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Add Parting shelf tool

Adds a parting line in fur.

Use this tool to create a parting line in fur by placing points which will be snapped to the character. These points will create a curve, displayed by a tubular shaped line in the viewport.

Three geometry objects are created in the Fur object. The parting_lines object is where the curves are created. You can dive into this node and manipulate the curves. The parting_lines_render object ensures that the geometry is passed to the procedural for rendering and the parting_lines_visualize object manages the display. Normally you will not need to modify the contents of these nodes. If you do, you must unlock the contents.

After adding fur with the Add Fur tool, use the Add Parting and Comb Fur tools to style the fur.

Using the Add Parting tool will create a clear part line when you comb fur on either side of the line. Below are rendered images of fur using both the Add Parting and Comb tools, and of fur using only the Comb tool.


Before using this tool, it is useful to append a Rest SOP after your geometry node so that the fur will animate properly. In this example, you would append the Rest SOP after the Grid SOP in the original geometry object.

Using Add Parting

  1. Click the Add Parting tool on the Hair tab.

  2. Select the fur object you want to draw the part on, and press Enter to confirm your selection.

  3. Move the mouse into the scene view and click to place the points.

    The points will be snapped to the character.

  4. Press Enter or ⇧ Shift + to finish the curve.


    You can drag the points to reposition them once the curve is finished.

Once you add a parting line to the fur, you can use the comb fur tool to groom the fur on both sides of the parting line.


To turn off the display of the parting line, navigate to the Fur object and dive down to the Parting subtab of the Appearance tab and turn off the Display checkbox.

For specific parameter help see the Curve node help.

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