PyroFX | Volcano
Published: June 15, 2012 for Houdini 12

In this lesson, you will explore the creation of a volcano ash plume using Houdini's Pyro FX tools. Starting with the volcano shelf tool, you will see what you can get out of the box then dive into the network to customize the look. You will learn about some of the key Pyro FX tools while learning how to define velocity fields to sculpt and shape your volcano's plume.

This technique was used to create the Pyro FX 2 demo introduced during the launch of Houdini 12. The completed scene file for this lesson is available using the button at the top right just under the embedded video.

Are you New to Houdini?

This lesson is designed for students with a working knowledge of Houdini. If you are new to Houdini but interested in learning about this workflow then you may want to watch this webinar first which offers a higher level overview of this technique. You should also try out the Getting Started lessons to become familiar with Houdini's node-based workflow.

Instructor | Scott Keating

Scott Keating is a production specialist at Side Effects Software who creates many of the demos used presented on and during presentations. He is a comic book artist and brings creativity and an artist-focused approach to everything he does.