Houdini 11 Shelf tools

Tools on the Drive Simulation tab let you manipulate dynamic objects in the scene view.

Shelf items

Activate ObjectsTurns on the dynamics on an object.
Deactivate ObjectsTurns off the dynamics on an object.
Drag ForceApplies force and torque to objects that resists their current direction of motion.
Fan ForceApplies forces on the objects as if a cone-shaped fan were acting on them.
Fluid ForceApplies forces to resist the current motion of dynamic objects relative to a fluid.
Gravity ForceApplies a gravity-like force to objects.
GroupCreates simulation object groups.
Magnet ForceApply forces on objects using a force field defined by metaballs.
New SimulationCreates a new DOP Network.
Remove Objects from SimulationTakes objects out of the simulation
Uniform ForceApplies a uniform force and torque to objects.
Vortex ForceApplies a vortex-like force on objects, causing them to orbit about an axis along a circular path.
Wind ForceApplies forces to resist the current motion of objects relative to a turbulent wind.