VOPs Color Scatter
Published: May 13, 2010 for Houdini 10

The distribution of colors is initially random but later a system is created that distributes based on the point's pscale attribute. Topics include: using HSV color, deterministic vs non deterministic random, data reduction, automatic fit range with the source values computed by a for loop. The final lesson also demonstrates how to avoid using the loop by substituting detail attributes to get min and max values for a set of points.

Created by Side Effects Software Intern Dave Koester.


Overview and Desktop 9.41 MB

Working with HSV and Random 23.7 MB

Limiting Number Precision 19.3 MB

Fit Range Pre-Loop 18.1 MB

Using a For Loop 24.1 MB

Fixing the Duplicated Red Value 17.8 MB

No Loop Solution with Detail Attributes 13.3 MB


Tutorial HIP Files 184 KB