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Deprecated List
Member GA_Primitive::edgeApply (GA_EdgeApplyFunc apply, void *data=nullptr) const
Use iterateEdges instead.
Member GA_Primitive::edgeApplyIndex (GA_EdgeApplyIndexFunc apply, void *data=nullptr) const
Use iterateEdgesByVertex instead.
Member GA_Primitive::getPrimitiveId () const
This method is only for transitional backward compatibility for the HDK and will be removed in a future release. TODO: Should be pure virtual here, overwritten at GEO_Primitive.
Member IMG_File::jumpToFrame (int frame)
For image files that contain more than one image, such as a movie file, jump to a particular frame in the movie and reset for reading the scanlines of the new frame
Member IMG_File::readImage (void *data, int flip=0, int scaninc=0)
The following methods read/write a whole raster. Unless the scanline increment is passed in, the stat structure will be used to determine the scanline size. Beware if you're using translators... Use readImages() and writeImages() instead.
Member IMG_File::writeImage (void *data, int flip=0, int scaninc=0)
Member IMG_Stat::getFPS () const
the FPS for frame playback.
Member IMG_Stat::getNumFrames () const
the number of frames in the file. Mostly for movie formats.
Member IMG_Stat::setFPS (fpreal fps)
the FPS for frame playback.
Member IMG_Stat::setNumFrames (int nf)
the number of frames in the file. Mostly for movie formats.
Member OP_Parameters::getVariableString (int index, UT_String &value, int thread)
Please override evalVariableValue() above instead
Member OP_Parameters::getVariableValue (int index, int thread)
Please override the evalVariableValue() above instead
Member openvdb::OPENVDB_VERSION_NAME::io::File::readGridPartial (const Name &)
Partially-loaded grids might not be compatible with all tools. Use them with caution, and preferably use delayed loading instead.
Member openvdb::OPENVDB_VERSION_NAME::util::PagedArray< ValueT, Log2PageSize, TableT >::pop_back ()
This method will be removed in the near future