Houdini 11 Shelf tools Deform tab

Computes a 3D metamorphosis between shapes with the same topology.

This tool is often used for animating facial expressions.

Using Morph

  1. Create an object in the scene view.

  2. Make sure that your object is selected and click the Morph tool on the Deform tab.

  3. Select the points you want to manipulate and transform, rotate, and scale as desired.

    The Morph tool automatically creates an Edit node and a Blend Shapes node at the geometry (SOP) level for the geometry you edit.

  4. Click the pin button on the Scene View tab and go to the geometry level of your object.

  5. Make the second set of changes to your object.

  6. Modify the Weight sliders to control the blending of the edits for each input in the parameter editor.