Houdini 16.5 Particles

Simple particle system (Particle SOP)

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For simple particle systems, you may be able to use the Particle surface node instead of creating a particle network.

The Particle SOP lets you quickly set up a simple particle system with one emitter, a single collision object, and a single attractor.

For more information on the particle surface node, see the Particle SOP node help.

When to use a real particle network

  • Large number of local variables to represent particle attributes.

  • Control over attribute manipulation and inheritance.

  • Event-based behaviors.

  • Grouping of points based on rules or collisions.

  • Support for per-particle rotation and instanced geometry.

  • More birthing options.

  • Multiple collision objects/attractors.

  • Ability to customize a particle system’s behavior with networks of pops.

  • Ability to write custom POPs with the HDK.

How to create a real particle network

There is a tab on the shelf called Create Particles which allows you to create complex particle systems by simply clicking a button.

For more information on the different types of particle systems and how to create them see the following help pages:


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