Download Video - 27MB [7 Min.]

Houdini's workspace is laid out into different panes that provide you with different ways of looking at your scene. From the 3D scene view to the network pane or material palette, there are a number of pane types available as you work. In this lesson, you learn how to setup, organize and work with panes. You learn how to work with the new Pane tab capability and how to flip and stow panes quickly.

You will also learn about viewports which let you break down your scene view into different orthographic and perspective angles. The use of panes and viewports drives how you layout your workspace and it is a good idea to learn how they function.

The pane tabs are a new Houdini 9 feature that let you layer several pane types on top of each other using an interface very familiar to anyone who uses tabs in a browser. Now you can have a lot more information at your fingertips without cluttering up your desktop.