Houdini 11 Shelf tools

Tools on the Polygon tab let you modify polygons in the scene view.

Shelf items

ClipRemoves geometry on one side of a plane.
DissolveDeletes points, primitives, and edges from the input geometry and repairs any holes left behind.
EdgeCollapseCollapses edges and faces to their centerpoints.
EdgeCuspSharpens edges by making their points unique and recomputing the point normals.
EdgeDivideInserts more points the edges of polygons.
EdgeFlipFlips the direction of polygon edges.
EdgeLoopCreates a loop of cuts using polysplit.
FacetControls the smoothness of faceting of a surface.
FuseMerges points together.
KnifeDrag a line to divide, delete, or group geometry.
PolyBevelBevels points and edges of polygonal geometry to create a smoother look.
PolyCapFills in polygons between boundary edges.
PolyExtrudeAllows you to extrude and scale, rotate, translate, and/or inset polygonal faces and edges.
PolyKnitCreates new polygons to join existing polygons.
PolyReduceReduces the number of polygons in a model while attempting to preserve its shape as much as possible.
PolySplitDivides existing polygons into new multiple polygons.
SmoothSmooths out polygons, meshes, and curves without increasing the number of points.
SubdivideSubdivides polygons into smoother, higher-resolution polygons.