigned getEnableState (const char *pn, int v=-1)
unsigned getEnableStateInst (const char *name, const int *inst, int nestlevel=1, int v=-1)
bool setVisibleState (int pi, bool state, int v=-1)
bool setVisibleState (const char *pn, bool state, int v=-1)
bool setVisibleStateInst (const char *name, const int *inst, int state, int nestlevel=1, int v=-1)
bool getVisibleState (int pi, int v=-1)
bool getVisibleState (const char *pn, int v=-1)
void evalString (UT_String &val, int pi, int vi, fpreal t) const
void evalStringT (UT_String &val, int pi, int vi, fpreal t, int thread) const
void evalString (UT_String &val, const UT_StringRef &pn, int vi, fpreal t) const
void evalStringT (UT_String &val, const UT_StringRef &pn, int vi, fpreal t, int thread) const
void evalString (UT_String &val, const char *pn, int *pi, int vi, fpreal t) const
void evalStringT (UT_String &val, const UT_StringRef &pn, int *pi, int vi, fpreal t, int thread) const
void evalString (UT_String &val, const PRM_Parm *parm, int vi, fpreal t) const
void evalStringT (UT_String &val, const PRM_Parm *parm, int vi, fpreal t, int thread) const
void evalStringRaw (UT_String &val, int pi, int vi, fpreal t) const
void evalStringRawT (UT_String &val, int pi, int vi, fpreal t, int thread) const
void evalStringRaw (UT_String &val, const UT_StringRef &pn, int vi, fpreal t) const
void evalStringRawT (UT_String &val, const UT_StringRef &pn, int vi, fpreal t, int thread) const
void evalStringRaw (UT_String &val, const UT_StringRef &pn, int *pi, int vi, fpreal t) const
void evalStringRawT (UT_String &val, const UT_StringRef &pn, int *pi, int vi, fpreal t, int thread) const
void evalStringRaw (UT_String &val, const PRM_Parm *parm, int vi, fpreal t) const
void evalStringRawT (UT_String &val, const PRM_Parm *parm, int vi, fpreal t, int thread) const
PRM_DataItemHandle evalData (int pi, int vi, fpreal t) const
PRM_DataItemHandle evalDataT (int pi, int vi, fpreal t, int thread) const
PRM_DataItemHandle evalData (const UT_StringRef &pn, int vi, fpreal t) const
PRM_DataItemHandle evalDataT (const UT_StringRef &pn, int vi, fpreal t, int thread) const
PRM_DataItemHandle evalData (const UT_StringRef &pn, int *pi, int vi, fpreal t) const
PRM_DataItemHandle evalDataT (const UT_StringRef &pn, int *pi, int vi, fpreal t, int thread) const
PRM_DataItemHandle evalData (const PRM_Parm *parm, int vi, fpreal t) const
PRM_DataItemHandle evalDataT (const PRM_Parm *parm, int vi, fpreal t, int thread) const
void evalJSONMap (UT_JSONValueMap &val, int pi, int vi, fpreal t) const
void evalJSONMapT (UT_JSONValueMap &val, int pi, int vi, fpreal t, int thread) const
void evalJSONMap (UT_JSONValueMap &val, const UT_StringRef &pn, int vi, fpreal t) const
void evalJSONMapT (UT_JSONValueMap &val, const UT_StringRef &pn, int vi, fpreal t, int thread) const
void evalJSONMap (UT_JSONValueMap &val, const UT_StringRef &pn, int *pi, int vi, fpreal t) const
void evalJSONMapT (UT_JSONValueMap &val, const UT_StringRef &pn, int *pi, int vi, fpreal t, int thread) const
void evalJSONMap (UT_JSONValueMap &val, const PRM_Parm *parm, int vi, fpreal t) const
void evalJSONMapT (UT_JSONValueMap &val, const PRM_Parm *parm, int vi, fpreal t, int thread) const
void evalJSONMapRaw (UT_JSONValueMap &val, int pi, int vi, fpreal t) const
void evalJSONMapRawT (UT_JSONValueMap &val, int pi, int vi, fpreal t, int thread) const
void evalJSONMapRaw (UT_JSONValueMap &val, const UT_StringRef &pn, int vi, fpreal t) const
void evalJSONMapRawT (UT_JSONValueMap &val, const UT_StringRef &pn, int vi, fpreal t, int thread) const
void evalJSONMapRaw (UT_JSONValueMap &val, const UT_StringRef &pn, int *pi, int vi, fpreal t) const
void evalJSONMapRawT (UT_JSONValueMap &val, const UT_StringRef &pn, int *pi, int vi, fpreal t, int thread) const
void evalJSONMapRaw (UT_JSONValueMap &val, const PRM_Parm *parm, int vi, fpreal t) const
void evalJSONMapRawT (UT_JSONValueMap &val, const PRM_Parm *parm, int vi, fpreal t, int thread) const
CH_StringMeaning getStringMeaning (int pi, int vi, fpreal t) const
CH_StringMeaning getStringMeaning (const char *pn, int vi, fpreal t) const
CH_StringMeaning getStringMeaningInst (const char *name, const int *inst, int vi, fpreal t, int nest_level=1) const
CH_ExprLanguage getExprLanguage () const override
void setExprLanguage (CH_ExprLanguage language)
void insertMultiParmItem (const char *pn, int i)
void removeMultiParmItem (const char *pn, int i)
void updateMultiParmFromRamp (fpreal t, const UT_Ramp &ramp, PRM_Parm &m, bool add_wrap, PRM_AddKeyType add_key=PRM_AK_MARK_PENDING)
void updateRampFromMultiParm (fpreal t, const PRM_Parm &m, UT_Ramp &ramp, bool *time_dep=NULL, DEP_MicroNode *depnode=NULL) const
bool convertObsAnimatedToStringExpression (PRM_ParmList *obsolete_parms, const char *pn, int vi, fpreal t, UT_String &result, bool reset_obs)
bool expandString (UT_String &val, fpreal t, int thread, const char *channel_name=0)
bool isParmDirty (int idx, fpreal t)
bool isParmDirty (const char *n, fpreal t)
bool isParmDirtyInst (const char *name, const int *inst, fpreal t, int nestlevel=1)
void cacheParmValues (const OP_Context &context)
void clearParmCache ()
bool isParmTimeDependent (int idx, int comp=-1) const
bool isParmTimeDependent (const char *name, int comp=-1) const
int getErrorMessages (UT_String &messages, UT_ErrorSeverity severity=UT_ERROR_NONE)