Published: November 5, 2010 for Houdini 11
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Welcome to the world of Houdini. This tutorial offers an introduction to this amazing software which lets you build models, animate and create visual effects using an artist-friendly node-based workflow.

In the introduction chapter, you had the chance to read about all the different ways in which Houdini is used and what toolsets are available for you to play with. Now it is time to roll up your sleeves and create your first Houdini scene.

In this lesson you will explore a variety of modeling tools as well as tools for fracturing your objects using rigid body dynamics. You will soon see that it is just as much fun smashing up objects in the virtual world as it is in the real world. Lets get started!

Lesson Goal

To model a circular arrangement of columns then smash them up using rigid body dynamic fracturing.

What you will Learn

  • How to add detail to a box using the polyextrude and polybevel tools.
  • How to use Houdini's node-based workflow to create and refine your work.
  • How to utilize rotational and axial symmetries to model efficiently.
  • How to set up a rigid body dynamics simulation.
  • How to make your objects breakable to create a smashing simulation.
  • How to set up lights and cameras then render out your work as an image sequence or quicktime movie.

Along the way you will get to use different aspects of Houdini’s user interface. Be sure to refer to the overviews and quick reference guide in the introduction to remind yourself of how these UI elements work together.

This lesson can be completed using Houdini Escape for the modeling and rendering of the columns and Houdini Master for the rigid body dynamics.

Video Lesson:

Lesson One: Quickstart from Go Procedural on Vimeo.

Note: This video can be downloaded from Vimeo...