Houdini Network Relationships Volume 01 from Chris Maynard on Vimeo.

Houdini Network Relationships Vol 1
Published: January 9 for Houdini 12

Houdini Network Relationships Volume One offers methods to take custom attributes from any context into another using an arbitrary 'dust devil' example. This course focuses connections between each, for custom attributes: SOPs, POPs, DOPs, CHOPSs, ROPs & VOPSs. You will experience new power within Houdini once you know how to easily draw data from any context into another. For those new to production, also offered are standards for submission to the next department in a production environment.

Instructor | Alvaro Segura

Alvaro is currently a Houdini Sr. FX TD living in Los Angeles, CA. He has worked at [COLOR=Lime]Sony Picture Imageworks, Blue Sky Studios, Rhythm and Hues, and Prologue Films[/COLOR] where he has contributed to some of the latest blockbuster feature films, including The Green Lantern, Tron Legacy, Iron Man 2, Ice Age Continental Drift, Twilight saga, Hotel Transylvania and Alvin and the Chipmunks. Before becoming a part of the film industry, Alvaro created motion graphics for television and through this stage of his career, he won 7 Regional Emmy Awards. He is currently studying game simulation programming to widen his knowledge on programming languages such as C and its implementation in 3D applications.