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Starting a new rig setup

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Create a new setup

Add a character rig to the scene by selecting that character with . Alternatively, the node name can be typed into the character text field, or dragged in from the Network Editor. A history of the selected characters is maintained in the drop down menu next to the character text field.

Add a new view

Use the Tabs ▸ Add tab menu and select either Single View or Multi View Tab. A Single View will contain one character viewer pane, while a Multi View will contain four panes that can be resized.


Once the pane is created, a tab will appear, and Edit will be toggled on. While Edit is active, you can add control buttons, set background images, create and delete groups, and resize the view. To resume normal functionality, turn off Edit.

Setting up control buttons

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Add a new control button

Click Add Control in the current view when Edit is turned on.

Reposition the control button

Click and drag the control.

Display a menu of options to set for the control

Click when Edit is turned on.

Link the button to a control

Open the menu and click Edit Target Nodes. All of the controls for the current character will be shown and you can pick one or more of them.

Select/deselect controls

When Edit is off, select the control(s) by clicking the control. You can add to the selection by holding ⇧ Shift and clicking additional buttons, or remove a button from the selection by holding ⌃ Ctrl.

Select all controls at once

Hold ⇧ Shift and click the background.

Select mirrored control buttons

Hold ⇧ Shift + Alt and click when Edit is turned on.


To be mirror button pairs, the buttons must have the same node contents. This means the nodes they contain can only differ in name by the suffixes left and right, and the number of nodes they contain must be the same.

If another control button shares any nodes with the button that is currently selected, it will be also be highlighted, but not selected.

Adding background images

While in Edit, you can set the background image of the view by clicking Set Background, and set the image using the currently opened viewport, an external file, or an image supplied by a URL link. The images will be saved within the character picker, so there is no need to keep image files or maintain directory continuity.


A Scene View tab must be visible for the background to be set with a viewport image. Additionally, the .hip must be saved and have an associated $HIP directory.

Manipulating multiple characters in a scene

If you have multiple characters in the scene with identical rigs and wish to use the same layout controls to manipulate both, select the other characters using the chooser. You can toggle between the characters using the dropdown menu. Whichever character is displayed in the Characters field is the character the controls will be applied to.

Loading and Saving

Views can be saved to a .json file or directly to the rig’s digital asset. For example, the Simple Biped character already includes a character picker rig. The view state is stored by using the File ▸ Save Layout menu. Views can be loaded from a digital asset or an external file via File ▸ Load Layout.


Click ⌃ Ctrl + S to quick save changes to the place the layout was last saved or originally loaded from.

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