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This network utilizes three SOPs (Bound, Spring and Lattice) that commonly work together to simulate certain physical dynamics.

We have created a simple polygonal sphere to act as the source geometry. The sphere is then fed into a Bound SOP which will act as a deforming reference. The Bound SOP also behaves as re-enforcement for the deforming object.

Then the bounding box is wired into the Spring SOP with a group of grids as collision objects. The Spring SOP simulates the dynamics by calculating the proper deformations and behaviours of our source geometry as it collides with other objects. The Spring SOP is where we can apply external forces along with various attributes (characteristics such as mass and drag) which influence how the object deforms.

Finally the Lattice SOP takes the deformation information from the Spring SOP and applies it to the source sphere geometry.

SOP (Geometry) node examples