Houdini 16.5 Nodes

POP Network

Controls the particle simulation within its POP network.

This operator controls the particle simulation within its POP network.



Start Time

Time at which simulation starts, based on seconds using the FPS of the scene.

Preroll Time

At start time, simulation has already been running this long

Initial State

Geometry to use as initial state of simulation

Random Seed

This value is used to initialize the pseudo-random sequence used by the simulation. It is useful for generating different simulations from the same network.


How many times to cook in between frames

Max # of Particles

Controls the maximum number of particles that can exist in the simulation at any given moment. A value of 0 means particles can always be birthed.

Remove Unused Points

Remove the points associated with dead particles. This can reduce the memory footprint of the simulation. On the other hand, disabling this option can improve performance by recycling points. Changing this option can affect the point numbers associated with individual particles.

Input Geo


The path to a SOP to use as Context Geometry N.

The display or render SOP can be specified using paths of the form object_path/display_sop or object_path/render_sop, respectively.


Transform Object

Transform the particles to the space of this object when this network appears in a Viewer.

Cache Frames

Number of frames of animation to cache when this network appears in a viewer. Specify 0 for no caching, -1 for infinite caching, or another value for a specific number of frames of caching.