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Mantra: Agent Procedural shader node

Creates crowds geometry for agent primitives at render time.

The Agent Procedural is used to create agent geometry for crowds rendering. By default, this procedural is not necessary because it will automatically be used by Mantra when rendering agent primitives. However, this is provided for overriding the default settings that are used for rendering agents.



Enable LOD

If enabled, an LOD optimization will be used to further share the geometry for agents whose pose are very similar.


The threshold at which the LOD optimization will be used. The default value of 1.0 means that the optimization will be used when tolerance between the agent poses is less than approximately 1 pixel. In practice, you may wish to set this to a lower value because the deformed geometry differences might still be noticeable depending on the scene. Lower values will make it less likely for for the LOD optimization to trigger at the cost of a larger rendering memory footprint.

Optimize Exact Instances

If enabled, the procedural will search for agents that have identical poses and instance their deformed geometry.

IFD Bounds

Bounding Box

The bounding box controls let you specify a bounding box for the generated agent geometry. It’s not recommended to be used for this procedural since the individual bounding boxes of the individual agents must always be computed.

SOP Bounds

The geometry whose bounding box you want to reference.

Min Bounds

The minimum bounding box dimensions, when setting explicit bounds.

Max Bounds

The maximum bounding box dimensions, when setting explicit bounds.

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