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Add Dynamics shelf tool

Creates a wire simulation to drive a fur object’s guide hairs.

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This tool creates a wire simulation to add dynamics to a fur object. In most cases, you will want to use dynamics to allow your fur to move naturally on a character. Rarely will individual strands of hair move rigidly with a character. Applying dynamics allows them to move naturally based on the surrounding forces.

After adding fur with the Add Fur tool and using the Comb Fur tool and paint tools to style the fur, use the Add Dynamics tool to make the fur reaction the character’s motion and external forces.

Using Wire Object

  1. Select the fur objects to make dynamic and press Enter to confirm your selection.

  2. Click the Add Dynamics tool from the Hair tab.

Once you press the play button you will see the fur settle since gravity is added by default when the AutoDopNetwork is created.

For specific parameter help see the Wire Object node help and the Wire Glue Constraint node help.


  • You may want to play with the elasticity parameters on the Wire Object created by this tool.

  • You may also want to adjust the bend and stretch stiffness parameters on the Fur Object if you want to modify the behavior over the length of each hair. For example, making the hair stiff near the root and floppy near the tips.

  • You can also apply forces to the fur such as Fan or Wind.

  • Once you run the simulation and the fur settles, you may want to use the Set Initial Pose tool on the Wires shelf to reassign the starting point in the simulation so that you no longer see the initial effects of gravity on your fur.

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