Mixamo to Houdini Cloth
Published: Feb 12, 2013 for Houdini 12.1

samba_dance.jpgIn this lesson, you will learn how to start from scratch as you set up and download an animated character from the Mixamo website then export the character in Houdini for use in a cloth simulation. You will start with free content from the Mixamo site, export it as an FBX file then import the results into either Houdini or Houdini Apprentice. You will then learn how to properly scale your character and cache out the motion into geometry files.

You will then learn how to set up a simple cloth simulation using the animated character as a collision object. You will model a skirt then attach it to the character and simulate. There will also be tips for caching out the simulation to make it more efficient for rendering. For more information on specific cloth properties, you can also take a look at the Cloth Masterclass.

There is currently a Costume Contest being held where you can create a character, animate it using Mixamo motion and add a cloth sim in Houdini. Mixamo has excellent auto-rigging tools which allows you to very easily add motion to your own character.

Are you New to Houdini?

If you are new to Houdini and would like to follow through these lessons, be sure to download the FREE Houdini Apprentice edition then go through the Getting Started User Guide or the First Steps Introlessons.

Instructor | Robert Magee

Robert Magee is Houdini's Product Marketing Manager. He has over two decades experience in the CG industry and has created lots of tutorials covering a wide range of topics. While his title says marketing, education and learning have been a big focus of his career in CG.


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