Houdini Engine 1.9
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Loading a Hip File

To load a HIP file into Houdini Engine:

  1. Call HAPI_LoadHIPFile().
  2. Get the number of assets that were loaded as part of the HIP file using HAPI_CheckForNewAssets().
  3. The the asset ids using HAPI_GetNewAssetIds().
  4. If you called HAPI_LoadHIPFile() with cook_on_load set to false you will need to iterate through the assets load and call HAPI_CookAsset() on each.
  5. Assets loaded this way will behave exactly the same as regular OTL assets.
You can either instantiate assets normally Asset Library Files OR load a bunch of assets at once from a .hip file as described here. You CANNOT mix the two methods in the same session of Houdini Engine (between calls to HAPI_Initialize() and HAPI_Cleanup()).