Houdini 11 VEX VEX functions

Interpolates a value across the currently shaded micropolygon.

  1. float interpolate(float val, float sx, float sy)

  2. vector interpolate(vector val, float sx, float sy)

  3. vector4 interpolate(vector4 val, float sx, float sy)

  4. bsdf interpolate(bsdf val, float sx, float sy)

These operations can be used to generate antialiasing positions within the micropolygon rendering engine.

sx and sy are random values, such as generated by nextsample. Different values of sx and sy translate into different random positions on the micropolygon.

The returned value is undefined in the raytracing engine.

vector hitP = interpolate(P, sx, sy);

Contexts: displace, fog, light, shadow, surface

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