Introduction to FLIP Fluids
Published: October 5, 2010 for Houdini 11

Introduced in the latest Houdini version is a set of new fluid tools to work with FLIP fluids (Fluid-Implicit Particles). This type of fluid provides a useful hybrid of the volume based and SPH based fluid simulators.

Topics include:

  • Setting up FLIP fluids with shelf tools
  • Comparison of the three fluid types, Volume, SPH, and FLIP.
  • Technical details of how all three are built from the same microsolvers
  • How to mix the FLIP solution with POPs to get Total Artistic Control.

Instructor: Jeff Lait is a Senior Mathematician at Side Effects Software where he has spent the last ten years working on areas ranging from Geometry Operators to RBD to Fluid Simulations.

Download the sample files

Download the movie in QuickTime format (242Mb)