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What’s new in Houdini 15 Hair and fur

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Improvements to Curve Groom node:

  • New lifting behavior and controls. Lifting with strengths from 0 to 1 should be much more natural now.

  • New Lock roots option. Turning this off allows hairs to move along the surface.

  • New Constrain length option. Turning this off allows hairs to grow or shrink.

  • Hair advection is faster.


New Method menu for transferring a groom to another skin geometry, on the Skin tab of the Fur object


Improved internals and use of subdivision curves give much faster user interaction and better artistic control.

Subdivision curves


Added subdivision curves as an option on the Fur object. This uses polylines for the hairs, and subdivides them at display/render time. This gives substantial speed-ups over NURBS.

Viewport display


Improved display of fur/hair in the viewport. Hair thickness, subdivision curves, and hair shadows display properly in the viewport’s high quality display mode.

Hair material


Updated hair shader VOP and hair material in the material gallery.

  • New layout similar to the new Mantra Surface.

  • Exposed reflection size and shift parameters from the Hair Model VOP.

  • Removed the overall color ramp. Color is now controlled by the root and tip color, each with an optional texture map, and ramp to blend between them. A new Separate tip color parameter controls whether the tip color is different from the root.

  • Optional randomization of diffuse HSV and specular intensity values per-hair.



The fur object’s group parameters now have Reselect buttons.


The render view now updates on changes to clumpmap and clumpmapblending attributes on the fur object.

What was new in Houdini 15