Houdini 11 Shelf tools

Tools on the Deform tab let you deform objects in the scene view.

Shelf items

BendBends the geometry.
BulgeDeforms the points in the first input using one or more magnets from the second input.
FractalCreates jagged mountain-like divisions of the input geometry.
LatticeDeforms geometry based on how you reshape control geometry.
Linear TaperLinearly scales the geometry along its length.
MorphComputes a 3D metamorphosis between shapes with the same topology.
MountainDisplaces points along their normals based on fractal noise.
RippleGenerates ripples by displacing points along the up direction specified.
Squash and StretchScales up or down in one direction, while doing the opposite in the other two directions, to deform the geometry while retaining the same volume.
TaperScales the geometry along its length.
TwistTwists the geometry around the axis.
WaveformCreates a waveform shape out of surface geometry