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SYS_CallIf< CONDITION > Struct Template Reference

#include <SYS_CallIf.h>

Static Public Member Functions

template<typename FUNCTOR >
static SYS_FORCE_INLINE void call (FUNCTOR functor)

Detailed Description

template<bool CONDITION>
struct SYS_CallIf< CONDITION >

This function is for use with lambdas to force the compiler to not even try compiling or inlining function calls when a compile-time condition is false.

Usage: SYS_CallIf<CONDITION>::call([&](SYS_CALLIF_AUTO) { ... });

Your lambda must have exactly 1 parameter of type SYS_CALLIF_AUTO

Definition at line 34 of file SYS_CallIf.h.

Member Function Documentation

template<bool CONDITION>
template<typename FUNCTOR >
static SYS_FORCE_INLINE void SYS_CallIf< CONDITION >::call ( FUNCTOR  functor)

Definition at line 37 of file SYS_CallIf.h.

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