23 Great Years
Side Effects has been blessed with nearly three decades servicing artists and studios with 3D animation and VFX software. Along the way we have seen many employees come and go but up until now we have never had anyone retire. That is about to change as Janet Fraser becomes the first employee to achieve this milestone in her career.

Celebrating 25 Years
On June 26, 1987, Greg Hermanovic and I incorporated Side Effects Software. With the support of our families, we ventured into a brave new world of art and technology. PRISMS was our first product and its key innovation was a procedural approach to 3D. Houdini continues that tradition and artists around the world use it to create feature film VFX, high-end commercials and state-of-the-art video game content. The evolution of our industry has been an exciting ride and we are so proud of what our staff and our customers have accomplished.....

Houdini 11 Sneak Peek
One of my favorite times of the year is when we first reveal a new version of Houdini. Last week in Los Angeles, we hosted a forum with a number of top studios to review the new tools in Houdini 11 and to discuss ongoing development initiatives. This is an annual event and the feedback we get has had a big impact on the development of Houdini 11 as well as future versions....

Joined at the .hip
Over the last twenty years, I have had the pleasure of working closely with many digital artists from around the world including many in our own backyard - Toronto. With local studios C.O.R.E. Digital Pictures and later C.O.R.E. Feature Animation, I have had the opportunity to watch an amazing group of artists come together and create fantastic work...

Our Asia-Pacific Partners
I may be stating the obvious, but over the last couple of years the computer graphics industry has experienced a wave of global expansion, especially in Asia-Pacific. This growth has been fuelled by huge consumer demand for digital content as well as an explosion of CG skills development. Add to that extensive support from regional governments and it becomes clear that this growth will continue for years to come.

Turning 10
Houdini 10 is currently being beta tested and is proving to be one of the coolest releases yet. This version is packed with a wealth of new features and usability changes designed to make you more productive in your day-to-day work. As we approach number 10, I wanted to talk about our development team and the steps we take as we approach a new release.

Thanks for the Feedback
In my first president’s blog, I asked for feedback from the CG community to help me better understand how artists working with Houdini for the first time are faring. I received a lot of great emails including Adam Bakowski’s “Christmas present” comment which was representative of the positive feedback I received over and over again.

A New Era
The news that Softimage will be acquired by Autodesk marks the end of an era. The past 20 years, developing software alongside Softimage has been a dynamic time, full of innovation and healthy competition. Starting with character animation in 1988, Softimage has advanced the industry in many areas. I would personally like to thank my contemporaries for their past contributions to the CG community.