Bridge Collapse
Miguel Perez © 2008

This collapsing bridge effect created entirely by Miguel Perez was modelled in Houdini, then shattered and simulated using DOPs as rigid bodies and wires. Particle debris were then added at the cracked areas. The dust was created with particle systems and rendered as sprites using a procedural VEX shader. The splashes are particles rendered as points. The river surface was animated using the DOP Ripple Sover to interact with the bridge and shaded with a procedural shader made in VOPs that uses perlin noise. The entire project was rendered using Mantra and the compositing was done in Fusion.

User Comments
by 2501descape 2009-10-15 14:43:51
Nice ..  
but i think there should be much more bigger waves on the river surface after collision..
by EvilInYourCloset 2010-02-11 12:29:48
Very, very cool! 
I liked this a lot. 
You also did a good job at matcing the black and white point (and the gamma) in compositing. 
I hope, you dont mind me asking a few questions? 
Well, while i am not new to 3D / CGI / VFX in general, i am new to SideFX Houdini. 
So, i am wondering, how long do you think, would it take for a "newb" to get to a level to create these kind of things? I am not talking about modeling here, but about the dynamics-simulation as such. 
How long have you been using Houdini so far? 
And of course, i would wish for a tutorial on that ;-) 
Thanks for reading, and keep up the great work. 
by Coaster 2011-08-08 14:04:57
Pretty awesome sim.. my only comments would be 
Yes, I agree would be more wakes and disturbance in the water 
And the cables seem to go through some of the arms holding them up 
Also at the end where the cables rest seems to be on nothing.. Maybe I'm wrong, just what it looks like. 
But either way, still quite the feat! Good job dude! or.. dudette? lol

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