A utility integrator to navigate and inspect large scenes interactively. Can also be used for modeling or animation tuntables and in general to detect geometric problems in your scenes. @parameters

style: bxdf: renders the scene as if the scene was lit with a single light at the camera’s position. shaded: Simple N dot V shading. Normals are flipped if inverted. flat: Uses a random flat color based on the object’s id. normals: displays normals in object space. st: normalized st coordinates. Handy to visualize UDIM tiles. matcap: material capture. Uses the surface normal to look up color in an environment map.

wireframe: Overlays wireframe. The default is on.

normalCheck: Colors geometry with inverted normals bright orange.

matCap: Material capture environment map used when style is 'matcap'. The surface normal is used to look up a color in this texture.

VOP nodes