Houdini 17.5 Cloth

How to make fitted clothing

In this tutorial we will use the example of a tube top on a female model.

  1. Create a Tube, change its Primitive Type to Polygon, and add increase the Rows and Columns to a reasonable level of details. In this example, the tube has 10 rows and 40 columns.

  2. Model the tube so that it fits roughly around the character’s torso without intersecting.

  3. Use the Cloth Object shelf tool to turn the tube into a cloth object.

  4. Use the Deforming Collider from the Cloth shelf to turn the body into a Static Object that supported continuous, geometry-based collisions.

  5. To attach the top of the shirt to the body, click Attach to Body on the Cloth shelf tab and follow the prompts.

    • Select the top and press Enter.

    • Select the points around the top row of the shirt and press Enter.


      You can select one point on the top row of the skirt and press the hotkey L to loop around and select all of the points.

    • Select the character’s body and press Enter to create a set of constraints.

  6. Lower the Distance parameter on the Peak SOP just enough so the cloth penetrates the cloth body. In this example we used a value of 0.03.


    To get the clothes to fit really tight to the body, reduce the Cloth Thickness on the Collisions tab of the Cloth Object.

  7. Press play on the Playbar to view the simulation.


You can attach a Smooth SOP after the 'SIMULATED' Null node to give the tube top a softer shape.


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