SIGGRAPH 2012 | Procedural Game Art
This Side Effects Software presentation by Freek Hoekstra on procedural game development was shown at the Houdini Booth at SIGGRAPH 2012 in LA.

White Water FX for FLIP Fluids
Learn how you can add white water and splash effects to a FLIP Fluid simulation of a waterfall. This technique uses fields generated by the fluid sim as the basis for building up the secondary effects.

Lighting and Rendering
Learn why many studios are turning to Houdini and Houdini’s Mantra renderer for their lighting pipeline. Houdini’s procedural approach gives you maximum flexibility with features such as interactive rendering, per light export channels, volume rendering and a built-in controls for creating a linear workflow.

Houdini Digital Assets
With CG technology changing every day, you need a pipeline that is nimble and capable of being updated at a moments notice. Learn how you can use Houdini’s Digital Asset technology, to build custom tools, share assets and re-use old techniques using an artist friendly node-based workflow.

Houdini in Games
Modern game engines are capable of handling more high quality assets than ever before which can stretch a game studio’s resources to the max. Learn how you can create more game art and work more efficiently by going procedural with Houdini.