Houdini Bipedal Rigging Fundamentals
Published: February 15 for Houdini 12

This workshop focuses on Houdini Basic Rigging and Animation and will present you with techniques to rig and animate your character using the auto rigging tools in Houdini.

Instructor | Christopher Tedin

Born in Sitka, Alaska, Chris started his career as a painter and sculptor. He has been working as an illustrator, graphic designer, and most recently as an art director in Chicago, Illinois. He has been teaching game design and animation for over 16 years. His students now work as animators and professional game designers at Blue Sky Studios, Digital Domain, Aardman/Sony, Microsoft, and as freelance independent artists. Many of his students are now college teachers themselves. He started in the early days with Strata StudioPro, then 3ds Max version 1.0, Maya 2.0, Softimage 3.8, Softimage XSI, and Houdini. Chris still sculpts and paints and teaches full time at Tribeca/Flashpoint Academy in Chicago.