Generating channel groups from a character asset

The channel list shows the scoped parameters for selected items in the viewport. Scoped parameters get keys set on them when you press the K key. However, selecting all of the character controls will not really allow you to manipulate all parts of the character the way you might want. The better approach would be to click the node and select Create Nested Channel Groups.

For example, if you do this for the Toon character, you will get channel groups for switchers, facial controls, spine, head and neck, arms, legs, and character placer. Then when you click on a section you will see all of the controls for that body part are scoped. You can also pin the channels by clicking the pin icon, so that when you select other objects in the scene you don’t lose their selection. When you press K all of the channels for that body part get scoped, as well as anything else you have selected in the scene.


You can pin the character at the top level, so that any changes you make to the character’s position are scoped and keyframed.


When you are on a keyframe in Houdini, you can adjust the values of the channels and they are automatically saved so you do not have to keyframe them again.