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Spray Paint shelf tool

Spray paints random points onto a surface.

This tool allows users to spray paint random points onto a surface, with options for random scales and orientations. It is useful for creating points on a surface and then instancing them with objects. For example, people in a crowd, trees on a hill, or boats on water.

Turn on the Visualize as Spheres toggle to preview the random point scales as spheres. Turn that option off and put geometry into the second input to copy that geometry onto the points, scaled and oriented as specified in the Radii and Orientation tabs.

To procedurally generate random points on a surface, instead of spray painting, use the Scatter tool, instead.


There must be geometry in the first input to spray onto. If there isn’t, you can add geometry after painting, and points will be generated as if it had been there before, but until then, no points will be generated.

Using Spray Paint

  1. Select the object you want the spray points onto.

  2. Click the Spray Paint tool on the Create tab.

  3. Press and drag the left mouse button to spray paint points on the surface.

You can change the spray rate, and adjust many other settings after painting in the parameter editor. You can also keep painting or remove existing painted strokes as desired.

For specific parameter help see the Spray Paint node help.

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